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  1. Bleeding Cool gets worse by the week. Rich Johnson has an ego the size of a planet.
  2. Stan Lee gave lots of respect to Kirby & Ditko, even going so far as to write an open letter crediting Ditko with co-creating Spidey.
  3. She should shut her big yap or people might start looking more closely at her role in Stan's sad decline.
  4. I would like to see a compilation of every Greggy post since the beginning of this thread. Also, anyone who quotes a Greggy post in this thread should get a strike.
  5. But, should these be Captain America comics? I like Captain America comics. Which Captain America comics should I collect? Oakman, do you collect Captain America comics?
  6. Paul Cornell has bought from me on ebay from time to time. I've comped Dan Slott some Spidey books in the past, but the coolest would be the late George A. Romero buying a stack of Empire of the Dead #1's from me at a con. I gave him a good deal in return for a couple of signed copies. He and his wife were very pleasant and great to deal with.
  7. Such great books. The paperback versions always had terrible bindings which fell apart though.
  8. Back when I owned a share of an LCS we had a customer who was obsessed with ratio variants virtually to the point of addiction. He spent hundreds of £ every week on these books, so much in fact that we tried to get him to change his focus to vintage books and were brutally honest with him that realistically the modern variants he was buying would likely not hold their value long term compared to the silver and bronze books he could be buying instead. He wasn't interested and just kept right on buying the ratio variants. Several years on, I shudder to think how badly that investment has done for him. Some people you just can't help I guess.
  9. Although it's in London, 30th Century Comics has a great selection of British esoteric comics. I'm sure they'd have no problem doing mail order to the U.S.
  10. Ha! My boardname is a joint homage to Marvel's speedster and that venerable British comic.
  11. Wow. Thanks for bumping this as I hadn't seen the original posts. The pics in the OP sent a shiver down my spine. I can remember seeing a Comic Showcase ad in a Marvel UK book in the early 80's and not quite believing that such a thing as a shop selling only comics could possibly exist. I begged my mum to take me into London so I could go there. Eventually she relented and come the school holidays she took myself and my best friend into town. I had managed to scrape together the princely sum of £20 (a fortune to me then). Mum dropped us at the door, said she was going for a coffee over the road and would be back in half an hour or so. I can still remember the sensory overload as I walked in; the smell of old paper, the thousands of brightly coloured covers staring out at me - I was literally in heaven. But what to buy? my fortune now seemed woefully inadequate as I wanted, no needed everything in the shop. Unfortunately, I was seduced by the racks of recent imports as I had only ever obtained new comics from poorly stocked newsagent spinner racks or once or twice by mail order from companies such as Dangerous Visions, (great fun trying to get my dad to write a cheque made out in that name as I handed by pocket money over to him!). From memory I bought a huge stack of newly released Marvels. I did buy a Fantasy Masterpieces because it looked so ancient! Of course the half hour was over all too soon and we were off. I do remember there being an old man with a market traders cart around the corner from the shop which was half covered by old comics and half covered by soft porn mags (my pubescent mind literally exploded!) from whom I bought a Hulk Treasury edition for a few pence. A wonderful memory and I still have the Comic Showcase carrier bag with the Joker on it somewhere. Happy days...
  12. I saw a suggestion online a while back that said the name James Bond is a codename in the same way that 007 is a code number and is an alias for whichever agent has that number. This opens the role up to any male actor and I therfore suggest perhaps the coolest British actor of his generation; Idris Elba.
  13. Ok thanks. I'll pick a couple up and take it from there.