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  1. Thanks - Way more time than I probably should have! Luckily I had almost all of the images already selected/scanned/cropped/labeled from my work on the encyclopedia, so assembling them into this was more of a math problem than anything else.
  2. Spawn 222 was not an incentive cover. It as a randomly distributed cover limited to 400 copies.
  3. To celebrate Spawn #300, I put together a poster with images of every character (actually every proper noun) ever shown in the comic! This includes issues 1-299 and Spawn: Resurrection, as well as various spin-offs and one-shots. A full listing of every character/location/etc shown here can be found in the SpawnWorld encyclopedia (which I write). If you want to download the poster (or print it out) I suggest following this link for a higher resolution. (I posted this previously in the modern board but thought it might get more interest over here)
  4. They can publish the art without your permission, but they cannot publish your image of the art without your permission. But seeing as they have already, you would have to pursue them.
  5. The last Spawn newsstand edition was 137 from August 2004. http://spawnworld.com/books/newsstand.htm
  6. Spawn 299 had a 2nd printing, so that's probably what that number is.
  7. awesome, thanks for the post! Really looking forward to the museum opening
  8. Maybe this would be better suited in the Copper age board? I'm never sure where the consensus is on the cutoff
  9. As some of you know, I run the website spawnworld.com , in which I try to catalog every Spawn comic in the world (including the main series, mini-series, crossovers, cover appearances, etc..). In doing so, I also write a Spawn encyclopedia, which includes every proper-noun ever uttered in the comics. (currently there are only 20-30 entries that I have not written yet, out of over 1500). To celebrate the upcoming release of Spawn 300, I've used the encyclopedia to put together a poster featuring every character that has ever been pictured in the comics - all 1362 of them! Feel free to check out the poster, download it if you choose (it's free!), and peruse the site. You'll find links for the poster as the top item on the homepage. Enjoy!
  10. 1. Spawn 2. Cable / Nate / Nathan 3. Cyclops This was an interesting exercise...I really had no idea. I had to do a tally, and I never would have guessed that Cyclops would make the top 3 (or even the top 5).
  11. Yes, but only as a pinup. His first partial appearance was Spawn #33 (just seen as a pair of eyes in the background). His first full appearance was Spawn #37.
  12. Todd discusses it in the Spawn: Vault Edition Volume 1
  13. I voted, but had no idea you were referring specifically to your photos. I thought it was an in-general poll.
  14. McFarlane has said that the run is approximately 50/50 with splotches and without. So there should be no price difference.