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  1. Thanks! Your little Eternals review did it for me lol. I was on the fence and then decided that it's unacceptable that I've not yet read it
  2. I'd go with 7.0-7.5 as is, with a shot at 8.0 after C&P
  3. Hi all, Thanks for the feedback! Below are a few additional pics of the bc. The crease appears to be a printer's crease, which I had assumed wouldn't affect the grade too much. No rust on the staples :). Definitely going to send for a press before grading - not sure if non-CCS recommendations are allowed on the forums, but would certainly welcome any .
  4. Ahhh - that's really interesting, thanks for the insight. I've seen similar wear before, even on other copies of FF Annual 6. Good to know the cause
  5. Wow - gorgeous book! Looks fantastic with the custom label
  6. Hello! Let me know what you think - please note the top staple appears to have a bit of rust.
  7. Hello! Just came upon this beautiful Batman 251 in my LCS and am doing backflips. Would love feedback on the grade. Thanks! !