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  1. I bought a slab and the post office crushed the box enough to make me worry. But the packaging inside was so well done that there wasn't a scratch on the slab. Many thanks!
  2. Looking for preferably an already graded CGC 9.8 copy of the Fatal Attractions X-Men #25 "black and white"/"sketch" variant. May be interested in a high grade raw copy if a slabbed copy isn't available. Offering around $200+ for graded copies.
  3. Amazing Spider-man #408 variant CGC 9.8 $250 Marvels #4 CGC 9.8 signature series Alex Ross $100 (gpa $125)
  4. I've seen this forum come together for charity threads many times before, and I hope to see that happen again here to help a close friend of my wife and I. This is a charity thread for a man named Bill Carpenter with terminal cancer. Bill's daughter is Alisha. Alisha is like a sister to my wife. Alisha is 20 years old, and has been left by most of her family to deal with the ins and outs of her father's will and burial arrangements. Bill has been living with his sister Misty during his recent cancer battle. So, to help with medical and burial expenses, Misty and Alisha have set up a Go Fund Me page. Here's the link which includes more details of Bill's current and past condition: I'll start by listing a few items. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to list items to help this charity effort along. I've decided to give the "buyers" two choices. Either they can send payment for the items straight to the Go Fund Me site for Bill to donate the amount and then post or PM the receipt for the donation or I will provide my PayPal address to send the funds to and at the conclusion of this thread, all money will be sent to Bill and his family. If you decide to go directly to the Go Fund Me page to donate, you can choose whether or not you would like to receive updates about Bill's condition and treatments. Of course, you don't have to purchase an item to donate. Every donation helps, no matter the amount. Obviously, traditional rules apply. No HOS or probation list members. Payment methods accepted are PayPal, direct donations to the Go Fund Me page for Bill, or check or money order. Additional photos for anyone interested: