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    Has anybody ever seen this?

    One selling on eBay right now; The seller has sold 2 others in the past so they may be sitting on a bunch.
  2. 10 comics for $30 = M.A.S.K. five comics lot PLUS Batman five comics lot Free shipping through USPS media mail Batman lot VF or better DCU variant and DC bullet variants. M.A.S.K. ‘85 series: #1 Canadian Fine + #2 Canadian VF+/NM- #3 VF+/NM- #4 VF- M.A.S.K. ‘87 series: #1 Canadian VF+/NM- Paypal accepted Returns accepted PM or post
  3. New deal in original post, 10 comics for $30
  4. Just picked up the newsstand of ‘What If Venom Possessed Deadpool?’ and I can’t find any sales history at all. Anyone seen one sell before? There’s lots of great research on this issue by Benjamin Nobel but none regarding sales. 7 on the census so they are out there...
  5. $20 Batman lot VF or better DCU variant and DC bullet variants.
  6. $20 SOLD shipped Dark Knight Returns #2 1st print VF+/NM- $100 sold Spawn lot in mostly VF + or - $30 three comic lot-two copies of Batman Adventures #14 DC bullet variant VF and NM-, plus Wonder Woman 96 DCU $50 SOLD Superman 75 2nd print with Newsstand sticker VF-. So far just 4-known copies. $30 SOLD Marvel Tails #1 1st Spider-Ham RARE 75 cents Canadian price variant Fine condition (red dot sticker is not on comic), ships in hard toploader $40 SOLD Tales of the Teen Titans #57 CGC 9.8 White Pages with MASK preview (movie coming) Shipping included Paypal accepted Returns accepted Please PM or post
  7. Price drop to $30 shipped for Rare Canadian price variant of Spider-Ham’s 1st appearance.
  8. DC Comics Presents #22 Whitman CGC 4.0 White Pages CLOSED Asking $750 shipped USPS priority mail insured Paypal accepted Returns accepted Please PM or post
  9. Found it on Google, I think it’s from 2009.
  10. Dark knight Returns #2 1st print VF+/NM- $20 shipped
  11. Carl Elvis

    X Men #148 question. Cover art.

    lol I see what you mean.
  12. Carl Elvis

    SILVER SURFER #44 Any legs? Buy or sell? has legs...
  13. Carl Elvis

    DC Comics Presents 22 Whitman

    Just notice CGC has 2 categories for this variant; Whitman variant (5 on census) Whitman variant cover (2 on census) The 2 labeled “cover” were graded in January 2018 so this just might be how CGC is choosing to label the book now.
  14. Seems you’re on the right track, the seller said he got it from someone that worked at a distribution center.
  15. Looks like a 4th print newsstand with a sticker (although faded), very odd, what would be the point? I picked it up for the heck of it.
  16. Love that you took the ruler out to measure the stickers
  17. Ok I messaged the seller about the 2nd print with newsstand sticker; Found these articles on Hastings;
  18. Anyone know what the “EN” stands for on the sticker barcode? It’s not part of the newsstand barcodes.