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  1. How many graded magazines will fit in a box coming from CGC? I have a lot of mags that I want to send in, but would like to spread the shipping cost as best I can. Meaning, I'd like to have a full box come back to me from cgc. So if each box will hold 25 mags, then I'd like to send in at least that many. Or 50, or 75... you get the picture. Thanks in advance
  2. Power Man And Iron Fist #66 cgc 9.8 white pages $200
  3. Avengers Annual #10 cgc 9.8 white pages $590 (2 copies available)
  4. Avengers Annual #10 cgc 9.6 white pages $210 (2 copies available)
  5. For your consideration, I have a few CGC graded copies of Avengers Annual #10 that I am offering here I am going through some boxes and will most likely add other books to this thread If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer in a timely manner First "Takeit" gets the book. Here or in pm’s Shipping will be $15 to Canada and USA for as many as you buy Payments in US funds, and PayPal is preferred Back cover pics provided upon request No returns on graded books unless I made a mistake ** I have a kudos thread somewhere, but haven't been able to find it yet :P
  6. I have 17 stuffed long boxes of Charlton's, and 14 stuffed long boxes of Harvey's. I haven't paid much attention to them in years. Didn't really think there was a lot of demand. Mind you, mine are primarily from the 1970's, and most in high grade. Maybe it's time to dig into them
  7. I have 18 copies of Incredible Hulk #250. All of them are unread with white pages. I just pulled them out for the picture, but haven't graded them yet. They all look much better than VF though. What prices are you offering?
  8. I agree that Manitoba's climate helps retain those white pages. Every collector I knew growing up, kept their comics in the basement as I still do. When I look through my books now, I still can't help but smell the pages haha! Takes me back to when I was a kid buying them new from Comic World (Doug's store back in the day) He's a top notch dealer and person. Joe Krolik on the other hand, is not
  9. So how does GoCollect compare to GPA? I've been using GPA for years with no issues. As of now, I don't like the new format at all
  10. I sold 2 copies on ebay at $350 BIN with free shipping. I may have to list the next one a little higher