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  1. I appreciate the response and especially that my post was not seen as an attack. An argument for the exclusivity rule being lifted specifically for the VCC might have more backing if such an argument were made publicly. Rules change over time. The rules for the selling part of the forum were mostly created by board members themselves, some of whom are no longer participants. I would lean toward participation of the VCC if that one rule was lifted.
  2. Things like a VCC would be more successful than they are if certain board rules are. I do not complain about these rules because they seem to work for this board and I am actually grateful for them. I have mentioned how there are other sites where people do not post pictures or asking prices or only want PayPal friends and family. I do not shop there. On flip side though, I do not normally sell here unless it is a listing of items that I have not yet posted on eBay or Craigslist or something that has just ended on eBay and Craigslist and I want to shop it around here for a couple of days. To create a virtual booth I would have to prematurely end anything I have listed anywhere else and keep it aside for that weekend. Something like that is not worth the opportunity cost to me. Now, mind you, I would definitely browse and shop but I cannot help but think of how many others there are that do not post for the same reasons. When I post something on the boards it is at my convenience and fits my personal window. I cannot stop everything just for one weekend because of that board rule. Now before anyone else reading this besides DeadOne says, "But people stop everything and take their inventory with them if they were to do a real con" I will head that off by saying, "That is not true." I've seen a certain comic company pull a book off the wall at a show because it sold online instead. There are plenty of companies that utilize a few avenues at the same time for selling items. Wherever the items is ordered first from though, gets the item. I am not arguing about the board rules in an effort to change them. I am merely pointing out that there is a certain board rule that may be causing a lack of participation.
  3. No... double no... I am still waiting for my Larry Hama figure that I supported years ago. I get an email every two months saying that there is another unforeseen delay or some new shenanigan going on. This was from a smaller company making their own GI Joe style and sized action figures. Hasbro said it would get it done and now hasbro got it done. It also seems as if the remaining barges are only going to be whatever was left over from the production run and that those will be made available to countries outside the United Stats first. I saw the list of countries that the eBay listing will be made available to and the US was not on the list.
  4. Yup - and if they don't agree with you... then hang up and call again until you get someone that does.
  5. There are far more important things in life than reprinted newsprint. Family is above all more important. You aren't missing anything. You are prioritizing.
  6. I actually still have it. I just don't feel like going through a box to get it out and scan it. It's almost 1am and I am still receiving emails and processing work. BLAH
  7. My Dad's Aunt was a nun... I suspect this was a nunnery promo or incentive... I dunno... (Meanwhile on Long Island - YAY more paperwork)
  8. Purchased from Greg Cicchetti (VWClobberingThing) around five or so years ago... who I believed bought it from another board member in Italy or that board member once owned it. It was the best presenting 3.5 I've ever seen and it was slabbed around the time when CGC changed it's rules regarding tape. I always wanted a copy of this book but never wanted to spend money that would have normally gone toward Spidermans... Waviness is due the scanner image. One day I really have to rescan the book as I still own it.
  9. What is a Major X... and What is a Batman that Laughs... Anything I should be reading or is the flavor of the week? Being serious..
  10. True story... I set an all time GPA high in the specific grade with the copy of ASM 31 I sold. I listed it as Amazing Spider-man 31, 1st Gwen Stacy 1st Spider-Gwen
  11. No but my coworker has a picture... she took a pic of someone taking a dump in front of us on the downtown A train at around 7:30 am as it pulled into 34th Street Penn Station. Subway covers though...
  12. I've been known to pick up some train covers from time to time.
  13. If it makes you feel any better I will say that I fully feel that you are capable of butchering someone's family