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  1. A couple favorite Peter Parker covers of mine. The 101 has already risen in price, but I feel still relatively little known.
  2. Ditto. That 56 is absolutely gor-geous. I've thought for years it's only a matter of time before these MF books catch fire.
  3. I thought the same thing bidding on them. What are the graders seeing that I'm not?? Are the back covers bent in half? Those books present REALLY well from the front. A lot of other books did too in the auction, so I'm not sure what's going on with these graders lately. I've noticed it on my own submissions this past year as well. Very tight grading of late imo.
  4. Won in this week's ComicLink auction the two Marvel 25th Anniversary Star issues that I've been mostly wanting, especially the Heathcliff 12 one....
  5. That Usagi Yojimbo 1 CGC 9.8 at ComicLink is up to $1700 now. Am I missing something? The previous high was $750 in November, and the handful of sales since then have come in under that in the $600s.
  6. Issue 1 9.8 (Direct Edition) just sold for $2,980 at ComicLink.
  7. I've got a couple. One signed only by Kirkman, and the other signed by both Kirkman and Ottley.
  8. Is that what they get when they eat beans instead of pizza?
  9. Oh no, sorry! Lol! You definitely know how tough that book is to find, let alone in 9.8 condition. You caught me in a moment of splurginess to finally get a copy.
  10. I ended up winning the 9.8 62 (original series final issue). I know I overpaid, but it's been a bear for me to find for years in 9.8. Soooo....Merry Christmas to me! Into the PC it goes.....