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  1. Yea - we were hoping to go on Saturday, though.
  2. Has anyone had any luck purchasing passes second-hand? I'm on the waiting list on their ticket exchange, Lyte, but am like 700th on the list with of course only a few days until the event. I've considered Stubhub, but am concerned about issues with activation codes and such. I'm mad at myself for waiting this long
  3. This little gem arrived from a Heritage auction this week. I've been wanting a nice-looking FF48 for ages but hemmed and hawed for quite a while as the prices continued to climb. Anyway, I finally pulled the trigger on this one, and it's made my week. I've been having to block out regular time slots to just stare at it for a bit. .
  4. Bought a nice copy of UXM 221 from Meeklo - great book, packaged well, with great communication. Will definitely be buying from again!
  5. Argh - no worries! Let me know if another copy pops up
  6. Hi all! I'd love any feedback on forum transactions - thanks!
  7. Just received a gorgeous book from Yardley - packed perfectly and shipped immediately. I'll definitely be on the lookout for future sales threads!