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  1. Gemma, Would like to expand the Tribe set to include: Tribe Ashcan (White) Tribe Ashcan (Blue) Tribe Ashcan (Purple) I just received one of each back from CGC today. White Edition # 0294329026 Blue Edition # 0294329024 Purple Edition # 0294320028 Thank you
  2. Gemma, Please create two new sets: 1. I Love Trouble 1, 1(2nd) - 6, 2012, Image Comics 2. Space Riders 1 - 4, 2015, Black Mask Comics Thank you, Tom
  3. Hi Gemma, Please expand the set below. This comic has been graded and shipped and should appear on the census with the next update: Chaos! Quarterly #3 Thank you!
  4. Black Cat Mystery #50. Any copy! Maybe one day...
  5. Hi Gemma, There are now two issues graded in the registry. I also, have all the other issues listed and ready to send off for grading. Tribe (1993 Image Comics) #1 Tribe #1 Ivory Variant Tribe #1 Ashcan (Blue) Tribe #1 Ashcan (Purple) Tribe #1 Ashcan (White) Tribe #2 Tribe #2 Variant Tribe #3 Tribe #0 Thank you, Tom
  6. Look for: Solo Avengers series Hawkeye mini (1983) West Coast Avengers series Incredible Hulk 321 Marvel Saga 15 Captain America 316 Iron Man Annual 7 Iron Man 193 Avengers spotlight has a few, 21 and 25 are really nice Marvel Comics Presents Hawkeye 1988 Marvel Fanfare 39 I am sure there are more, but that should get you started. Good luck!
  7. Hi Gemma, Set: Annialation: Conquest Issues: 2,3,4, and 5 Thank you!