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  1. 525 the lowest you will go?


    What is the highest amount you will pay? Take that amount then add whatever you need to equal $525. :insane: Will consider serious offers.


    I am interested and serious. I apologize if i came off any other way. I never had a way with words lol.

    I would like to purchase this from you. Just wanted to know the lowest you would give me for thats all. Not trying to offend lol.


    How about you make believe he's offering it for $600 and you talked him down to $525? That way you can feel like you're getting the deal of a lifetime (as judging by your posting history that's kind of what you seem to be looking for).




    Everyone should stop what your doing and read his previous posts. Literally the stuff of legend. Did you know that this guy spent 3k on art last weekend?! He seems to want everyone to know that. I'm sure this seems like I'm being an A-hole but if these posts aren't fake then this guy may be insane. I just don't get it

  2. Selling one of THE BEST Joe covers to ever hit the open market. This is the cover to the 1986 Joe four issue mini-series Order of Battle, not to mention its from issue 1!!! This cover was penciled by the original Joe artist Herb Trimpe and inked by Joe DelBeato. The classic imagery of the piece features 32 G.I. Joes ready for action! Also has original title stats pasted on. This includes the FRONT AND BACK of this amazing piece of Joe history!


    I'm asking $2,400 which for Joe covers is a phenomenal deal. The art is in excelant condition and I might consider time payments or trades for equally excelant art


    Now for the link:


    If anyone has any questions I can easily be reached at Jeremy slawsky at hot mail

  3. Trying to raise some funds so open to offers as well. Shipping is $5.00 with Paypal payment. You can reach me through Thank you for looking!


    First up, Jackson Guice Shooting Star OHOTMU piece. $125



    Mike Zeck Cobra Commander ala the packaging art $150. You don't see much Zeck Joe art that isn't a 10k cover.



    Mike Zeck Copper Head from G.I. Joe, $100



    Bill Stout zombie John Lennon 11x17 $125



    Tracey Ullman Show first appearance of Krusty the Clown, $225




  4. So when I was younger I remember seeing this one panel gag in a Mad magazine of the moui on Easter Island. The panel featured a cartoony depiction of the huge heads and the gag was that you could see the rest of their bodies (feet, legs) under water. From what I can recall it could have been Don Martin but does anybody remember this? For some reason that art always stuck with me.