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  1. You're right, even the old Overstreet guidelines limited books with cutouts to 1.0.
  2. Yeah, you should out this guy. There's no way anyone in the hobby for more than a month or two would fail to inspect a book like this before selling it on eBay. I have missed stuff on books before but this stinks.
  3. I've pondered on this before. I think the major difference is that MCS doesn't have a qualified grade so if you take an otherwise 9.8 with MVS cut, cgc can give it a green 9.8 or you can request the universal grade. (I'm not sure that CGC has said the highest a book can get with a cut out is a .5 but I could be wrong. MCS doesn't have the qualified option so they grade the whole book. Traditionally, I believe the hobby allowed pieces cut in the 2.0 grade, so MCS is following the norms of the hobby. I have gotten some really nice GA books with pieces out from MCS for my PC at amazing prices.
  4. In general, the hobby has embraced 9.8 as the standard for high grade books. (The reason is nuanced, but basically for late silver to modern age books, this is the highest grade you can reasonably expect to receive. A trained hobbyist can recognize a 9.8 book but to accurately call a 9.9 and 10.0 takes a grader trained in CGC's methods.) This has caused demand for 9.8 books to increase. Not everyone desires to have their collection contain the highest grade possible, but those who do understand the difficulties and risks of submitting raw books in an effort to get a 9.8, and are willing to pay a premium for them. The CCG registry also provides incentive for collectors to seek 9.8's of key and non-key books. People competing on registry sets are very competitive and also willing to pay a premium for higher grade books. There has also been a bit of bootstrapping; for example in my personal collection. Generally, I don't really care if I have a 9.8 or a 9.6 or even a 9.4 in my PC, except I know that if I ever try to liquidate, the higher grade will generate a better return. So, if I am going through the effort and expense to fine a certain book and store it properly for several years, it is better to do that with a 9.8 because the odds are better that the returns will be higher if I ever need to liquidate.
  5. Plastic boxes suck to pick up and move as they have a tendency to dig into your hands and this compounds if you move a whole lot of boxes at once. I once bought a collection in plastic boxes and my helpers said it was the last show if I kept using plastic boxes. Through I guess they could have worn gloves.
  6. On the other end, about 2 years ago, a friend of mine bought a large copper/modern collection and started listing the books at BIN of $2.99. One book he listed sold within seconds and he called me to ask if I knew why it sold so fast. He said he decided to list the cartoonish books first since they have little value and he didn't feel like looking them up. The book was a pristine copy of Batman Adventures 12.
  7. There's nothing like a high grade copy you bought yourself off the rack! Congrats.
  8. What ever happened to the guy that thought he could spot 9.9's and guaranteed that he would have multiple 9.9's in each submission?
  9. When I was in junior high, I was big into sports cards. Unlike most kiddo's I bought vintage cards. I hoarded every OJ Simpson card I could buy because I had seen him in The Naked Gun. I sold them all around 1993 for less than I paid for them.
  10. If the book is intended to make a profit for the LCS, do flippers mind if the LSC pulls all copies except pull box orders and auctions them on eBay?
  11. I agree that the greatest error in judgement was posting this video on Facebook. What is the upside?
  12. The stroller with the abandoned children pretty much sums up the comic swap.