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  1. Mike's Rack

    6th Annual Green Eggs Grading Contest Sign Up Thread

    Yeah, I'll get on on this fun too.
  2. Mike's Rack

    I did this panel at Phoenix Comicon...

    No video but we will do it again and I will try and record it.
  3. Mike's Rack

    I did this panel at Phoenix Comicon...

    We had a lot of fun. My friend Tommy does stand-up and improv so he is a riot. We started with the pre-code horror and Bill Gaines. We talked about how the code led to horror material moving to the magazines. We then went through the mags of the 60's and 70's with an emphasis on Warrens' big 3 and Eerie publications (since those are my favorite) ending with the fall of Warren in 1982. I inserted random "Wertham sightings" into the presentation where I would slip in a classic innuendo panel or cover (like the Batman leather thong or Joker's boners). Tommy would read those and the whole room would crack up.
  4. I don’t think “experts” is the right term but it was a blast! And we nearly packed the room.
  5. Mike's Rack

    Batman is Dead

  6. Mike's Rack

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Mom jokes never get old.
  7. Mike's Rack

    MCS Grading and My Experiences

    Me too. I've spent and consigned thousands through them. I've been pleasantly surprised far more times than I've been dissatisfied. There are a handful of smaller online dealers that are on my list for undergrading but most other online dealers are steaming piles of when it comes to grading. I can live with their quick pass grading on small value books.
  8. Mike's Rack

    Is this place deader than ever?

    For me, I came here less and less after the format change. It's psychological for me but I just can't get used to the new format. I'm trying to force myself to engage with the hope that it will become more comfortable, but I've had a tough time connecting on the new format.
  9. Mike's Rack

    Gen 13 #1 Foil Counterfeit?

    I picked it up last year at Wonder Con. I can't remember the name of the booth, but it was a father and son team that looked like they were extras in Braveheart. I couldn't wind a gold edition listed anywhere so I figured I'd roll the dice.
  10. Mike's Rack

    Gen 13 #1 Foil Counterfeit?

    So, I didn't see this thread before I submitted this. What do I have here?
  11. Mike's Rack

    Hope Summers - Hype or the Real thing? Deadpool2?

    That's the answer to your question.
  12. Mike's Rack

    What's up with X-Force #1?

    This has been similar to my experience as well, though I haven't gone through 3,000