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  1. Hi, I'd like to request a new set covering all the Centaur Little Giant Books. Little Giant Comics #1 - 4, Little Giant Detective Funnies #1 and #4 (only those 2 issues exist), and finally Little Giant Movie Funnies #1 and #2. Thanks!! I named the set "Little Giant Books (Complete)"
  2. Hi, Please add the following ... Set: Funny Picture Stories / Comic Pages (Centaur) Missing Book: Funny Picture Stories #V2 #11 11/38
  3. Hi Requesting EC Dandy Comics (#1 - #7) be added as a new set. Thanks!
  4. Requesting a "Phantom Lady - Golden Age Complete" composite set consisting of all Phantom Lady Golden Age appearances Quality Comics: Police Comics # 1 - 23 Feature Comics # 69 - 71 Fox Publications: Phantom Lady #13 - 23 All Top Comics #8 - 17 Ajax / Farrell: Phantom Lady #1 - 4 Wonder Boy #17, 18
  5. A humble opinion from someone who has been collecting comics for 40+ years. Don't use anything but Mylar for any of your comics regardless of current value ... Time marches relentlessly on. Today's $5 book is tomorrow's $50+ book. If you hold your books for a while either planned or unplanned you shouldn't need to worry about rebagging. Mylar thickness and backer board work together for protection rigidity (a Mylar 2 and a full back seems to be a sweet spot). Finally there is financial means. Mylites + half backs stored appropriately are perfectly fine. The vast majority of my non-graded collection is in mylites + half backs. Personally if Mylites+ existed when doing that bagging / boarding effort, that's what I would have chosen. But I'm OK with what I have. My high value non graded books are in 4 mil and half backs (plus micro sheets) for the extra rigidity / page quality protection. I have felt the 4mil gives enough rigidity to not need a full back with that particular bag / board combo.
  6. I don't really agree that the majority of GPA results are from eBay. Heritage Auctions and Metropolis (including Comic Connect) both contribute to GPA. It is these auctions, not eBay, that provide the valuable hard to find book data. Only wish Comic Link contributed then it would be a "no brainer" to subscribe to GPA.
  7. Ed, #1 #2 This is seriously entertaining. I have delayed watching some shows catching up on this thread and have been totally enthralled. Highly anticipating the next episode. Please continue to the end! #3 It is extremely educational. Have you considered teaching?