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  1. So after 16 pages apparently it was unanimous that before listing any book for sale you must PM @greggy and get his approval on everything from price, shipping methods, payment methods, how to take pictures/scans. If he doesn't approve of it you can't list it.
  2. You wish you were as good of a detective as me!
  3. Not the current case but think just about everyone here would take this over the current case but anyways $3500
  4. He's still around playing in the pokemon pool
  5. Not sure if you are stuck on the 5.5 but we have a #6 in a 6.5 with OW/W
  6. We've done several in person deals with Chris. Never had an issue when I send Jimmy to handle my junk
  7. Don't settle for a 9.0 and come up to the 9.2
  8. I just wanted to put this here in case you decided to buy it hope you are doing well!
  9. We've got an IF14 9.6 W if you are interested.
  10. I know right that guy who started the thread must really like Bob...or at least his wife likes him.
  11. Would you like one of our stickers to cover up the clink sticker?