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  1. Kyle and crew will be at the show and believe they have a whack of supplies (they can likely bring extras too).
  2. How about you two come to Toronto this year as well Love the new avatar Greggy.
  3. Bahaha a few of us saw it and I specifically said if this is true RMA is going to lose his mind.
  4. No the book was graded this year (someone posted the verification link)
  5. This was posted on FB last week.
  6. So what you are saying is you are just gunna fly up and hang with us in the bar again?
  7. This Sunday we'll have a number of newly priced books and a few dozen new slabs.
  8. I really hope you sell this cause I know where the money is going
  9. Thanks Kevin. We had a minor heart attack today when we were unsure as to what the actual date was
  10. (last one) (another one we found)