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  1. Iceman399

    TCBS Family Day Weekend! Sun Feb 17, 2019 - Toronto, Canada

    Good thing the junk weather is the start of the week. Can't wait for another Sunday Show!
  2. Iceman399

    My road to success (Moving Update 2) Maybe I should give this guy some comics too.
  3. Iceman399

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    How's my $$$ doing Gabers?
  4. Iceman399

    CGC Won't Cover Full Insurance Value

    You didn't pay the grading fees on the extra 10k (which would have been another $300). Eat the $30 in insurance and be thankful CGC didn't upcharge you on the book.
  5. Iceman399

    Action Comics 1 newly graded FMV?

    Ya maybe it's "sold" to them haha. I just asked on behalf of a buyer looking for one around that range and Ms Scentsy told me "I believe it may be sold already".
  6. Iceman399

    Action Comics 1 newly graded FMV?

    It shipped today/was done today. Danielle says it's already sold...
  7. @Canadiancomics This guy is the only guy's who's opinion really matters. If Joe doesn't think it's worth pressing don't do it (one of the reasons Joe gets my money), he could easily say yup I can press that and you could get a bump, but instead, he says don't touch it. As much as you'd love to get the bump instead if you decide to sell it, let someone else take the chance and sell the dream to them and charge an "unpressed" premium .
  8. Iceman399


    Won't let it go for gpa feel free to pm an offer if interested.
  9. Iceman399

    Toronto ComiCON, March 15-17, 2019

    Got our both assignment today 816 just like the past few years.
  10. Iceman399


    I love how everyone is saying how this book is so soft. If anyone wants to sell below market (cause we know it's crashing) feel free to send all those copies this way.
  11. Iceman399

    Sales Thread Pulled - Need Help

    What did you screw up newb?
  12. Buy a comic mystery box! Then it's a mystery of the junk you'll get!
  13. Iceman399

    1st SA appearance of Black Canary?

    BB61 JLA75
  14. Iceman399

    Golden Age CGC, Mask 2, more GA

    Can we just randomly text you?