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  1. Penthouse Comix #1 is another gem, though obviously on the adult-material side of collecting.
  2. Cavewoman #1 (the original 6-issue limited series by Budd Root -- Cavewoman's first appearance) -- I absolutely loved this book when it came out. Budd Root's dinosaurs were incredibly drawn, second only to Schultz, and the story was a lot of fun. Very loyal fanbase. A 9.8 copy is near-impossible to find. (This is not my copy of the book. Just plucked the image off of an eBay listing.)
  3. Legion HQ

    Alternatives to DCBS?

    Giving a 'Like' to this comment simply for the Budd Root reference. Love me some classic Cavewoman.
  4. Legion HQ

    Bone Appreciation Thread

    On my must-have list as well.
  5. Legion HQ

    Bone Appreciation Thread

    Finally got a 9.8 copy of Issue 2. That only took me years to find one.
  6. Legion HQ

    Albedo #1 & #2 Club

    Actually, can't blame you. If a Yellow came up, it would be a coup for anyone's collection.
  7. Legion HQ

    The 2017 ComicLink show 'em if you got 'em thread

    Happy to get these after years of looking....
  8. Legion HQ

    Collecting Star Comics

    Resurrecting this thread. Finally got these final issue of the Masters of the Universe series after looking for years....
  9. Legion HQ

    Bone Appreciation Thread

    Solid prices. Especially the #1, wow. Was hoping to snag the 2 and 3, but no dice for me. Oh well.
  10. Legion HQ

    Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    Wasn't first color Bone in a Disney digest or some such? I think it had an original story too? Not sure there would be any demand, but I recall the digest having some kind of exclusive or first in it.
  11. Legion HQ

    Legion of Superheroes collecting thread

    I've had the hardest time finding a high grade copy of this book. Saw this one in the latest Comiclink auction and was thrilled to have the winning bid: