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  1. Venom #6 1:1000 McFarlane Variant I can see why they are throwing McFarlane's name on these books but pulling random interior art and giving them a computerized makeover makes for an awful cover. The Tyler Kirkham cover looks much cooler.
  2. I love that the pilot is just creeping on their conversation
  3. Poor Robin...slapped, memory-wiped and stuck in the orphanage.
  4. Thanks everyone...all of this is greatly appreciated. I hope to get a good collection going in the new year once I go through all this info. The Gold forum is awesome.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion...I've added it to my Amazon order!
  6. That book looks like an excellent place to start! Thanks so much
  7. There's a couple of active threads about rare romance comics and Baker books but I couldn't find a general Romance topic. I tried the search but it only came up with those topics. If I missed one please point me in that direction and I will delete this. Can anyone give me some recommendations on some romance runs that won't break the bank. I'm not looking for slabbed books but books I can actually read. I've ran across some banged up readers at the local flea market and really enjoyed them and I would like to read more. There's so many titles and I really don't know the best place to begin. Thanks for any and all help
  8. That Soul Saga cover always cracked me up because of the lower half of the female's body...not sure what's going on there
  9. Alpha Books in Fort Smith, Arkansas They sold new and back issue comics as well as general books/magazines from the early 1900s on up. They rarely had "wall books" but he had an X-Men 94 in the glass counter by the cash register for months. I would drool at it every week when I got my box of comics. Looking back his prices were outrageously high for back issues but me and my friends happily bought them up because it was the only place in town. The owner died back in the mid-90s and the place closed up.
  10. I love that the comic shop owner got his face on the cover He called that his "O" face
  11. Yeah the cover is just a rehash of a panel Todd did...apparently he isn't thrilled with Marvel using that recolored early line work of his and using his name to sell it. Though he really doesn't have a lot of say in the matter I suppose.