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  1. Very loose pencils, lacking polish. I'd probably go the light-box route, though in this case I could see how a good inker might easily improve upon the work, so not entirely sure.
  2. Your call, but I would point out that Rae himself had a heavy presence on those threads about him that featured on this art forum. His own input to these threads pretty much damned him by his own words/responses. As such, all first hand, not hearsay. Personally, if it stops someone from getting scammed to the tune of 20k on a lightboxed Steranko (or lesser-priced phony Kirbys), I would have no hesitation chiming in with appropriate warnings to fellow collectors. Even if you didn't want to personally engage Rae, maybe a few links to various threads wouldn't have gone amiss.
  3. Did you, or anyone else on this FB group, flag-up Rae's OA scams to warn off potential victims? It's the first thing I would have done (and have done in the past).
  4. Well to be fair, technically this is the zombie version of Richard as I believe he claimed he died several years ago. How about, "This is the late Richard Rae, R.I.P."?
  5. I agree with the poster who suggested that a light-boxed (inked) copy would have been the better option. That would have provided two pieces of OA that would have looked neat displayed side-by-side. As a matter of interest, has anyone ever come across the later BWS Conan art that was published from original pencils only? Would love to see how the OA looks (and, no, if anyone here owns any of those pages, PLEASE do not get them inked!).
  6. Been asked about this old thread by one of our newer members, hence the bump.
  7. Okay, I dug out the page with the other Sweet Adeline tryout strip I mentioned. Although no actual title is given, comparison to the Heritage offering makes it fairly conclusive that it's the same character. This one was offered in Russ Cochran's Comic Art Auction # 15 (October 1983), and sold for $475. The scan is from the whole catalog page, so you get an Alex Raymond illustration in addition to the Adeline strip.
  8. Pretty sure Russ offered a different Sweet Adeline tryout in one of the later auction catalogs.
  9. Sorry to hear this. Was a big fan during the 1960s of Dan's work for Space Family Robinson (Lost in Space). Within recent years, I bought 5 pages of art from Space Family Robinson # 1 via Dan's agent Dave Karlen (all up in my CAF). On a trip to Los Angeles a couple of years ago I met-up with an old friend who owns most of the other pages from the remainder of that very first book. He bought those directly from Dan. Interestingly, Dan seemed to have retained all the OA from # 1, yet the vast majority of pages from the issues that followed are not known to exist. R.I.P.