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  1. I purchased this 30"x19-ish" heavy cardstock jam from Anthony Snyder- I guess "Henry" didn't want it anymore . I figured out most of the signatures- All but 8 of them. The waving bear looks familiar, and the HTD sketch sig me. It appears the first name ends with an 'x' Click to enlarge, and I have the list of names in the spoiler window.
  2. Tim Vigil, Venom- 1992 Tim Vigil, Hulk vs The Thing- 2019 The Shadow, Howard Chaykin- 2015 The Shadow, Bill Sienkiewicz- 2019 2020 Warlord, Mike Grell 2017 Stan Sakai, Usagi 2019 Joel Adams, Boomhauer 2019 Tom Nguyen, Batman- 2019 Buzz, Vampirella 2019 Willie Ito, Self Caricature 2019 Fred Flintstone, Scott Shaw- 2020 Mar-Vell, Floyd Sumner 2018
  3. I believe a CBCS forum member wrote this, and iirc he got a lot of praise from people who wanted to try it out.
  4. This helped make sense of my encounter with Mark at SDCC '19 when, after one of his many panels, I asked him for a signature and he chuckled, "Which one? I know..." before signing a recognizable "Walt Disney," then scratching that out and signing his name.
  5. For big signings when the books were sent to JK to sign, it is said Roz signed some [most? All?] I've heard Mark Evanier has also done it. The only SA sigs I have from JK are on a stack of Xerox copies of all the FF #14 page stats. Mike Royer purchased them in 1969 (he can't recall from who) from someone who already had JK sign one of the pages. Soon after JK first contacted Mike about working for him, Mike had him inscribe another of the pages. His sig was quite different then, but has recognisable characteristics. Mike was going to sell them to someone a few years ago, but the guy never returned to finalize the transaction. Lucky for me
  6. I know CBCS considers the purple Sandman #1 a "variant" on their label- Does CGC? I hope the answer is 'no'.
  7. Or didn't want it to possibly come back with a Deadpool label.
  8. Maybe the seller means it wasn't included when he purchased the book.
  9. It does suggest to me he/she felt contempt for the transaction from the start, possibly not feeling the 'work' is worth the effort. Sure it must be a pain, but if you list dollar books then I'd think that would be a reasonable risk to accept. If sellers like this get an attitude that in any way is detectable by the customer, then they should set a minimum purchase amount to their listings for whatever dollar amount they feel deserves their maximum effort (and good luck).
  10. Let this thread serve as a PSA to forget eBay and use MCS directly
  11. I commented on your direct reply to MCS's Return Policy. MCS is hit with eBay fees, so you pay more by using eBay. Use MCS's site, and eBay fees are not a factor- You save money. Possibly even more.
  12. You're okay with the eBay fees plus missing out on possible discounts because you think MCS will "drag their feet" on a botched transaction every time you use them?