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  1. If still available I'll select: Prize #55: $50 Amazon Gift Card - donated by Crops068
  2. My prize donation: Evolutionary War Omnibus and Avengers/X-men Axis Hardcover (both are one prize). Free US Shipping only.
  3. Opened up my package from Ron today and it had this really cool addition (Sketch by RB White)! I didn't even know CGC did this. Thanks Ron!
  4. I'll go with Prize #8 donated by Ron C. Thank you @Ron C. and @thehumantorch
  5. Congrats on the great round and win Marmat! Thanks again to BUTM and Sckao for another amazing contest.
  6. Thanks! 85 points right? Yeah you would have crushed us!
  7. Thanks! We are in overtime though, so you may be the one deserving congratulations!
  8. Lot of 12 Marvel Books. Free US shipping ($10 towards anywhere else). EDIT: Also adding a low-grade Superman #233 to this lot (not pictured).
  9. Never had the chance to have a conversation with Stan, but he made such a positive impact on my life through comics. RIP Stan
  10. Nice find! @gpanalysis I did a little bit of digging on the X-men #1, but couldn't find any matching books/images.