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  1. TAT's are estimates only (so take them with a grain of salt) and are in business (working days). Of course they are subject to change so just because it says 45 days now doesn't mean it will stay at 45 days for econ. If by chance they got a 100,000 card submission for like standard tier it would impact econ and make it longer than 45 days as they likely were not counting on a massive sub like that to "jump" the line.
  2. You should have made him an offer on the giggle comics....instead of falling asleep when it was ending and we'd own that CGC 2.0 or DGC 8.0
  3. It looks like destruction has started to occur Invoices are gone why did I ever doubt you baby girl!
  4. How long until they are destroyed? I don't want to send in my books if you are still going to do it
  5. It's not my site but a good colleague of mine (Bob Storms) who's on the boards as well (blazingbob). I own the copy with Bob (as we partner on several collections together) and thus have it featured on his site. I don't like to tell people how to spend their money but if you've been away for decades I'd highly recommend buying key books already slabbed, and in the off chance you find one raw make sure it comes from a reputable seller. Unfortunately high $ bring out unscrupulous people which leads them to manipulate or not disclose manipulations to the book (such as colour touch) to make the
  6. (we don't post stock online at this time).
  7. I know it doesn't help you now but we ironically sold our CGC 8.0 Pidgeot earlier today. They are out there and good luck! If you are looking for any other CGC slabs we have about 150 in the queue all from the original few series.
  8. Come play in the 5.5 range instead!
  9. This is our copy. It will be unlikely that you'll find major keys like these ungraded in today's market (it's protection for both parties for grade & resto). That said once the book is paid for we are happy to crack it out and send it to you raw and with the label. One of our best clients cracks every book we sell him as he likes them raw, but keeps the labels for down the road.
  10. If you think that is an ASM1 from 1963 you should prob duck and cover too
  11. I know a few of you guys are getting excited about stages with CGC being stuck at "received" that is often the longest time. It isn't unusual for them to go from received to Q/C all in one day and ship out the next day type thing. Of course I can't promise they'll hit their 30 day timeline...but they have been MUCH better in the comic world for having reasonable estimates on their site.
  12. Haha oops I forget Americans put the dates the wrong way (it's Day/Month/Year). I'll edit above
  13. The buyer of the GL76 page is super stoked to have picked it up. He also wishes that those of you who ran him up didn't run him up as much as you did