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  1. Ya know, I should have entered this set into the registry back in 2013. There's a few pedigrees, some keys... it was a nice set. The Ghost Rider and Spider-man sets were just starting up but the Transformer and X-men sets were filling in nicely. Ah well no point in doing it now as these are gonna hit the forum market and then whatever is left will head off to the auction houses. At the bottom of the list I added thumbnails, only because I thought it looked kinda cool. I'll be uploading the real scans this weekend as time permits, likely the actual listings will begin next Friday. Prices will be close to GPA, give or take a bit, but time payments are available so that's an extra incentive. Amazing Spiderman 12 CGC 8.0 Off-White to White Amazing Spiderman 57 CGC 9.2 Off White Amazing Spiderman 116 CGC 9.2 Off White to White Amazing Spiderman 129 CGC 9.6 White Pages 1st Punisher Amazing Spiderman 162 CGC 9.6 White Pages Amazing Spiderman 201 CGC 9.6 White Pages Amazing Spiderman 202 CGC 9.6 White Pages Amazing Spiderman 239 CGC 9.8 White Pages Amazing Spiderman 250 CGC 9.8 White Pages Amazing Spiderman 252 CGC 9.6 White Pages Tied for 1st black costume Spectacular Spiderman 1 CGC 9.6 White Spectacular Spiderman 8 CGC 9.6 White Spiderman vs Wolverine 1 CGC 9.6 White Web of Spiderman 1 CGC 9.4 Off White to White Web of Spiderman 2 CGC 9.6 White Avengers 47 CGC 9.4 White Magneto App. Avengers Annual 7 CGC 9.6 White Thanos Saga Fantastic Four 28 CGC 8.5 Off White to White Early X-men App. Ghost Rider (1950) 1 CGC 9.0 Off White to White Oldest issue in my collection by a long shot! Ghost Rider (1973) 1 CGC 9.6 White Ghost Rider (1973) 3 CGC 9.6 White Ghost Rider (1973) 35 CGC 9.6 White Ghost Rider (1973) 37 CGC 9.6 White Ghost Rider (1973) 47 CGC 9.6 White Ghost Rider (1973) 67 CGC 9.8 White Incredible Hulk 181 CGC 9.4 White 1st full Wolverine Incredible Hulk 340 CGC 9.8 White Classic Wolverine McFarlane cover Iron Fist 14 CGC 9.6 White 1st Sabertooth Iron Fist 15 CGC 9.4 White X-men App. Power Man and Iron Fist 66 CGC 9.6 White 2nd Sabertooth Marvel Spotlight 5 CGC 9.2 White 1st 1970s Ghost Rider Marvel Spotlight 7 CGC 9.6 White Sucha News Pedigree Marvel Spotlight 9 CGC 9.6 White Sucha News Pedigree Marvel Super Action (1976) 1 CGC 9.4 White Magazine size - Punisher Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 8 CGC 9.6 White Origin of Symbiote/black costume Marvel Team-Up Annual 1 (1976) CGC 9.6 White X-men and Spidey Masters of the Universe (1986) 1 CGC 9.6 White Next Men, John Byrne's (1992) 21 CGC 9.6 White 1st full color Hellboy Punisher Vol. 1 1 CGC 9.6 White Transformers 1 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 2 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 3 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 4 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 6 CGC 9.4 White Pages Transformers 16 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 18 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 19 CGC 9.4 Off White to White Transformers 20 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 22 CGC 9.8 White Pages Transformers 26 CGC 9.6 Off White to White Transformers 28 CGC 9.8 White Transformers 31 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 36 CGC 9.8 White Pages Transformers 40 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 41 CGC 9.4 White Pages Transformers 42 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 43 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 46 CGC 9.4 White Pages Transformers 48 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 52 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 53 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 54 CGC 9.8 White Pages Transformers 56 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 60 CGC 9.4 White Pages Transformers 61 CGC 9.8 White Pages Transformers 64 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 65 CGC 9.4 White Pages Transformers 67 CGC 9.4 White Pages Transformers 68 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 69 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 70 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 73 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 75 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 76 CGC 9.6 White Pages Transformers 77 CGC 9.6 Off White to White Transformers 78 CGC 9.4 White Pages Transformers Universe 1 CGC 9.2 White Pages Transformers Universe 2 CGC 9.4 White Pages Transformers Universe 4 CGC 9.4 White Pages Transformers The Movie 1 CGC 9.6 White Pages Walking Dead 3 CGC 9.6 White Walking Dead 19 CGC 9.8 White 1st Michonne Wolverine Vol.1 1 CGC 9.8 White Wolverine Vol.1 2 CGC 9.6 White Wolverine Vol.1 3 CGC 9.6 White Wolverine Vol.1 4 CGC 9.6 White Wolverine Vol.2 1 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 1 CGC 8.5 Off White to White 1st X-men ; 1st Magneto Xmen 5 CGC 8.5 Off White to White Xmen 6 CGC 8.5 Off White to White Xmen 7 CGC 8.5 White Xmen 8 CGC 8.5 White Xmen 10 CGC 8.5 White Xmen 12 CGC 9.2 Off White to White 1st Juggernaut Xmen 14 CGC 9.2 Off White to White 1st Sentinels Xmen 16 CGC 9.2 Off White to White Xmen 18 CGC 9.2 Off White to White Xmen 19 CGC 9.2 Off White to White Xmen 20 CGC 9.2 Off White to White Xmen 21 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 22 CGC 9.2 Off White to White Xmen 23 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 24 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 25 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 26 CGC 9.2 Off White to White Xmen 27 CGC 9.4 Off White to White Xmen 28 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 29 CGC 9.4 Off White to White Xmen 30 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 32 CGC 9.2 Off White to White Xmen 35 CGC 9.2 White Spider-man app, sorta Xmen 38 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 42 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 43 CGC 9.2 Off White to White Xmen 44 CGC 9.2 Off White to White Xmen 45 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 48 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 51 CGC 9.4 Off White to White Xmen 52 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 53 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 55 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 56 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 57 CGC 9.4 Off White to White Xmen 59 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 60 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 63 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 64 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 65 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 66 CGC 9.4 White Hulk App; Brad Squared collection Xmen 96 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 97 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 98 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 99 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 100 CGC 9.6 White old X-men vs New Xmen 101 CGC 9.6 White 1st Phoenix Xmen 102 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 