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  1. Someone pointed this out to me on Urban Dictionary today....figured it was worth posting.
  2. Thank you everybody for the kind words and participating in this thread, just remember Escape is Impossiible!!!
  3. The latest video is just pure win...and has 25 posts all bashing him now. The tides have definitely turned.
  4. This makes perfect sense Joey. As we now have scans of the 4.0 we know that this is not the book that he’s showing us the pics from. (The 4.0 is actually quite pretty) this has to be from the 2.5 that he has mentioned where it DID come back restored with the “cover cleaned” making your hypothesis even more plausible.
  5. "That's on you" Three words that I will never say to a customer ever, Thanks Dyldo
  6. Found it...and had to use a loop and four guesses to figure it out Wonder why he went with a character label? That's so unlike him. Now as Bob pointed out to me on the phone last night, that SA blues can have resto notes, but I love that again we went to the character label. If I were him I would never hit the character label option again in my damn life. I wonder if the glue on the spine was the reason for the "detaching" CGC Cert # 3700329002 Title Amazing Fantasy Issue 15 Issue Date 8/62 Issue Year 1962 Publisher Marvel Comics Grade 4.0 Page Quality OFF-WHITE Grade Date 07/28/2020 Grade Category Universal Label Text Cover detached. Small amount of dried glue on spine of cover.
  7. This is Guardian Han Solo reporting from the front lines of battle...the battle appears to be futile, based on delusions of grandeur
  8. Here we go everybody....proof beyond an absolute shadow of a doubt that he knew there was a loophole and premeditatedly used it!!! You’re all welcome....
  9. Popped staple on one book maybe...27 (factitous alert) hard colour breaking creases in one square inch of way. None of us would ever have a 9.8.
  10. Well seeing as Beyonder just showed an IG post of Dylans Pressing Service where he says he mostly does work for himself, I'd assume he was the presser. He also made us all aware in other threads that he does all his resto removal and comic disassembly himself.
  11. So Dylan is going on a tangent on IG this there anyone here who believes that CGC did anything wrong, we’ve seen this submitters practices over the last few’s becoming a huge issue for our hobby. “ dylanuniversecomics_ CGC accepted my two Amazing Fantasy 15s with fully-attached-covers for walk-through grading and damaged both of them by fully detaching the covers. This resulted in a decline in value of about $60k, according to the CGC labels I packaged these very carefully and paid over $2k to grade because of insurance, where CGC now refuses to pay.. They've said that my irrefutable "before" pictures are not "convincing." They detached both staples of both books and I'm very upset. I work very hard to make a living and I'm not gonna let a corporation steal from me. I think this picture is pretty darn convincing..We all saw Matt Nelson's video in which he so roughly handled that Superman #1. Of course, if you handle a book like a telephone book the covers could detach. Many of us know of other horror stories of CGC of damaging books and not taking any responsibility. Please share this everywhere, and call them and tell them this is not ok. Ask to speak to Matt, Harshen, or Brittany. Leave messages. Use #67. Their # is 1-877-NM-COMIC Because if my $60k doesn't get paid back, they won't pay you when they damage your comics that are $600, $6,000, or $600,000. If I don't get restitution, we as a comic book community #igcomicfam say it is OK for CGC to damage our comic books and not pay us. Let them know that it's not OK!. Think carefully about sending books to CGC unless you have an A+ lawyer ready because you will have to fight like hell to get paid when your precious books get damaged.. Imagine how much harder my fight would be if I did not have photos of before-grading. Spread this like wildfire because your comics are at stake here, too. The world is watching... -Dylan “
  12. Lou: We were asked to keep our market reports briefer this year as they expected more reports than usual for the 50th. I don't think it was a conscious decision to cut them back, but with Doug Sulipa only writing a page worth and CL going from 15 pages last year to one page this year, you're just getting more concise entries. I'm going back to writing a mini novel next year
  13. Say what you want about it’s relevancy in this digital age, where we have up to the minute information in the palm of our hands. This is still a pretty big deal, and a huge milestone in our hobby. Mr. Overstreet brought our hobby to the mainstream and is a pioneer for all us that are here participating on these chatboards. Anyways let’s celebrate anything about this 50th anniversary edition, or for any matter any stories about the price guide that have meaning to you!!! The first guide I ever owned was the 11th Edition that my father picked up for me when I was nine years old, and all I collected was Star Wars comic books...not sure exactly why he picked it up for me, but I was never the same. I’ve read that thing a million times, and it took me three years to pick up my first real comic book on my own...and then never looked back. Jim
  14. It also clearly states Universal Grade (which it's not) we have a confused buyer pool. As well the last time he listed a batch of these, he was getting GPA blue prices for them and then even argued that trimming is not resto, and stands behind selling them as blue labels because it's not his fault it's CGC's.
  15. I would like to nominate the previous post for post of the year and forumite of the year as well!!!! That will shed some light on the subject!!!
  16. Not being sold by Dylan though. This is different EBayer who at least mentions in his description the resto notation.