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  1. For sure man. I wasn't planning on going myself, but with the guest list they've recently announced and the fact that they aren't close to finishing announcing guests it looks like I'll be cutting my ECCC trip in half to go to TFCon L.A..
  2. I've been out of town at TFCon in Chicago. When I came back home I had a bunch of books waiting for me to pick up from my local comic book store. So here is my stack of book I have picked up since my last vid.
  3. The next TFCon (Transformers Convention) is happening in L.A. in March. I've seen them at TFCons. As for the grade you're looking for... That's a big ask my friend. When I see these 3 packs at conventions they will have ton's of Transformers then another convention they won't have any 3 packs of any series.
  4. Thank you @ADAMANTIUM I hid one. Looks like you (or someone) got the other duplicates. Again, my sincere apologies.
  5. Forgive me, everyone. My browser freaked out and now I have posted the same thing several times. Trying to figure out how to delete them. UPDATE: Well searching around the boards here seems like people have been asking how to delete posts but the option isn't available to us mere mortals. My sincere apologies. I'll keep looking into this but it doesn't look good.
  6. I've added three new signatures to this guy last week at TFCon. I now have 22 signatures collected on this Transformers: Generations One issue 100 cover. 1. Guido Guidi - Comic Book Artist. 2. Michael Bell - G1 voice actor of Prowl, bombshell, Brainstorm, First Aid, Sideswipe, and many more. 3. Dan Gilvezan - G1 voice actor of Bumblebee. 4. Frank Welker - G1 Voice actor of Megatron, Soundwave, Mirage, Sludge, Trailbreaker, Wheelie, Skywarp, and many, many, many more. 5. Peter Cullen - G1 voice actor of Optimus Prime, Ironhide. 6. José Delbo - Comic Artist. 7. Geoff Senior - Comic Artist. 8. Andrew Wildman - Comic Artist. 9. Casey W. Coller - Comic Artist. 10. Stephen Baskerville - Comic Inker. 11. Bob Budiansky - Comic writer & artist. 12. Nick Roche - Comic writer and artist. 13. Lee Sullivan - Comic Artist. 14. Jason Cardy - Comic Colourist. 15. Simon Furman - Comic writer. 16. John-Paul Bove - Comic colourist. 17. Gregg Burger - G1 voice actor of Grimlock. 18. Neil Ross - The Voice of voices of Bonecrusher, Hook, Sixshot, Slag and Springer in Transformers Generation 1 19. Jack Angle - The voice of Astrotrain, Breakdown, Cyclonus, Omega Supreme, Ramjet, Smokescreen and Ultra Magnus in the Transformers Generation 1 cartoon 20. Stephen Keener - The Voice of Fortress Maximus, Hardhead, Hun-Grrr. Mindwipe, Scattershot and Scorponok in the Transformers Generation 1 cartoon. 21. Arlene Banas - The voice of Carly Witwicky in Transformers Generation 1. 22. Flint Dille - A writer and story editor who wrote episodes for numerous Sunbow Productions in the 1980s, including G.I. Joe, Inhumanoids, Visionaries, and The Transformers. As a story editor on the original Transformers cartoon, he was responsible for approving and supervising the writing of scripts, as well as maintaining continuity, and developing the origin of the Transformers.
  7. I'm not crying. You're crying. Shut up! Honestly man, congrats!
  8. They are called "THE COMICS PLACE" located in Bellingham, Washington. Here is their contact page. Good luck to you. I dropped off my g1 and g2 extra books. Currently working through all the extras I have from Dream Wave and IDW still if you have an interest. and keep me posted. I would love to know my books found a good home.
  9. I wish this post had gone up sooner. I just took all my duplicates of G2 to my comic book store.
  10. This is an original character I asked Transformers comic book artist, Alex Milne to do for me at TFCon Chicago last weekend. A TESLA Semi as a G1 Autobot named Packer.
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  12. Here is my video showing clips from the Bellingham Comic Con right after the intro.
  13. Yeah. The dining tablespace has been a thing the last couple of years I've attended.
  14. Don't know if anyone is still following this thread... But.... Today was the Bellingham Con and I had a really good time. Roger Sweet was the kindest and nicest celebrity I've ever met. I'm going to be putting together some of the video I got from this convention and sharing it here once I have it compiled and rendered.
  15. I'm going to this con as well. I'm a big fan of sketch cover commissions.
  16. You gotta love artists who are cool like this. You can tell they are fans just like us.
  17. You gotta love artists who are cool like this. You can tell they are fans just like us.
  18. I got my 4 day passes. Looking forward to the show.
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  23. Today my replacement copies for the blank variant of PUNISHER #1 came in from Midtown Comics. And just like my first order, they are suffering cover damage. So now I'm coming here. Does anyone have any of the blank variants I could buy from them that are in great condition? Send me a privet message to work out the details.
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