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  1. As I recall last year they had a CGC rep waiting right after people had things signed by Jim Lee. But no dedicated booth. I would not be shocked to see that for Eastman.
  2. It is my current understanding that two people bought the bulk of these left over blanks. Bob Budiansky and myself. The last time I saw Bob was at TFCon and he was doing sketch commissions on them. I have no idea how many he has left. I have several blank ones left, but they they have smudges on them which I believe are the result of the printing or shipping process that IDW Publishing went with. In most cases a good artist can cover up the blemish with their art. If you do not hear back from Chuck feel free to message me privately. Maybe we can work something out.
  3. You know how the glow-in-the-dark gimmick was accomplished?
  4. I have not heard this. Only 100 more appearances and then what? It's really hard to believe on face value but I do know that Lee is wealthy as a result of things from outside his comic book work. So he doesn't need to do this. Still, I haven't heard the 100 more appearances thing before. I would love for you to take a minute and elaborate on this for me. I attended both days with my 4-year-old daughter. I could never take my daughter to Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC). Not yet anyway. There aren't any bouncy castles and things for her to blow off energy as they had available to us at Summer Con. I have attended ECCC for years and my local Bellingham Comic Con. Compared to ECCC, Summer Con was a breath of fresh Air. I saw a lot of the same comic book vendors (and some new ones), but they were not charging as much for key issues as they do at ECCC. If I had known that going in I would have set myself up to upgrade some key issues I have. But I was easily able to get through boxes of comics on both days. I close some gaps in my PUNISHER and Sleepwalker runs I am putting together. That alone was worth the drive and the cost of admission for me. I collected Jim Shooters autograph and Jim Lee's on one book each. I will say again that as a person who bought silver passes for Lee, I found it to be disorganized. They just were not prepared for people wanting to get in line as early as they did.
  5. TRANSFORMERS REGENERATION ONE #100 SIGNED COMIC This is the current result of just wanting to collect signatures on a comic book of anyone associated with G1. COVER ======= 1. PAUL DAVIDS (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - Writer on the Transformers Generation 1 cartoon. 2. SAMANTHA NEWARK (MARCH 2019 Emerald City Comic Con)) - The voice of "Ariel" and "Elise Presser" in the original Transformers Generation 1 cartoon. 3. FLINT DILLE (OCTOBER 2018 TFcon Chicago) - Writer and story editor who wrote episodes for numerous Sunbow Productions in the 1980s, including G.I. Joe, Inhumanoids, Visionaries, and The Transformers. As a story editor on the original Transformers cartoon, he was responsible for approving and supervising the writing of scripts, as well as maintaining continuity, and developing the origin of the Transformers. 4. ARLENE BANAS (OCTOBER 2018 TFcon Chicago) - The voice of Carly Witwicky on Transformers Generation 1. 5. CLIVE REVILL (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The voice of Kickback on Transformers Generation 1. 6. STEPHEN KEENER (OCTOBER 2018 TFcon Chicago) - The voices of Fortress Maximus, Hardhead, Hun-Grrr, Mindwipe, Scattershot, and Scorponok on Transformers Generation 1. 7. DANNY MANN (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The voices of Cloudraker, Freeway, Lightspeed, and Spoilsport from Transformers Generation 1. 8. MICHAEL BELL (JULY 2017 TFcon TORONTO) - The voices of Prowl, Sideswipe, Bombshell, Brainstorm, First Aid, Scrapper, and Swoop in Transformers Generation 1. 9. GEOFF SENIOR (DECEMBER 2014) - A comic book artist who worked on both the original Marvel UK and US Transformers comic books and was made secondary artist for Marvel Comics' Generation 2 comics, starting with issue #10. Senior also worked on Transformers: Regeneration One from IDW Publishing. 10. CASEY W. COLLER (DECEMBER 2014) - A comic book artist on Transformers: Regeneration One. 11. GREGG BERGER (OCTOBER 2016 TFcon Chicago)- The voices of Grimlock, Skyfire, Long Haul, and Outback in the Transformers Generation 1 cartoon. 