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  1. Baseball card collectors have been dealing with this for years. In Mexico, there are companies that make plastic cases that are basically identical to those used by PSA (the baseball card equivalent of CGC). Scammers buy a legit card with a PSA high grade and crack the slab and resubmit the card. Then, they take the label from the cracked slab and use it with the fake case and sell the reprint card for the price of the original. Scammers will figure out a way to make a fake CGC case and insert one of these in it. And since you are so happy with your CGC 9.0 (or better). Avengers #1, there is no way you will crack open the fake case to realize you've been duped until the scammers are long gone. I agree with the early posters. This is a very bad thing.
  2. Skywald was my first exposure to The Heap. I still have the one shot from the early 70's, and I have picked up quite a few G.A. books that contain Heap adventures since then (although technically, I don't necessarily think they are the same character). I don't think The Heap was too provocative...
  3. This isn't an add request. It is a removal request. For the Ibis the Invincible set, the set consists of six issues, all published by Fawcett publications in the USA. For some reason, a Canadian variant (published by Anglo-American publications) is listed as part of the set. Other sets don't have the Canadian variants listed (for example, Doll Man is Quality Comics, and Bell Comics is the Canadian distributor - the Bell Comics are not on the registry). This variant is a "Mighty Midget" comic as well. The "Mighty Midget" that Fawcett produced isn't even in the set, so it doesn't make sense that the Canadian variant is in. Only one of these variants has ever been graded, and none of the current collectors registered for the set has this variant in their set. It just doesn't fit. Removing it would not affect a single collector. Thanks for listening. Thank you for the feedback. The book has been removed.
  4. On the Ibis the Invincible registry it lists the six Fawcett issues (which is what I would expect) then a (nn) Scott-Bathgate promotional giveaway. I have looked all over the internet, and I cannot find any mention of this. I know there was a Mighty Midget issue, but that doesn't fit into the slot. Anyone have a clue as to what this is?
  5. I've been picking up issues from the 60's in the 4.0 to 7.0 ungraded range lately and for the most part end up spending less than $20 per book. Sometimes it ends up a lot less. At the rate I'm going, I think I will have every issue from 1960 to the end in the next 6 months or so. I'm just thrilled to have such cool covers and stories for a bargain price. Then, I will have to decide whether to stop, or try to work into the 1950's. Enjoying the ride ( and this thread).
  6. I grew up with these books, and my Daredevils were in the well loved condition of your books here. Absolutely beautiful!
  7. I certainly can't compete with the quality of the books shown so far, but I am slowly trudging through a decent run. World's Finest is the only comic I ever subscribed to. In 1974, I could not find them on newsstands anywhere, so I sent in my $3 (which at 8 years old was big bucks to me) and got a subscription. Little did I know that the comics would raise to 60 cents each (Giant 100 pagers), so I didn't get many issues at all. In the mid 1980's, I wrote a letter to the editors talking about how difficult it must be to continually come up with stories featuring the same main characters. I actually received a letter from Joey Cavalieri that told me how difficult it had been for him to do just that, and that the title was being cancelled. I wish I knew where that letter is now. Anyway, I have about 125 issues between 110 and 323. Since they are so cheap, I might just finish this run in the next year or two. I know a lot of the stories are campy, but they bring back such great memories of my childhood. Raw copies in 3.0-6.0 from the 1960's will just have to suffice considering my budget.
  8. My copies are the ungraded fine conditions, since I actually like to read mine. I was kind of out of comics for a bit and I was in a K & B Drug Store in New Orleans and I found a pocket book paperback of F 1-6 and I started reading it in the store. I was so excited that I bought it and then started flipping the comics rack looking for FF's. I found 193, 194, 195, and 196. I snagged them all and then within a short time had run them back into the 170's. Those were some great stories and I really loved those books. Still do!
  9. When I was a kid and Ghost Rider came out, I will admit that he kinda scared me a little bit. So, I kind of put him in the "Son of Satan" genre, and I didn't buy his comics. A lot of what I read now is what I read when I was a kid. Since I don't have that connection with Ghost Rider, it doesn't have the same feel for me. I don't know if others felt the same way.
  10. Y'know, there's nothing wrong with a low grade EC. Greatness for pennies on the dollar. A pretty good strategy if you ask me.
  11. From a red and yellow car to red and yellow costumes
  12. Not sure where he would fit into all this, but Jim Burke (The Mad Maple, T.M. Maple) would have to have a spot somewhere in the history of all of this. The guy did get 3,000 letters printed in various comics (which is 2,995 more than me).
  13. It has been a couple of years since I posted on this journal, so I thought I would update it. In August of 2014, my wife and I both went back to school, so collection money was gone. I bought some nice graded FF's, held onto them for a couple of years, then sold them with the thought "who am I kidding? I can't finish this."... and then it came time to sell my FF #1... and I couldn't do it. I looked at one of the Masterworks and read some stories. I got my collecting mojo back. Then I bought a few low to mid grade FF's here on the boards, and I got rolling again. I picked up issues 6, 10, and 11 in the past few weeks. I have about 40 different issues in the first 100 and I almost have 101-200 completed. I might actually do this! I have decided to finish the Kirby issues graded by CGC, and the rest will remain raw. I'm kinda thinking by the end of 2017 that I might have the first 200 issues done. Go figure.