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  1. I bought these two Marvel Double Feature #5 and Marvel Super-Heroes #44 off the rack in 1974.
  2. There are Cons going on at the same time all over the country. WW cons are reaching a point where they aren’t even comic cons anymore. The WW Philly con last year hardly had any comic vendors.
  3. June 13th-16th Pennsylvania Convention Center1101 Arch Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
  4. August 23-25Pennsylvania Convention CenterPhiladelphia, PA
  5. Its weird that its an Wizard LA variant yet its graded for Wizard Philly con. You would think it would be a Philly variant rather than Los Angeles. Were they left overs from the Los Angeles con?
  6. If Wizard Cons come to an end. I’m real glad to see Keystone Cons started this year in Philly. Wizard was getting less and less comic vendors every year.
  7. Here's the full article I found on those stores. Plus a Comics for Collectors add I found also, and to my amazement it was drawn by Chuck Dixon.
  8. I recently found this article in The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper from 1976 about those Philly comic stores. Here a clip of it. I’ll post the rest of it tomorrow.
  9. Awesome thanks for the info. I remember they were a lot higher in price than FJs. But they were the better store at that time. Comic Investments sounds familiar as well. I’m from Delaware County so going into Philly was not a usual occurrence until I got a few years older to where I could take public transportation on my own. Record Rendezvous was a mess. But they always had new issues for sale at $.05 or $.10 cheaper than cover price. In order the pull in business away from Fat Jacks.
  10. Comics for Collectors was the first back issue comic store I ever went to. I was probably 10 or 11 years old. I remember the first back issue comic I purchased ever was there. It was an Avengers #45. It was a big deal for me it was like a few dollars and that was a lot for one book in those days. It was in a flimsy plastic bag. Then I was told about Fat Jacks around the corner. They were both open at the same time because I remember running between stores to check prices. Then all of a sudden C for C closed or moved. I have no idea what happened to them. I have searched for years on the Internet trying to find some information about that store. That’s how I found this thread with your post. The Pleasure Chest was downstairs only when Comics for Collectors was open. I wish I could get a picture or some more info on C for C. I think there was a write up on them in one of the Philadelphia newspapers in the 70s. I will try to search their archive. They have to be one of the first back issue comic stores ever to be open in Philadelphia.
  11. I’ve visited a friend in Boston in 1981 and went to the Million Year Picnic .
  12. I remember a place located near there called Comics for Collecters that pre-dated Fat Jacks. It was upstairs above the Pleasure Chest If I recall correctly. First Fat Jacks comic store I recall was the one around the corner on 20th Street. Before Mike moved the store right across 20th street to the corner shop that is now a pizza shop and then around the corner from Hoagie City now Shake Shack to it’s current location. There was also a little mom and pop record & comic store next to the Fat Jacks Sampson Street shop that always undersold Mike on new comics. Mike tried to get the Hoagie City/Shake shack corner spot but couldn’t for some reason.
  13. The Great Philadelphia Comic Con The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center 100 Station Avenue Oaks, PA 19456 Friday, April 22nd - 3PM to 8PM Saturday, April 23rd - 10AM to 7PM Sunday, April 24th - 10AM to 5PM