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  1. Any CGC facilitators attending Comic Con Revolution? The con will be from May 18th through May 19th in Ontario, CA. Please let me know as I'll be attending and would love to get some items witnessed. Thanks so much!
  2. Forgot to add my link... One set of auctions are ending today at 11AM PST...
  3. I have some auctions coming up today (12/10) at 11AM PST and some ending tomorrow (12/11) at 11AM PST. I have some some JSC books and a couple Hughes' items ending tomorrow. And some JSC books a Momoa signed Aquaman all CGC 9.8s starting tomorrow morning.
  4. I have a number of Stan Lee sigs that are CGC'd on books that he didn't write, but those books are synonymous with his name. For example, I have a number of Copper & Modern Amazing Spider-Mans that he signed for me, because when you think Spider-Man, you think Stan Lee. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this. And it's true for me. Growing up in the 80s/90s, when I heard Stan Lee, I immediately thought Marvel and vice versa. So, maybe this is a generational thing? As for some of the other Stan Lee signed books, I am guilty of getting a "non-Stan" book signed (using non-Stan in quotes since I still think Marvel and Stan are one in the same, please don't hate me). For example, I do have an Edge of Spider-Verse #2 signed by Stan. I did it because he helped create/write Gwen Stacy even though he had no hand in creating this particular version of that character, Spider-Gwen. I know it may not make sense to others, but it does to me, and that's the whole point of collecting. You collect/get what you like. Now as far as holding or selling, at this point, I'm a hold. I plan on holding for awhile as I'm not in a hurry to sell those books at this time, but if I need the cash, I may. Again, you should do what you want based on need. Other have pointed this out in this thread as well.
  5. Sounds good. Please keep me up to date. Would love to own an Artgerm piece.
  6. Spider-Gwen for me! When's that one going on sale?
  7. Can you also add Ghost-Spider as well since they're changing Spider-Gwen's character to that. Might see a little uptick.
  8. Just received this from Dscott and his team...
  9. Not a sketch cover but wanted to share this beauty from Mirka Andolfo...
  10. Not a fan of these "variants of variants".... I own both copies in their original "form"... Don't understand why'd they do this?! It just seems wrong...