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  1. I haven't done one of these in a while, but here we go again! I'm looking for high grade (NM 9.4 or better) runs of the GARGOYLES comic series from Marvel and Slave Labor: Gargoyles #1-11 (Marvel 1995) paying $175 for a full run in NM condition Gargoyles #1-8 (Slave Labor 2006) paying $100 for a full run in NM condition Gargoyles Bad Guys mini-series #1-4 (Slave Labor 2007) paying $50 for a full run in NM condition. I will pay shipping fees on top of the prices listed above. I'm willing to pay slightly above eBay prices for accurate grading, so I'm hoping some boardies can come through. PM please. Thanks!
  2. Closer to a 2.5 than 8.0. I put it at 4.5 and it's not worth much of anything in that condition.
  3. Dream Thief #1-5 and #1 Hastings Variant Near Mint $12 each (3 sets available)
  4. Cloak & Dagger: Spider Island #1-3 and #1 2nd print Near Mint $10
  5. Marvel Tales Flip Book #7 (x2), 8, 10-15, 20 Spider-Man / Runaways reprint series (HFT, sold on newsstands) Near Mint $24
  6. Runaways #6 Variant (1:25) Near Mint $10 each (2 copies available)
  7. Daredevil vol 3 #32 Luke Ross Thor Variant (1:20) Near Mint+ $10