12. STEPHEN BASKERVILLE (DECEMBER 2014) - A comic book artist who worked on Transformers G1 UK, Transformers: Generation 2, and Transformers: Regeneration One. 13. SIMON FURMAN (DECEMBER 2014) - A comic book writer for Transformers Generation 1 UK, Transformers Generation 1 US, Transformers: Regeneration One. 14. JOHN-PAUL BOVE (DECEMBER 2014) - A comic book colourist on Transformers: Regeneration One. 15. JOSé DELBO (DECEMBER 2014) - A comic book artist for Transformers Generation 1. 16. JACK ANGLE (SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 TFcon DC) - The voices of Astrotrain, Breakdown, Cyclonus, Omega Supreme, Ramjet, Smokescreen, and Ultra Magnus in Transformers Generation 1. 17. BOB BUDIANSKY (DECEMBER 2014) - Comic book writer on Transformers G1. 18. GUIDO GUIDI (DECEMBER 2014) - Comic book artist on Transformers: Regeneration One. 19. LEE SULIVAN (DECEMBER 2014) - A comic book artist on Transformers Generation 1 UK. 20. NICK ROCHE (DECEMBER 2014) - Comic book artist on Transformers: Regeneration One. 21. JASON CARDY (DECEMBER 2014) - Comic book colourist on Transformers: Regeneration One. 22. NEIL ROSS (SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 TFcon DC) - The voices of Bonecrusher, Hook, Sixshot, Slag, Pointblank, and Springer in Transformers Generation 1. 23. ANDREW WILDMAN (DECEMBER 2014) - Comic book artist on Transformers G1 UK, G1 USA, Regeneration One. 24. PETER CULLEN (JULY 2015 TFcon TORONTO) - The voices of Optimus Prime, Ironhide Streetwise, Nightstick, Slugslinger, and Wingspan on Transformers G1. 25. FRANK WELKER (JULY 2016 TFcon TORONTO) - The voices of Megatron, and a ton of others on Transformers G1. 26. DAN GILVEZAN (JULY 2016 TFcon TORONTO) - The voice of Bumblebee. 27. JIM LEE (June 2019 Washington State Summer Con in Puyallup.) Jim Lee did the covers for Marvel US issue #53 and #67. PAGE ONE ======== 28. VINCE DiCOLA (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - wrote the musical score for The Transformers: The Movie 29. BRCYE MALEK (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - Writer and story editor on Transformers Generation 1 cartoon. 30. MORGAN LOFTING (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The voice of Moonracer and Firestar from G1. 31. DAVID WISE (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - Writer for G1 cartoon. 32. DONALD F. GULT (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - Writer for Transformers G1 cartoon series. 33. ARTHUR BURGHARDT (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The voice of Devastator from G1 series. 34. ALAN OPPENHEIMER (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The voices of Warpath, Beachcomber, Breakdown, and Seaspray in Transformers Generation 1. 35. RON FRIEDMAN (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - Writer for Transformers the 1986 Animated movie. 36. JERRY HOUSER (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The voices of Junkyard, Sandstorm, and Sweep from the G1 cartoon. 37. MICHAEL HORTON (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The voice of Chip Chase in Transformers Generation 1 cartoon. 38. LAURIE FASO (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The Voices of Divebomb, Orion Pax, Rampage, and Skydive in Transformers Generation 1. 39. PAUL EIDING (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The voices of Perceptor and Quintesson from G1 cartoon. 40. MARLENE ARAGON (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The voice of Elita One from Transformers G1 cartoon. 41. DOUGLAS BOOTH (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The writer on The Transformers Generation 1 cartoon. PAGE TWO ======== 42. JIM SORENSON (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - Co-writer of the AllSpark Almanacs and The Ark books. 43. BILL FOSTER (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - Co-writers of the AllSpark Almanacs and The Ark books. 44. DAVID MENDENHALL (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The voice of Daniel Witwicky in Transformers The Movie as well as Generation 1 season 3 and 4 where he later became the headmaster component for Arcee. PAGE THREE ========== 45. MICHEAL CHARLES HILL (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - Writer on The Transformers Generation 1 Cartoon. 46. ALAN OPPENHEIMER (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The voices of Warpath, Beachcomber, Breakdown, and Seaspray in Transformers Generation 1. 47. BILL RATNER (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The voice of Flint on the G1 episode: The Killing Jar. 48. PETER RENADAY (MARCH 2019 TFcon Burbank) - The voice of Grapple from Transformers G1 cartoon. 49. JIM SHOOTER (June 2019 Washington State Summer Con in Puyallup.) Jim Shooter Shooter wrote the initial six-page treatment for The Transformers.
