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  1. Sold a nice-sized book to Tim last week - great communication and instant payment. Great to work with!
  2. FF 61 - 1.8 CrOW $2 penceFF 60 - 6.5 CROW $24 take
  3. My Kingdom for a Gem Mint Adam Bomb!
  4. Yep - this makes total sense. Thanks for the input everyone! Most importantly, that sweet Mongoose is now mine
  5. Hi all, Picked up the below raw Thor comic from an Ebay auction, and it arrived today. It is in a bag with no board, which was thrown into an envelope with 1 piece of cardboard which the bag was not even taped to. Miraculously, the book is fine, but the packing job is simply unacceptable. I messaged the seller, but should I also leave a neg/neutral feedback? Neg. feedback is a killer, for a seller and the book did actually arrive safely...however, future buyers should be informed. Would love to hear opinions.
  6. David bought a nice graded EC from me, and was a pleasure to deal with. Great communication & instant payment - I'll definitely be working with him in the future