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  1. Hi guys, I'm soon to be closing down my temporary sale. Offered discount will still be in place for those who approach me today. Remaining pieces would either be returning to my collection or be traded/sold to dealers. Here's the link again for the FS items: Many thanks, Gal
  2. Another one that's offered for sale again is an early '90s published Bart Sears piece which pays homage to the first appearance of Justice League: Thanks, Gal
  3. Hi guys, I'm adding a few more pieces to my FS folder; One of them is a cool fanzine promo for DETECTIVE COMICS #500 created by Jackson "Butch" Guice in 1980: Best regards and happy holidays, Gal
  4. Hi guys, I need to raise funds ASAP, so for a short period of time I'm taking offers on this special piece: Dave Cockrum's SUPERMAN pinup from THE COLLECTOR #24 fanzine, published in 1971 (in full color). After being advised by several Cockrum experts, I was informed that this was the very first time a Dave Cockrum illustration of Superman (or Superboy) had been published ! Also, quite a few other nice published pieces can be found in my FS folder at CAF. Those in the FS folder are priced (with the exception of the Dave Cockrum piece) and the offer
  5. Hi guys, I'd take offers on the remaining pieces is the FS folder. Can do time payments on the higher end ones. Thanks, Gal
  6. I contacted him a few years ago and was told he was keeping the art for the issues which he'd both pencilled and inked, I didn't inquire on this specific issue, so it might be just my honest (but mistaken?) assumption.
  7. Bob Mcleod owns the entire issue. He doesn't sell art from the few issues he'd inked. Sorry to disappoint...
  8. Hi guys, I've returned the Travis Charest - FLASH ANNUAL #5 title splash back into FS folder: This is Charest's very first DC published work and one of the best examples of his Jim Lee inspired early era. It's also included in the current discount (listed price doesn't reflect the discount).. Thanks, Gal
  9. Just saw it and will return to you shortly. Thanks !
  10. Hi guys, My little sale got a bit lost in the sea of "Black Cyber Week" offerings so I've decided to extend it for a bit longer and offer my own discount; For the next few days, please feel free to take 15% off all prices listed on CAF: Contact me with any question at: Many thanks and happy holidays !
  11. Hi guys, I have some nice DC art for sale (most from early '90s), please take a look: Feel free to contact me with any question at: Thanks, Gal
  12. Tim, I NEVER regarded them as solo Jose Garcia Lopez pieces. I knew he and Kerry Gammill had collaborated on several style guide pieces (like Batman lineup, some Superman pieces and Eradicator piece). I assumed that Garcia Lopez might have collaborated with Kerry on this, as I bought it from Garcia Lopez's share. I recognized some element of Gammil's style and saw Kerry Gammill's involvement as an extra bonus. As far as I can recall I listed his name as primary artist when the pieces were on my own CAF gallery.. If any past interaction suggests otherwise, please feel free