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  1. Question: I just brought a CGC SS (by Stan Lee) that has no note that shows it was signed by Stan Lee (2010). It did get a yellow label. I checked the bar code and it all good. I checked the serial number registry before and after, they all have Stan Lee notes. So my question is : can I send this back to get the proper cgc notes? If so, how much would it cost me?
  2. $60 - Wolverine #1 (Fluorescent) 156 Copies Available #352, 353, 387, 388, 389, 2681, 2682, 2683, 2684, 2685, 2686, 2687, 2688, 2689, 2690 All NM+ x2 please, if it’s still available and if you’re ok shipping to Canada
  3. you should try to get the TPB as the series is ending soon...
  4. Is it too late?...... just in case you’d have any extra
  5. I like the black/white cover than the colour. The color seems a little bit “crowded “ to me.
  6. There’s a foil cover in artgerm’s web store
  7. my mom was cool with my collection..... I would place a Superman or Batman or X-men or something else on top, then on the bottom of the pile was my more (ahem) "interesting" issues..... now my wife...on the other hand.... I got about 8 long boxes... all in the basement, under lock-&-key. When me and my wife fight, she would always bring up my collection and complains about them. At one point, she commented that "she'll burn/sell/throw away all of them". She never did, I figured it was just in the heat of the moment statements.... BUT just-in case, thus the lock.....
  8. In my case, it took close to 1 year (11 months) for books to return to me. It was a SS submission. So I don't think, it'll be lying around any where. Even when it returned, I wasn't too happy...... the books came back with grade less than 9.0, the grader's note said, it was missing a page. Before submitting, I checked those books and didn't noticed any page missing. When I asked about it, all they can say to me is, they submitted the "exact same book, they don't check the inside". I was very suspicious about it, because, after a few month, on their FB page, they're showing a similar book (also SS) BUT with a grade of 9.8..... It's a shame really, I've been going there for my CGC since the 90's and up until now, they were really good.... well until they started renovating and expanding.... then everything all went to $%^& Check-out their FB page and scroll down to date March 25
  9. I think the original plan by Snyder (BWL creator) was to have him as a one-off, the same as the other Dark Metal “Batman”. You got The Red Death (Batman/Flash), Devastator (Batman/Doomsday), Drowned (Aquaman/Batman)... and so on.... they were supposed to returned to the Dark universe by the end of the series. By the middle of the mini series, DC realized that BWL was getting a lot of attention. People were cosplaying, fan art, talking online, etc... I believe this is why the last issue of Dark Metal got held up, they changed the ending slightly, to let BWL stay is the main universe. If DC makes good stories, stay true to the character and NOT overstretched, BWL would become a great addition. On the other hand, if DC put him in all books, that’ll be the end of BWL. Gweenpool anyone? Good article
  10. Close to 20hrs mark and all sets are still available. IMHO people realized that it’s a re-used art (as pointed before)(that’s just laziness) so they didn’t bother with this set..... The beginning of the end???
  11. I’ve been passing all his Catwoman covers...... I don’t know. Even his Captain Marvel seems mediocre to me..... I really like his Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Harley. I think it’s his dark background, that throwing me off.
  12. It’s below Black Widow’s right armpits and right boob. Its a very messy cover, too much is going on. Who’s the chick kneeling below, the one with the “W” on her belly???
  13. Same can be said to any comic artist. Just look at Campbell, and Jim Lee’s art.... all their covers that featured women all look the same. The only difference is facial expression (smiling or closed lips); different hair style, mask or not, and even different angles. Heck, I think even AH all his women looked the same. I think only Alex Ross’ cover looks like a different women....
  14. Well MAD (Joe Madureira) was very popular in the 90's with his anime style X-men. I'm guessing Battles Chaser's popularity is being fueled by nostalgia.... I think MAD is trying to return back to comics when his video games route went bust..... I still remember bidding on a full set of Battle Chasers #1 CGC SS 9.8-9.6 about 10 yrs ago. I believe there were 4 covers and I won (CND$100)
  15. Is there any reason why this book is that hot?? A ratio of 1:100 should be just $100 after a week not x7 First appearance?? Major death?? First artist cover?? First “spider-wang”??? (DC done it why not Marvel) im asking since I passed on this regular book last week.......
  16. Thanks Dre... Hope your mom feels better Question : Are you gonna have JCS's Return of Wolverine?