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  1. Got my books back from the Zeck / Beatty / Shooter triple-signing. A bit disappointed that only two out of six books came back 9.8, but happy overall, especially the SW8:
  2. FINALLY getting grades back from the Miller and Claremont signings, and the results..... I'm happy! For Miller: 2 9.8s and 1 9.4 (Miller must have manhandled the book, because I swear it was perfect. No grader's notes unfortunately.) For Claremont: 1 9.8 and 1 9.6
  3. Pretty much. His mom was happy, but it was just a job like if he was working at a laudromat (!!). Sounds like kids regularly worked jobs back then at young ages to help their parents make ends meet.
  4. Oh yay! CGC asked my question (daneinva) in one of their Instagram videos to Shooter about what his parents thought about a comics company hiring him at age 14 (they put 13, but I definitely said 14).
  5. None for me. It's was initially a novelty for me that's wearing off quickly. I will say though that with this Shooter / Zeck / Beatty signing, I got smarter and sent the books to a third party presser FIRST before sending them to CGC. So, we'll see if that helps at all.
  6. Yeah, I had that feeling after the McFarlane signing. Felt like a bunch of my 9.6s should have been 9.8s. Even wondered if they were actually sent over to CCS after the signing, and still have my doubts. But no way to prove that of course. As well, have to acknowledge McFarlane could have had a heavy hand when handling the books. So, then the Crain signing came up and I thought, let me try it once more. Sent in 3 books, and this time, they all came back 9.8s. Yay! My faith was restored. But then the Perez signing happened, and that was a complete waste. A 9.0, 9.2 and 9.4. Now, I'm not an expert grader of course, but I do feel like I can discern those grades from 9.6 - 9.8. Again, wondered if they even went to CCS for pressing at all, or if Perez sat on them before signing. I've got 3 Miller and 2 Claremont coming back to me at some point this year, but I honestly don't have my hopes up high for those anymore. Expect they'll be similarly disappointing like with Perez. I wasn't going to send in anymore for these signings until the Shooter / Zeck / Beatty triple signing was announced, then I was like DANG IT! I'm super excited for them, and really hope they don't disappoint. But yeah, probably no more for me after this either.
  7. I'm sending one in that's a strong candidate for 9.8. Fingers crossed!
  8. I was wondering why I was having an increase in offers on my 1st print 9.2 copy. Interesting. Difficult to gauge the value after that 7.5 sale. Wow!