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  1. Just got back to the room after a night out in the town from the greatest guy from the west coast. I didn't know greggy could cook that well but the triple level brownie sundae that my wife ate was unbelievably delicious. I wish you lived closer to me
  2. If you need any further encouraging words. I harass them about once a week with nonsense and they still take my calls. Walt and Jay are good guys in the hobby.
  3. Do you have a preference? I can't decide which one will work better. Greggy my little monster or Greggy my brave little lion
  4. Dont worry I am packing my geggy leash so you can't get away from me while we walk the floor.
  5. Amazing how this show has creeped up on me. We get our turkey this weekend and then off to Bmore.
  7. Of course we did. We love that's lightning in a bottle. Tables are cheap on our side, admission is cheap on your side, free parking, not downtown so easy to come and coe. Everyone who comes is looking for comics and not DnD dice, Shirts, Pops, Celebs etc. Hope you and the GF had a good time as well.
  8. Was great to meet you. I just hope next time we'll take your wallet too
  9. RIGHT! Tell me about it. All he does is sits around drinking now.
  10. Not sure which RR you mean as I know a couple in the room . Thanks!
  11. that will give you an idea of what we will have. If you can't find us at the show, I think that $500 would go better towards glasses, contacts or Lasik Right side of the room against the wall.
  12. If you aren't buying it from us on Sunday you are wasting your money. @Guardian Comics
  13. That is a nice 4.0 and if I was in the market for a copy around that. I'd be happy owning that copy. I'd also expect to pay up a bit.