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  1. As y'all said... no NYCC Something interesting is coming out of this though and that is something that might have put a knife in the back of cons all together. I have already mentioned how Disney, Hasbro, and other properties had been developing their own cons in previous years which eliminated the big spending necessary to have a presence at SDCC. With the 'rona' raging... companies like Hasbro have become innovative and hosted their own daily cons once a week using Facebook and other streaming sites to have a presence and to showcase new product. Because cons have not been available fans have become used to this the companies are capitalizing on it. When Hasbro started doing this it was a 'fan friday' event... now it seems that each product line is getting a day during the week to drop an announcement for new product. It's become a successful model. Hasbro pulled away from NYCC years ago and instead of renting floor space they rent a suite at a local hotel or some place else to announce new product. They were generating the same interest off site from the main showroom. The facebook streaming has probably launched them into new business models and some that others may adopt moving forward rather than commit themselves to cons.
  2. I don't think it's going to go anywhere because if there was a market for it, someone will pick up the license to distribute or make their own.
  3. I wince in agony knowing you hang a $150 statue by a chain.
  4. yes... I wondered the same thing when it showed up... I've been looking for a Marvel GI Joe Baroness page... so when I follow the links from my saved searches... let's just say a lot of 'fan' art shows up... so that might have influenced that. When I click on something to do with comics... this is what comes up. and when I click on Lego... from when I was pricing something out...|parentrq%3Ade7588851730a9cb2cf4982cffffc462|iid%3A1 But whenever I look at original art... I've had a lot of that lately from looking for a Baroness page. Umm scroll down and you will see what I mean
  5. I have two statues... I have a mini Bowen Spider-man statue... and I have the Fleicher Superman design below Batman. Neither are on display. The closest I have come to buying another statue is that McFarlane Batman Black and White 100th Statue. That thing is incredible.
  6. This one says it goes back to 2014... I feel it has been floating around for a bit longer. However... a lot of people have made offers for it. It's the Superman 1-10 set.
  7. It happens from time to time. Walk away and go back to it later. Also, for some reason the age old trick of exiting, signing out, close out the browser and try again sometimes works. Last month I printed postage and it charge me for five of the same postage transactions. That was immediately fixed before I even realized it.
  8. Yeah, the DC Direct will probably go the way that I said but now licensed through Hasbro or Mattel itself. McFarlane already has already had the license to do DC figures for the past year, perhaps they do some higher end stuff with him to see what happens after the success of the Spawn title. I still say we are ten years away from going all digital and then collecting digital arcs or 10 issue runs into TPB's. Producing monthly floppies is going to eventually outlast business sense.
  9. I think it was a Spider-man 2 believe it or not. I remember buying it from Pacific Comic Exchange. It was originally an old label 3.0 and it was one of the last books I needed to complete my original ASM run. I still have it and after a press and resubmit it came back a 5.0.
  10. I wonder if I could use the local cable provider login ID to access something like that as I do with HBO Max. That would be absolutely delightful.
  11. First I want to publicly thank @Lightning55 for answering the PM questions I had. His answers made sense and were more informative than that which I had received from eBay itself with similar inquiries as to how the whole process works. @masterlogan2000 I have to admit though that I have never felt the desire to jump through the hoops to make that little bit more back. I remember that angst that RMA used to talk about in trying to maintain it. Also, as I am not just selling comics I have always felt the negation of the free return policy weeds out a lot of the 'use it and return it' crowd. I have had people overtly tell me on one account that they wanted to wear something like a bracelet or a watch and see how it went for the night to decide if they wanted to keep it. Uh... no... It has its when you want to sell some things but fails in all aspects with certain others.
  12. I had the reverse where I sent a Hulk 181 PGX 6.5 to Joe to press and it came back a 9.0 from CGC. That was a pleasant surprise. I thought it was better than a 6.5 when I bought it but never knew it was that much better.
  13. Looks more like a consolidation for cost cutting measures rather than doom and gloom for DC as a whole. Best example is the shuttering of the DC Universe Streaming division? HBO Max can handle that. As far as DC Direct... it might be better to shut it down and dream it all up again. Hasbro adopted it's model based off MattyCollector and has run wile with it. It looks like DC is seeing the opportunities out there to limit certain types of merchandise to per-order numbers and to gauge interest through crowdsourcing like Hasbro is doing with its higher end projects. This is far more efficient then trying to get certain things into comic shops or brick and mortar.