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  1. Received the grades on my final crossover batch from the Crossover Special in January. All books had been ones I originally submitted to CBCS during its first few months after opening. I decided to have them switched to CGC and pressed this time. I had to laugh at the Usagi Yojimbo 10 update. My eyes about popped at the Swamp Thing 37 change! Usagi Yojimbo 10: 9.6 1st printing ---> 9.8 2nd printing G.I. Joe 1: 9.0 OW/W ---> 9.2 OW Demon Annual 2: 9.4 ---> 9.8 Saga of Swamp Thing 37: 6.5 ---> 9.8 Marvel Team-Up 14 (2006): 9.6 ---> 9.8 I, Zombie 1: 9.6 ---> 9.8 Incredible Hulk 271: 9.2 OW/W ---> 9.6 W
  2. Agreed. It's THE iconic issue of THE most iconic Marvel series of the Copper Age. ASM 252 and Secret Wars 8 are by far the two pre-Venom black costume issues to own. Nothing else comes close.
  3. Happy with these results, though I'll be resubmitting the BaV 9.2 to be pressed.
  4. So wait, that 9.8 sold for $1425 last night. But a 9.6 sold for $20 just four days earlier.
  5. Worth reading. It's a highly acclaimed issue, one of the best Superman stories I've ever read.
  6. My results so far: Amazing Spider-Man 300 cbcs 9.6 ----> cgc 9.6 (prescreen advised pressing would not likely make a difference, so opted not to press) Amazing Spider-Man 300 cbcs 9.2 ----> cgc 9.4 (prescreen advised pressing would not likely make a difference, so opted not to press) Incredible Hulk 271 cbcs 9.6 ----> cgc 9.6 (prescreen advised pressing, so I pressed) Strangers in Paradise 1 cbcs 9.4 ----> cgc 9.6 (pressed)
  7. I asked about that with my other submissions. She said that only the ASM 300s qualified for that quick scan. The others did not qualify, I guess because they were valued at the lower tier of $200 or less. I forgot to mention, they also did a quick scan of my Hulk 271, which they thought a press may help the grade, so I did continue with that pressing. That book was also in the higher tier along with the two ASM 300s. So yes, it must be that they do not provide the quick scan for the lower tier books.
  8. Well crud, I called CGC to ask about the difference between the Press and Quick Press services, and I was told there is no difference. It's just you have to have a bulk amount of books (15) to qualify for the Quick Press. That's disappointing if I was informed incorrectly and that there is actually a difference between the two pressing processes. On a side note, I had submitted two copies of ASM 300 for regular pressing service (and Crossover Service), and they notified me within days of receipt of my books that they did not think pressing would help and what the expected grades would be and if I still wanted the pressings done. I chose not to have the pressings done and saved that money.
  9. Why is there a handprint on his crotch?