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  1. I inquired about a page from Solar 11 which is the storyline that introduced the Eternal Warrior. Ditko did layouts on that storyline and by layouts (If you go by Jim Shooter's account, sneezed and a pencil rolled across a table and marked up some paper.) The pages that Cool Lines had were interior panel pages. They wanted north of $2000 for each well over five years ago. Somehow SparkleCity got ahold of a page to auction off on eBay. I don't think this was bad for around $400 if I recall correctly. This was better than what Cool Lines was offering at the time. So, this was not too shabby for this page. I don't trust them. I don't trust their pricing. I don't trust their inventory. People can do what they want. Over in Comics General they have a saying, "Cool Books." So over here I guess I will say people will do what they want for "Cool Art" or in this case "Cool Lines." Not me.
  2. I have no idea... just roll with it.
  3. I will leave this little gem right here.
  4. I had been of the understanding that the tie fighter scene from Rogue One was sort of like Hulk running with Captain America and Black Panther in Infinity War that it was quickly drafted to create a commercial. However, there are definitely some scenes like when they are running through the hallways that were part of the original cut. You are definitely right though in that Rogue One had a MASSIVE amount changed from the original cut to the final cut. Tony Gilroy on Rogue One: "They were in so much terrible, terrible trouble that all you could do was improve their position."
  5. That’s iffy... they are and they aren’t. We know there is a wealth of deleted and extended scenes from all of the Star Wars films. Lucas released various deleted and extended scenes for his six films depending on which release we are talking about. For example the deleted Yoda in exile scene made it on the Episode III dvd but was not included on the blu ray boxed set. Disney has released deleted and extended scenes on Disney + in the extras section for Force Awakens but not Rogue One.
  6. Speaking of him... has he been around ? I thought his 'time out' would have been lifted by now.
  7. Grammar? If only there was a board member that was never concerned with grammar.
  8. Oh you are taking this all the wrong way. I think we should create multiple Nova threads just to screw around with the modern speculators that read these threads just to make every first appearance of something their future college tuition.
  9. He will be recast as someone different and capable of leading a Nova franchise for at least three films and three guest appearances.
  10. Now, I am making no less than 37 different Nova threads.
  11. I want to read more about this later... however, I wonder if they were going to introduce the Loth-Wolves of the planet Lothal from Rebels. The wolves were force sensitive. There was already precedence for creating live action representations of the characters introduced by Filoni in his animated series. Saw Guerera of the Clone Wars and Rebels appeared in Rogue One Ahsoka Tano of the Clone Wars and Rebels appeared (her voice) in the Jedi Support Group Seance with Rey in Rise of Skywalker Loth-Cats of the planet Lothal from Rebels have appeared in the Mandalorian in cages.
  12. I will respond in length later... right now I am very busy and am about to make a Nova thread.