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  1. I gathered that . I can't find them online at all. Are they a CC only place like CVA is basically Clink only?
  2. Posted this in general but figured this could go here too. WTF is a QES???
  3. Saw this today and can't seem to find anything about "QES" Certified.
  4. I had one just a month ago. It was a modern 9.8. Guy didn't agree with CGC's grade and the micro chamber paper was sticking out. Guess who won...I'll give you a hint it wasn't me.
  5. Not if they return it for "not as described" or any of the automatically ruled in the buyer's favour.
  6. Too bad you didn't respond to a pm then you wouldn't have to deal with eBay
  7. Wait till paypal charges a restocking fee in a few weeks then what will you do???
  8. he's posted one on FB it's a CGC 4.0 OW for $3k shipped. I have no relation to him and have no idea if he's flexible on his price.
  9. Send Dad up! Jim and I will just chill at the booth and watch sports like we did at C2E2
  10. We could sell you a nice scan on a foam board of an AF15. So real you can frame it, hang it and everyone will be hatin
  11. Bring your $10 to my table and spend it all with me
  12. @Yosemite Not sure if you want to upgrade/pick up a second copy.