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  1. Well, you could suggest a seller send a book to CGC for certification prior to the sale, but I don't believe it's feasible to involve CGC during the sale. If you're looking for a book and it looks suspicious, the best thing to do is move on and maybe take a look at something that has already been graded by CGC.
  2. MadGenius

    DCBS vs LCS

    Try to negotiate a better discount with your LCS in exchange for your continued loyalty. If they aren't willing to do that then you need to do what's best for you which is probably going to be ordering them online.
  3. 3 more added: All-New Marvel Now Point One #1 Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Vengeance #1 Maybe I can get some action on these moderns.
  4. MadGenius

    Is this person crazy?

    This is anecdotal evidence based on my experience, but it seems SCS is much more prevalent in the current holder than it was in the older holder. I'm not sure why that is, but I think there's something about the design of that slab that leaves the books inside more vulnerable to SCS. I think CGC tried to address SCS when they first rolled out the new holder a couple of years ago, but as we know that design was also flawed in other ways. I don't have much experience with the competitor's slabs, but does SCS happen at the same rate as with the CGC design?
  5. MadGenius

    Is this person crazy?

    If I got this email from CGC I would be asking a lot of questions and under no circumstances would I be paying for pressing.
  6. MadGenius

    Is this person crazy?

    This story doesn't sound right. I've submitted hundreds of books to CGC for reholder and never once had them come back to me to say the books needed to be pressed to retain the grade. If the scenario involved books getting damaged inside the CGC holder, I believe CGC would press them to correct the damage but do so free of charge.
  7. I thought you had already corresponded with the seller and he agreed to the return? Why is he upset now?
  8. How long ago was this purchase made? I'm not seeing the completed sale on eBay: Tapping it back into place was probably not the best move as it could have caused further damage to the book. I would not be happy with that if I were the seller.
  9. MadGenius

    Are there any dealers who specialize in SS?

    Contact Rich Henn on the boards. He just might have the largest inventory of SS books around.
  10. MadGenius

    9.8 SS by competitor regrade by CGC

    No. CGC will grade it, but it will get a green (Qualified) label. CGC will not honor the signature certification of another company as they did not witness the signature.
  11. I'm hoping some of these got done at SDCC this year. If there are any CGC 9.8 SS books out there signed by Milana Vayntrub, I'm the buyer you've been looking for. PM with pics. Thanks!
  12. If you're going by the census alone, that might not be your book. The census is typically updated several days after books have shipped and wouldn't reflect any books that have yet to ship from CGC. Is the book Qualified when you view the submission invoice online?