103 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 104 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 105 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 106 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 107 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 108 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 109 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 110 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 111 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 112 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 113 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 114 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 115 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 116 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 117 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 118 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 119 CGC 9.6 White 1st App Alpha Flight cameo ; DON MAGGIE THOMPSON Pedigree Xmen 120 CGC 9.4 White 1st Full app Alpha Flight Xmen 121 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 122 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 123 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 124 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 125 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 126 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 127 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 128 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 129 CGC 9.4 White 1st Kitty Pryde and White Queen Xmen 130 CGC 9.6 White 1st Dazzler Xmen 131 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 132 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 133 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 135 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 136 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 137 CGC 9.6 White "Death" of phoenix Xmen 138 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 139 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 140 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 142 CGC 9.6 White Xmen 143 CGC 9.4 White Xmen 143 CGC 9.2 White Xmen 144 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 145 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 146 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 147 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 149 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 150 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 154 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 155 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 156 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 157 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 158 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 160 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 161 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 162 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 163 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 165 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 167 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 171 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 172 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 173 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 174 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 176 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 188 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 189 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 207 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 211 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 212 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 213 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 214 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 222 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 228 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 232 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 238 CGC 9.8 White Xmen 248 CGC 9.8 White 1st Jim Lee on X-men Annual 5 CGC 9.8 White
  2. I bought an Epson Perfection v30 scanner (ccd type) years back after reading on the forums that a CCD scanner was recommended for slab scanning. A legal size scanner would have been nice but I'm guessing the only legal size ccd scanners that I found while shopping must have been much pricier so i went the cheaper route. I like the scans but it is a nuisance having to scan a slab twice and then splice the 2 images together as I used to do on my sales threads back in 2013. For this marathon scanning session of 200+ slabs, I decided I would just use the two original scans (rather than splice the two scans together and then have to mess with color settings to get the brightness/contrast/colors of the 2 scans to sync up a lil better). So that's why there are 2 scans of the fronts. Scanner settings all defaults except I set the unsharpen mask to high. Lid was up and the room was as dark as I could make it, however there were variants in background light since some sunlight would bleed through the blinds in the afternoon. Without messing with color/contrast/brightness settings, you may notice that the "top" and "bottom" scans will have certain brightness differences as in each scan the slab is raised a little off of the surface of the glass as the opposite edge of the slab is extending of of the edge of the glass and resting on the embossed lip of the scanner's edge. After scanning the first batch, I noticed that the scans all had this kind of ghost tornado on them as shown by the red arrows below.. Putting an offset light on the scanner revealed the culprit. There were what appeared to be finger smudges/prints on the INSIDE of the scanner. Not sure how the heck those got there and looking back at my 2013 scans I dont see them so not sure what is going on here. So I looked up a video on youtube on disassembling and cleaning the inside of the scanner and that kept me from having to buy another scanner (phew!). Ok after cleaning the scanner, the ghost fingerprints are gone but now the scanner is adding two color bands on the scans... sigh. Guess my opening of the scanner messed something up? It doesn't do it all the time but it happens often enough that I gave up on trying to rescan over and over trying to get a "non-banded scan" for all of the scans. So some scans will still have this "banding". Sometimes only the added blue line is noticeable, sometimes only the added pink line is noticeable. Sometimes both, sometimes neither. It is what it is. Also, sometimes when the scanner is not adding those two color bands/lines, some of those "line free" scans will be noticeably darker than others. Perhaps the scanner is in it's death throws, who knows. Bottom line is that I think most of the scans look good overall despite the lil distractions. Just try to forgive the added "bands" and the occasional overly dark scan. I can always take a new scan for anyone who is on the fence and is hoping for a new scan, but no promise the new scan will be any better, but I'll do my best!
