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  1. Looking for coverless Marvel Mystery Comics 51...?
  2. True treasure trove - amazing Cold War ephemera! Thanks for sharing with the board.
  3. Sold by Metro/(?ComicConnect) a few years ago when “gijoed” put his dbl cvr collection on the market.
  4. Where are you located? I’d sell mine if you’re near NC.
  5. Dangerous Visions/Again Dangerous Visions. Got ‘em through the SciFi Book Club when I was 10. Life was never rhe same.
  6. Wow. Doesn’t get better than SSS6.
  7. Fixed that for you. Good luck with the sale of a fantastic book.
  8. At work now, can send this evening after 8 pm EST.
  9. I have a Canadian copy of the Skinny Bones cover, either a 5.0 or 5.5 (I forget which, but it is an old CGC blue label copy) if you'd be interested.
  10. I always liked the Kirby FF “original gangster” stories. Per your example, FF 91 in 9.4 would be a great book to pwn!?
  11. But wait, there are so many Red Goblin first appearances and variants... And just wait till he’s killed off and returns. It’s going to be HUUGE .
  12. Bowtie, half-Windsor, four-in-hand...can’t wait to see the invention.