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  1. Wow, I hadn't heard of Rallyrd before. Seems like this type of business model is unfortunately becoming more popular with collectibles. A while back I was reading about another fractional share investment company called Mythic Markets ( I haven't checked their website in a while, but it looks like they are currently selling shares of an AF 15 graded at 7.0. They were doing Magic the Gathering related shares and there was a lot of discussion on Reddit about their legitimacy. Here's a link to a thread made by the co-founder:
  2. I'll select: Prize #8 Human Torch #1 CGC 8.5 and Human Torch #2 CGC 9.0 Donated by Shark Thank you @Shark
  3. Fantastic Novels Pulp Lot of 18. Also a reader copy of Death of Captain Marvel Graphic Novel (not pictured). Free US shipping.
  4. This was the link for the ComicConnect one, but it's down now due to the website update: From a cached version of the webpage here is ComicConnect's description: "Manhunt #11 was published by Magazine Enterprises in August 1948. #12 should have followed the next month, but for unknown reasons, that issue was never published. Four years later, in 1952, Manhunt #13 appeared, the issue was subtitled as A-1 #63. For more than 70 years collectors thought this book did not exist; Robert Overstreet at first suspected its existence, but eventually dropped the listing completely from his guide. The Gerber photo journals purported that it was never printed, and online comic sources don't even acknowledge the issue. This year a copy surfaced at a flea market, purchased with several hundred other comics. It features an Ogden Whitney cover and interior art by two legends in the industry, L.B. Cole and "Fritz" aka Frank Frazetta, which only adds to the appeal of this unearthed treasure. The exact history of this issue remains a mystery, but if it is the sole existing copy of Manhunt #12, it could be the holy grail of pre-code comics, and even the rarest published comic book ever. "After nearly six decades of discovery and documenting throughout our hobby, it seems hard to imagine a published and distributed comic book of which a copy has never surfaced," stated Matt Nelson, president of CCS. "But here it is, a Manhunt #12, opening up the possibility that there are other published comic books we haven't discovered yet. An incredible, exciting find!" "I've been buying and selling comics for over 30 years. When I was approached with this book, I thought surely, I had bought and sold a copy at some point, but lo and behold, when I checked my database zilch! Then I conferred with my partner, Stephen Fishler, and he agreed he had never seen a copy. We knew we had to have it for our auction," proclaimed COO of ComicConnect, Vincent Zurzolo. "The words rare and scarce can sometimes be used rather carelessly, but in this case, they don't do this book justice, unique, or one-of-a-kind may be better. The book presents so much better than the 1.0 grade, but for the coupon cut out of the back cover." "Rarely in the history of comics, especially after 50 years exposure of the Overstreet price guide, has a Golden Age book long thought to not exist surface," Bob Overstreet stated. "The title of the book is Manhunt, issue #12. The cover date is blocked out with a horizontal white bar and there is no indicia. There is no publishing information and no date of publication. Its value will be determined in the marketplace." This extraordinary discovery is sure to be a hotly contested item."
  5. If still available I'll select: Prize #55: $50 Amazon Gift Card - donated by Crops068
  6. My prize donation: Evolutionary War Omnibus and Avengers/X-men Axis Hardcover (both are one prize). Free US Shipping only.
  7. Opened up my package from Ron today and it had this really cool addition (Sketch by RB White)! I didn't even know CGC did this. Thanks Ron!
  8. I'll go with Prize #8 donated by Ron C. Thank you @Ron C. and @thehumantorch
  9. Congrats on the great round and win Marmat! Thanks again to BUTM and Sckao for another amazing contest.