  3. OK so this is my first activity on this forum in over 3 years. Who the heck am I? Why'd I fall of the forums? Why am I back out of nowhere with 200 slabs to sell? Long story short on the slabs... They are all my personal collection that I picked up some years back. I bought all of them already slabbed, none of them are my own submissions. So I have no idea if any of them have ever been pressed, but judging by the prevalence of pressing, its likely some have. I truly do not want to part with these, but after mulling it over the last year... it's just time to. That's the short version. Read on if you want more background/details! I've been lurking the forums since... well for a long time before I finally created an account in 2011. 2011... man that was a good year. Had just moved from dusty/hot lil El Paso to the big ole' DFW. The move meant a big step up in pay and on top of that the overtime was all you could handle. Indeed, times were good. So what does one do with disposable income? For me the answer was simple... go get them grails. I started collecting comics when I was 9. Back in those days of the early 80's, it was all about Transformers for me. Then later on I meandered through X-men, Spider-man, Batman, Punisher, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Dark Horse, Image, Ultraverse..... all the usual suspects of the 80's and 90's. At some point I started ordering multiple copies via ads in the Comics Buyers Guide "newspaper" (and from ads in the comics too) and then selling those extras a few months later at conventions and turning a small profit. Every penny that I made, well of course I re-spent them back into even more orders, ever growing the collection. Then I reached the college years, and collecting completely stopped. Shoulda sold those longboxes full of 90's Image and Ultraverse when I had the chance, but instead they've sat untouched for decades. I suspect this tale is ubiquitous. Then it's 2011 and I have both time on my hands and money to spend. And that comic obsession came back with a vengeance. Between early 2011 and late 2013 I sank many a dollar into getting that high grade dream set I'd always longed for as a kid. At first I thought, OK.... I'll stick to only X-men. But hey wait a minute what about getting that Transformers set! Oh wow those Ghost Riders look even sweeter than I remember... buy buy buy! Before long I was back to collecting.... well everything. If I thought it was awesome, I bought it. Problem is.... my scope of what I thought was awesome seemed ever expanding! I was buying raw books like there was no tomorrow too. I absolutely LOVED drinking my favorite high ABV beers while hunting through auctions and comic dealer sites and meanwhile hopping in and out of the collectors-society forums for the laughs and insanity that is CG on weekend nights. I had already bought several personal grails... X-men 12 (1st Juggernaut), ASM 129, Marvel Spotlight 5, Hulk 181.... and then I thought... dare I? Go after X-men 1? Pffff no! C'mon that's crazy talk.. I COULDN'T. Well.... why can't I? Toyed around with the idea for a couple weeks. Yeah.... sigh... yeah, I'm gonna do it. I see an auction coming up at one of the auction houses I like. The scans looks good and the grade is right.... let's take a shot at this. I can seriously remember that auction like it was yesterday. Within the final hours of the auction the price is still below my spending cap. I throw a bid at it, I'm now in the lead. I'm not excited yet of course, its WAY too early for that. Sure enough within the last hour someone (or perhaps several people) bid me up until I'm out of the running. But JUST BARELY out of the running.... oh man I cant let it go by such a slight margin, I can't loose it like THAT. Fine... I throw a little more at it, no way I'll get it at that price but still why not its worth a shot. My bid has me back in the lead. I laugh... no way I'm gonna win... NO WAY. It's going to blow up in the final secs, I know how this works. Final hour ticks down. Final minutes tick down. Last minute.... I'm still in the frickin lead.... no freakin way... man the TENSION! I was seriously going to have a heart attack as each second ticked down. I'm gonna be snipped last second I know it. 5 seconds, I'm holding my breath. 