  6. In generally I really did enjoy this con. I was able to also close up gaps in books and runs I am going after. Which is great. I would do this con again. It was the first con I brought my daughter to. She was four. I had talked to her a lot about the con before we went. Talking about the things Daddy wanted to do and the things she would be able to but she had to be good and help me out. Which she did. And then she totally enjoyed all the bouncy castles and face paintings. I guess I saw some stuff I wasn't too thrilled with personally. Perhaps those of you who have more experience then I can shed some light on the things I saw that I was not thrilled with. I collected two signatures from this con. Jim Shooter's and Jim Lee's. I collected Shooter's early Saturday and had the option to get a cert of authenticity. Sunday, I had the cheep pass for a Jim Lee autograph. The event/staff were not prepared for the number of us waiting and waiting to wait for his autograph. They were very much eager to sell us additional autographs. They offered no cert of authenticity at all. For me, this was the first time I paid for a big name like Lee's. It was interesting to me how they handled books so that the only person who touched them where you and the end of Lee's Sharpie. Then you could go right to the CGC table to have your item mailed off or go next to the CGC table to be given a moment to properly put your comic away. The experience was pretty damn fast and I had one question I would have loved to ask Lee. He was polite and kind, but it was a line of motion to get in and get out. Later I walked by Shooter's booth again and asked his handler what happened to all of the certs here I saw the day before. "We ran out and no place in town was open where we could print off more."
  7. What is your take on Mr. Lashley? I am used to artists having all kinds of different pricing schemes, but his was pretty nondescript. As I recall from ECCC, "You will get what you pay for. You want a $50 commission you'll get a $50 dollar commission. You want a $1,000 commission you'll get a $1000 commission." Out of all the artists I have worked with his was the most..... Freeform? Perhaps it also had to do with the fact I didn't have a solid idea when I met him. I don't know.
  8. Story Time. At Emerald City Comic Con last March, I asked Brian Shearer work on a second sketch cover for me. I had brought some invisible ink in a couple of fountain pens with different sized nibs. I asked Mr. Shearer if he would not mind using the pens to draw the Autobot Mirage invisible since that is one of that character's abilities. From what I know this has not been done on a sketch cover before. Mr. Shearer took the job, and my black light, to work on the piece. He put in background with blank ink for extra effect. Mirage only shows up under blank light which is incredibly difficult to photograph.
  9. Brian Shearer from Emerald City Comic Con 2019 An homage G.I. Joe #139 Transformers Generation 2. Optimus Prime and Hawk on a G.I. Joe Blank.
  10. I am looking to buy THRILLING ADVENTURES IN STAMPS COMICS issue 8 (seen above) to complete my run. Condition is not a concern. Beatup or beautiful I am interested.
  11. Look for "vs" images you really like and that Mr. Frenz and homage. Doesn't have to be in comic books. Hell, even Mortal Kombat video games can give you some great vs poses. Find the one you like and send it to him along with a note saying you would like to replace character A with Thor and character B with Superman. I have found that you cannot give an artist to much information in an e-mail commission request.
  12. Brendan Cahill from Emerald city comic con last March.
  13. I think he was drawing from memory.
  14. Ant-Man and G1 Transformers Megatron in alt-mode sketch cover by Randy Emberlin. I commissioned this piece at the Bellingham Comic Con and picked it up from him at Emerald City last March.
  15. Issue 2 can't come out fast enough for me. Even if the PUNISHER isn't in the next issue, the anticipation of whatever he is going to do in retaliation to this cult will be epic.
  16. Was anyone else gutted by the end of Savage Avengers issue 1 like I was? Those guys better watch out. They F'd with the wrong man.
  17. You have a couple of Transformers Books I would love to get my hands on. If only I were rich AF.
  18. Picked this up from Casey Coller at TFCon.
  19. Due to conflicting conventions schedules only got to enjoy ECCC for Thursday and Friday. The virtual queue for CGC was vaporware. I signed up to get in line and was told that there was maybe one person ahead of me and I could expect a text in five minutes to come to do my thing. After thirty minutes I went upstairs and stopped at the CGC booth. It was up there that I just walked up with my comic, had the CGC folks witness my signature and then took it downstairs "bagged and sealed" where they took my comic and my money. This was Thursday and the con was not busy and the cgc booth was not busy.