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  1. I liked the last line on the last page... "And the cultures go wild" Ha
  2. There is an IP lawyer on the boards and I specifically asked him. He responded that he "sees no way that Congress increases it" in regards to the amount of protection offered the intellectual property since it will be closing in on that 100 year mark. So basically (and I was glad I got this right ) Disney would lose the incarnation of Mickey as Steamboat Willie and would lose the name of Mickey Mouse... However Disney would continue to own all subsequent incarnations of the character. So the version featured in Plane Crazy and Orphan's Benefit would remain protected for a few more years as those were 1930's films. The incarnation featured in Mickey's Christmas Carrol in 1983 has a rounder head and different eyes and the black lines that surround the face are spaced differently than the 30's incarnation. That Mickey Mouse is protected for almost another 60 years. For everyone else... this is what I mean by incarnations... and there are many different versions between each of these.
  3. That was not even related to what I said nor did I say that I won't grill them. I said the trick is in getting a well done steak cooked correctly. Whenever I cook a steak to a degree of 'well done' no matter what I do it does not come out juicy and tender. I think this has to do with the nature of well-done. Only place I have seen it done correctly is at a steak house and they use basically a tub of butter.
  4. My understanding is that the work enters the public domain and not necessarily the character. I've actually been watching from a distance for years when it comes to a certain subject, Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse (1928) will be the first character whose work may fall into public domain. I think it is safe to say that Mickey is probably a more valuable property than Superman. Anywho... I "THINK" that Mickey Mouse cartoons may start to fall into public domain but not the character itself. So, for example, Disney shorts such as "Steamboat Willie", the first Mickey Mouse cartoon, will eventually fall into public domain but not Mickey Mouse himself. I can check with someone that is more in the know on this.
  5. You get used to it after getting off the subways in Brooklyn especially on Tuesday's. As I get out of the Subway the common joke is... "Let's seeeeeee.... I smell weed, bacon, and garbage." "Yup, we're in Brooklyn" Hipsters are smoking weed in the morning. Bacon comes from the bodegas. (Deli's from anyone outside of NY that doesn't live in California or Florida) Garbage from people's pails who leave their garbage out in the open.
  6. Anything but steaks. I know the tricks. I have a guy I work with that went to culinary school and has tried to help me. I know what you are supposed to do. But no matter how much searing, melting the butter and everything else I do, I cannot duplicate what they do to a steak in a steak house if I have to cook a steak at medium well. Medium? I can do that. That's a heart attack waiting to happen but cooking a steak on medium I can make fairly decently. Trying to do a steak medium well to well and still have it be juicy and tender is something I just cannot seem to master. I like medium. A certain someone likes their steak medium well. (no red at all and just a slight bit of pink on the inside.) I am enjoying making the fusion dishes like when I make some type of chicken in those pineapple boats with coconut rice. That stuff is fun as I like to see what I can duplicate that restaurants will do. I find that fun. Some nights though I am slumming it. Tonight is one of those nights. Worked from 8am to 3am with a couple of breaks. Woke up at 7am. Worked from 8am until 2:30... took a nap. Just woke up now... will be putting some more work in... So tonight? Can of progresso soup.
  7. Saw the Police on the reunion tour in 2007. Tickets at MSG were out of control. At the time it was around $350 just to walk through the door as everything sold out and StubHub was the only option. So... I took a day off from work and went to Atlantic City to see them at the Boardwalk Convention Center. I think I paid less than $100 to sit / be on the first level to the diagonal left of the stage. Stewart Copeland is every bit amazing as amazing as the hype suggests. I had seen Sting before when he performed in Central Park. He was very good but it was nice to say I saw the Police.
  8. Side note... the band that opened for the Stones in 97 was actually pretty exciting at the time. They showed a lot of promise and really brought a fun energy to the crowd. Their execution was on point and realistically they got the crowd pumped fort he Stones... That band? The Foo Fighters.
  9. His band members both current and former are extremely nice people and have always been gracious. I've seen Morrissey six times. However I tried to see him nine times. Three shows I had tickets to in the local area were cancelled with one being cancelled the morning of the show to which I found out once I arrived at the venue.
  10. Then you have not seen Morrissey... Roll a pair of dice. If you do not get a prime number there is a good chance the show will be cancelled.
  11. I use Global Shipping. Anytime something goes screwy eBay has had my back. If they want to include China as a member of that program then that is on them. Once it gets to Kentucky it's on them. I've already been made whole a couple of times due to this.
  12. That was my experience when I saw Van Halen. I thought it was terrible. DLR could still sing. Eddie could still play guitar in a way that mesmerized. Together, they were out of sync. Despite the snobbery of this next phrase, I stand by it. When you go to enough live shows you can begin to tell the difference between glaring imperfections and minor ones that are related to live music. For example, I love Billy Joel but Billy skips notes in many of his songs to make them easier to play live. He even hired the lead singer of the local Billy Joel tribute band to join his touring band to help out on stage. Elton John is a far better live piano player than Elton John. I will still take Billy live over Elton John live every time. Billy is a rock and roll show.