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  1. Maybe it should be all lower case. But the line in between is correct. tucson_collectibles
  2. I just noticed this buyer was listed earlier in December, but unfortunately I didn't see it. Tucson_Collectibles (located in Hawaii btw) He sent an offer on a graded comic. I accepted. After 2 days I hadn't heard back, so I sent a very nice message thanking him for his winning bid and telling him I would ship within 24 hours of payment. He pays the next day and I ship. Today he asks for a refund due to damage and especially after I "hounded" him for payment. I guess he thinks the eBay reminder that they send came from me. I just think he's a loser.
  3. Everything is still available, but I will close it tonight if there is no interest in these 1940's Quality comics.
  4. CLOSED. Sorry this didn't interest anyone. Hello. I will be listing a few CGC slabbed books from Quality comics. I accept PayPal for quick shipping. I will accept checks, but I will only ship once they clear. These are all CGC books. They are graded by professionals. No returns. First "take it" wins. This takes precedence over any negotiations. Shipping is $15, no matter how many you purchase. No Hall of Shame or probation folks. Sales close at 11:59 pm EST on 1/4/2020. Scanner is broken, so please excuse my flash from camera.
  5. I sold them for $750 for the pair. I needed tires for the car. My guess is both were 3.0-4.0 ish...
  6. I sold AF 15 and Amazing Spider-Man 1 for peanuts in the early 1990's. I sold FF1, bought another one a few years ago, then needed money for school and sold it again. I think I might not get a third chance. As a kid I had GS X-Men 1 and X-Men 94 and Hulk 181, but I have no idea where they disappeared to. I'm sure they were coverless by the time I was done with them.