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  1. Thanks Joel, Book is all yours. Thread closed, remaining books off to Ebay.
  2. Will leave these up till tomorrow and after that they are gone to eBay!
  3. Forgive the flash, not with my scanner. There we go folks, enjoy!
  4. Amazing Spider-man #692 1970s Variant The Red Cover, with Gwen. Certainly the best of the #692 variants $115
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 Retailer incentive Edition Kevin Eastman Color Version $419 This is a hard book to find in 9.8 anymore, and one of the cooler covers ( IMHO ) of the new IDW run. Last sale on GPA was 500 in Feb, Only 1 listed on eBay at $500.
  6. Suicide Squad #1 CGC 9.8 $300 With the new movie coming out, I should probably hang onto this book. It will likely do nothing but go up.
  7. Hey folks 3 books for sale. Quick 48 hour listing before they go to Ebay at a higher price. No problem buyers. Prices are firm. Payment through paypal, books in hand to ship now. Shipping is $12.00, priority flat rate. Will upload pictures later on today in a few hours when I get back in.
  8. I have color and black and white in hand. Black and white are $30, and I have 10.
  9. You got it, two done. I am traveling down to Sacramento right now. Everyone just go ahead and post and quantity and I will send invoices when I get back. If I go through more than 20 I will have to see if I can get more, but keep posting the and I will honor extras in the order they come in.
  10. The Walking Dead #1 Wizard World Sacramento 2015 Variant Paolo Rivera Cover Art $25 Lets say right now I can get a quantity of 20. Books should be 9.6 - 9.4 - Hopefully 9.8 range. I won't take anything less than 9.4 out of my prescreen.
  11. Hey folks, I have been talked into going to Sacramento to help out with some things this year. Since I am going I thought I would offer some books as well. Not sure how many people know this, but Wizard allows dealers to buy the book directly from them. It's not cheap [ $20 per book ] and you have to buy in decent bulk. A few dealers I know and myself are buying a box and splitting it up. Unlike people folding them in their back pockets or Volunteers shoving them in bags, my copies will come straight from the box and should be high grade as I will be prescreening them before anyone else. I could probably CGC a few copies as well, both Universal and SS. If anyone would like one let me know and we can work something out. No HOS members. No problem buyers. Shipping in the US is $5, I ship in a comic box. Shipping outside the US at my exact cost. EDIT - This is for Color, not Black and White.
  12. Coming back from the dead to post in this thread. Lloyd, that is awesome! Kinsley is such a monster grab and Shipper did a great job! You should be really proud of how that turned out, I know you have been working on it for awhile.
  13. Thread closed. Book now relisted on Ebay.
  14. Sold a OA to Mike, went fantastic!