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  1. I was excited for a FA Storm, but I'm on the way that one looks, gonna wait for reviews. The new classic Spidey might be good, they said they made improvements to articulation that I'll wait for a review to see. The ones I'm sure I'll buy are Black Tom Cassidy, deluxe War Machine, the new Hydra soldier (it's available now, already bought it), the new Apocalypse, Nimrod, and Gwen Stacy. I MIGHT get one of the movie Wolverine figures, waiting for reviews.
  2. No idea, I'm not paying attention to the others, really have zero interest in GI Joe now. I only like that weapons rack from Snake Eyes.
  3. You can make out a mask covering the lower half of the face in the silhouette, that's why people think it's Silk.
  4. If you keep refreshing they're randomly ordered, but I'm 98% sure the three are white suit Elektra, Lady Sif (Thor's friend), and Silk (Spider-Man's friend).
  5. I ordered it too. $40 is what I was expecting, but thought it might end up being $50 due to being con-related, glad it's more reasonable.
  6. One thing I'm super-curious about with a 6" Joe line is if and how they do vehicles. I collected Joes as a pre-teen, and I think I loved the vehicles more than the figures. The problem with the 1:12 scale as compared to the 1:18 scale is that the vehicles end up being HUGE. Imagine a 1:12 scale USS Flagg--it's over 7 feet long now, but scaled up to 1:12 it'd be over 10 feet long! The same applies to the Black Series Star Wars 6" figures. They've mostly avoided the vehicles I loved to buy for 1:18 scale figures as a kid, but they did do one 1:12 scale TIE Fighter, and it was HUGE. Here are a few people standing next to one...those side panels look over half as tall as that woman behind it:
  7. I'm not doing the new Joe line, either, but I do want that weapons rack. I'll be using it for Shang-Chi, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Elektra, Bullseye, and Kingpin. I may use Snake Eyes as a random goon in Marvel displays for heroes to beat up on, not sure yet.
  8. Hasbro sent an email out to Hasbro Pulse members saying that we'll be able to buy stuff from the Pulse web site that non-members don't have access to until 4 PM on Saturday. Everyone is expecting Snake Eyes to be available then, but who knows aside from the educated guesses I outlined in previous posts, we'll see. It explicitly says that items for sale will be related to Transformers, Power Rangers, GI Joe, Ghostbusters, and Marvel. Pulse membership costs $50 with the only advertised perks being access to exclusives like this plus free shipping. I got it for free shortly after the Pulse web site opened a year ago by buying a figure from the site (I bought the Marvel Legends Archangel). They recently emailed us saying they're extending that first membership for free by six months, presumably so that we can get access to whatever they're making available on Saturday. There was only one other exclusive I saw for the entire last year, an SDCC exclusive Marvel Legends Hulk figure that sold out on the Pulse web site in about 10 minutes, which ticked off pretty much everybody who was a Pulse member who didn't get one. I didn't want one, but it ticked me off that they handled it so poorly. I'm hoping whatever they sell on Saturday is available for much longer, and if it isn't and it ends up being another sheet-show I'm definitely not paying $50 for it.
  9. The reason the news outlets are so sure is because the leaked photos are of finished product in a warehouse broken out of shipping boxes. Hasbro doesn't make and ship out product this far in advance for it to be something they wait for July to reveal and sell.
  10. I don't want to get into Joes because Marvel is enough, but I want that weapon rack, so I'm hoping to get that set this weekend.
  11. Marvelous News thinks he'll go on sale on the Hasbro Pulse web site during the New York Toy Fair on Saturday, so I don't think I know what you mean. The last time Hasbro put a con exclusive up on their web site for sale it sold out in about 10 minutes. I'm expecting a LOT of unhappy people who won't be getting the deluxe Snake Eyes this weekend, but we'll see, maybe they learned from the last fiasco.
  12. I assume you mean the New York Toy Fair...SDCC isn't for quite a while. Toy Fair is this Saturday. It's definitely known that this is a con exclusive because the shipping box they come in says that on it.
  13. Pictures just leaked of the first figure from the new Hasbro GI Joe line, Snake Eyes. The pics below are of a convention exclusive edition with a custom weapons rack. Official announcement should come Saturday at the New York Toy Fair.
  14. My gut agrees (thinking 35 range) but I'm actually liking the recent couple previews more so I'm going with a shocking 62 for the TM. I have no idea, I'm just saying that based upon the film's repetitive release delays. I've generally enjoyed all of the trailers from the past few years but I can't tell much from them. I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst.
  15. Bale is usually the kind of actor who signs on because he likes directors. I'm somewhat surprised he's going to play a villain that will likely be a one-off, but maybe he just wants to work with Taika.