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  1. The Batman & Robin image is actually from one of his sketchbooks from a few years ago. It was the front cover.
  2. Storytelling in modern Marvel & DC books is long overdue for a comeback.
  3. I actually like Frank Robbins on Invaders. He brought a nieve golden age feel to what was after all an homage to golden age books.
  4. Some artists are suited more to one genre than another. The example that springs to mind is Joe Kubert. On war or jungle books he is a master. On super-hero books he would be in my don't like list.
  5. I recently bought a large collection which included all of the Harris Cyberfrog books. I wasn't very familiar with these and threw them up on Ebay not expecting very much. Wow! there was a feeding frenzy and they went for very good money. I need to educate myself on 90's indies that's for sure.
  6. Absolutely correct. Anyone who thinks that this will be over by the summer clearly isn't paying attention. It's mid April now and we aren't even at the peak in the U.S. and most of western Europe. Without a vaccine, relaxed social distancing and 'going back to normal' will mean an inevitable second wave so we are in this for the long haul. I think two things are happening with comics at the moment; firstly, more people are at home and for maybe the first time in a long time they have an oppurtunity to actually go through their collections an re-focus on the hobby. Secondly, they may be prepared to spend some money on this newly re-discovered focus as a way of distracting from the horrible reality going on around them. Will it last as our economies continue to tank and unemployment continues to rise? I honestly don't know, but I doubt it.
  7. The wheels are... you know the rest.
  8. It's nearer to 1 1/2 Beatles, as in addition to Paul McCartney, (Peter) Lennon is also often there. And it is not unusual to also see the actual Mick Jones from The Clash & Big Audio Dynamite shuffling around the place as well.
  9. This thread is an absolute delight! Just seeing these things and having them discussed in a way that is all about the love of the thing rather than just it's monetary value is wonderful. Thanks for this thread and long may it continue!
  10. Bleeding Cool gets worse by the week. Rich Johnson has an ego the size of a planet.
  11. Stan Lee gave lots of respect to Kirby & Ditko, even going so far as to write an open letter crediting Ditko with co-creating Spidey.
  12. She should shut her big yap or people might start looking more closely at her role in Stan's sad decline.