3 seconds. I won. To say I was absolutely stunned doesn't quite truly capture that moment. Dumbstruck? Flabbergasted? Whatever it was, I sat there flushed while the rollercoaster of emotions swept through me. Elated. Disbelief. I own X-men #1. I knew that win would mean the end of my collecting budget for 6 to 8 months, probably longer. No prob, I'll stay off of the auction sites and just stick to the collector-society forums and live vicariously through others in the "new to your collection" threads. Yeah that didnt work, within a couple weeks I was back to buying. That's when I knew that in order for me to not buy, it would have to be a total banishment from everything comic related. Not even ghosting the forum. Fine, its gonna suck but its necessary. It's fine, I've got all these sweet sweet slabs and I'm gonna keep them till some day far down the road I'm giving them to my kids or better yet grandkids. But of course life always has other plans for us! 2014 brings big negative changes for me. Not just changes in my financial situation, but also changes in family structure, even changes in health of several family members. For the last 2 years I have been wrestling back and forth with the fact that I should sell the slabs. I probably should have sold them in 2014, but I simply could not let go of the idea that I was planning to keep them for decades. It's weighed heavy on my mind for years now, but I just could not bring myself to sell them. But now, for several different reasons that I can no longer ignore, its unequivocally time to let them go. Believe me I'm not happy about it. But it has to be done. Once I made the very difficult decision to sell, now which do I sell? That also became a back and forth between selling only this but not that, then ok I'll sell all of these but not those. It would always boil down to me saying awww screw it Im not selling any of it as I just cant decide which to part with. So that finally led to my final decision: just sell them all. Just make it a complete endcap to that chapter or now. Those collecting days of 2011 to 2013 were truly great days for me. Absolutely loved them. The Clink and CC auctions, the ebay hunt, the hilarity of CG... Hope I'll be collecting like that again one day down the road.
  4. Neil Gaiman
  5. Wowzers. Some very sweet books in yer sig as well!
  6. nice one!
  7. Sweet book in a sweet grade! Happy Thanksgiving indeed
  8. Monsters Unleashed, love it.
  9. if your pants don't rip on thanksgiving, you're doing it wrong
  10. I too refer to Ebay and Comiclink "sold" histories when I am bidding on/buying a slab. And frequently there is indeed a rather wide "sold" price range among the examples in the same CGC grade. I figure this is due to collectors looking past the assigned grade and using the scan provided to judge eye appeal for themselves (which is inherently a very subjective game, they may prefer a 1/8" non-color breaking corner crease over a 1/8" spine stress line that breaks color). Or perhaps they just don't want to shop around, and once they decide on a particular slab they will not back down during bidding war or be scared off by the high BIN. Perhaps if we collect enough data on enough slabs we may find a pattern for what is the typical criteria for certain CGC grades (keeping in mind that some defects are not discernible through the slab). Perhaps even be able to tell what slabs do appear to follow their own criteria, and which fall right on that dividing line between grades and can flip-flop between grades on each re-submission due to subjectivity and "lingering fart" syndrone. Very cool pic! When that little mob of hitmen comes knocking at someone's door, its best to just hand over the X-men 94 slab and not ask too many questions.
  11. Glad you're happy with the slab, Rupp! With regards to documenting the types and quantities of defects on different CGC grades in hopes of finding a pattern, that's something I have been trying to do for awhile now. Although my data is inaccurate since I am only seeing what's visible through the slab (I dont crack out the books, so I'm sure many flaws are escaping my notice). Still, I figured some data was better than none. After collecting data on about 60 slabs (10 9.2s, 15 9.4s, 30 9.6s, 5 9.8s), its still way too soon to distinguish any definite patterns, it would be better to have several hundred of each category for analysis. I have another 160 slabs to examine, I just need to summon the patience to resume that mind meltingly tedious duty. If you are going to start examining your slabs and comparing them, I'd be curious on your findings! Here is just one example from my spreadsheet, of one particular CGC 9.4 front cover - eight 1/16" spine stress lines (three break color) - four 1/8" spine stress lines - two 1/8" corner creases (one breaks color) back cover - five 1/16" spine stress lines - five 1/8" spine stress lines - two 1/4" spine stress lines - two 1/16" blunted corners
  12. Very nice! Claremont/Byrne + Phoenix =
  13. So where are you at now? 18 slabs of Xmen 94? Unless there is someone else out there that has more than that, I would imagine you have broken some kind of record. Does the registry have a category for most copies of the same issue? So once you achieve total control of X-94 market, how shall we expect your reign to be? Will you rule by fear or with a just hand?
  14. Sold another high grade X-men 94 slab to Bofidious LongRupp. Payment was received from Mr. LongRupp well before the agreed upon target date. Friendly and reliable, the Rupp is a real asset to this board!
  15. +1 and the #266! (thumbs u Agreed! Nice set of books there, Slym