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  1. Mike's Rack

    Chicago comic shop to be given away

    That's probably why it's closing up.
  2. Mike's Rack

    Bagged comics...the funniest of ironies.

    The hole is pretty small...
  3. Mike's Rack

    Sales Tax on Signatures acquired at shows

    It will vary based on the municipality. Signatures are a service and some places tax services. Also, I have noticed ramped up enforcement at many cons. It's becoming more difficult to fly under the radar.
  4. Mike's Rack

    Anyone seen a creator be a jerk?

    A couple years ago, I was in the men's room on set up day at a con when I witnessed Neal Adams flush the urinal and walk out the door without washing his hands. Does that count?
  5. Mike's Rack

    GGA and PCH - 10% OFF

    I’ll take it.
  6. Mike's Rack

    One Book Only - Brenda Starr #14 CGC 6.0

    That looks really nice for a 6.0.
  7. Mike's Rack

    Hulk #1 turns out to be restored.

    Oh man, I even did a search.
  8. Mike's Rack

    Hulk #1 turns out to be restored.

    I haven't seen this discussed here yet: http://www.azfamily.com/story/38833679/hulk-fan-sees-green-over-vintage-comic-book?autostart=true
  9. Mike's Rack

    6th Annual Green Eggs Grading Contest Sign Up Thread

    Yeah, I'll get on on this fun too.
  10. Mike's Rack

    I did this panel at Phoenix Comicon...

    No video but we will do it again and I will try and record it.
  11. Mike's Rack

    I did this panel at Phoenix Comicon...

    We had a lot of fun. My friend Tommy does stand-up and improv so he is a riot. We started with the pre-code horror and Bill Gaines. We talked about how the code led to horror material moving to the magazines. We then went through the mags of the 60's and 70's with an emphasis on Warrens' big 3 and Eerie publications (since those are my favorite) ending with the fall of Warren in 1982. I inserted random "Wertham sightings" into the presentation where I would slip in a classic innuendo panel or cover (like the Batman leather thong or Joker's boners). Tommy would read those and the whole room would crack up.
  12. I don’t think “experts” is the right term but it was a blast! And we nearly packed the room.