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  1. BeerThirty

    Anyone facilitating for Big Wow?

    Scott gets mess done. Send your books to him!
  2. BeerThirty

    Image Expo 2015

    I think that these variants are going to be tricky. From what I understand, they reduced the print runs to about 500 and they held the 1 per customer limit much longer this year than last. If you wanted to buy in quantity, you would have needed to stay in line most of the day buying sets of 1. I think that they lifted limits later in the day, but I don't know what they had left when they did. I know a couple of people who were able to get multiple copies of books, but it wasn't until later in the day and it certainly wasn't what I consider in bulk. Personally, I didn't buy any variants this year. Witnessing takes time. It was a fun show. Lots of super cool peops.
  3. BeerThirty

    Image Expo 2015

    Just working. Decided to work at a start up, so things be crazy. Barely time to read. How are you? I'm good; got promoted at work a few weeks ago, so have more work and keep pretty busy between that and married life. Life is good. :-)
  4. BeerThirty

    Image Expo 2015

    Just working. Decided to work at a start up, so things be crazy. Barely time to read. How are you?
  5. BeerThirty

    Image Expo 2015

    for everyone. Or only the "in " kids. for the past 2 Image Expos, Joel Elad and I have provided witnessing services to anyone in attendance, provided that they follow some simple rules. As far as I know, we will both be doing so again this year. You could argue that this is one of the easiest events to get your books CGC'd at because Image has generally put us in a spot where it's very easy for us to witness everything as it happens (i.e. there's a witness at every signing). We aren't sure what the layout is this year, but we expect to be able to provide this service to everyone again this year. I imagine that Joel will post something soon. BIG NOTE: WE WILL NOT BE DOING ANY CGC WITNESSING FOR MCFARLAIN. HE HAS HIS OWN THING GOING ON. YOU CAN GET YOUR TODD BOOKS DONE USING THE SERVICES ESTABLISHED FOR HIS SIGNINGS. Unlike the previous 2 years, I will NOT be running sales threads for CGC or raw books. I don't have the bandwidth these days to ship books to customers as timely as I expect of myself. There have always been multiple sales threads for this event, so someone will likely be around to take care of you. Hope that this is helpful. Ryan
  6. Awesome set! Well done!