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  1. I have noticed itโ€™s been prevalent with Comics that have black covers like Solar 10 or it is far more noticeable because of the black covers.
  2. The Card area strikes again. Kryptonite chugs ahead with a two point lead breaking the tie for first place. PaulS. enters the field gaining those coveted moderator points and poses a credible thread to Dena's position based on the division he is playing in. The Pokemon division seems to be all the rage lately. Meanwhile, @thunsicker's slump continues while some of the veterans have yet to score. Fingh? Greggy? Change in TAT's Thread starter: -5 Points (TMWComics) Last post: +3 Points (onlyweaknesskryptonite) Second to last: +2 Points (Buzzetta) Third to last:
  3. @PaulS. From time to time, do the other employees of CGC poke fun at you for having to deal with all this nonsense but then leave you a bottle of scotch on your desk as a consolation and acknowledgement of what you go through? Will you be coming over to the comic side of things? We are a different brand of crazy but a far more enjoyable brand of crazy.
  4. This is the set that Lego purposely overpriced because they knew it was either spend the $40, wait for the sale... or miss it and wind up paying $100 just to get the Ahsoka figure. I also picked it up when I saw it on sale specifically for Ahsoka. It's a nice looking set on its own though. Double points supposedly soon btw. That's when I will pick up the police station.
  5. I miss David Chang momofuku Korean spicy chicken sandwiches before Phish shows at MSG...
  6. What was your reasoning for six finger Spider-Man to explain the error ?
  7. Just because people scam you on eBay and send you empty envelopes doesnโ€™t mean they are giving you โ€œno prizes.โ€ okay... tell us the no prize story
  8. You might be very right as to that being a cause of the drive up in prices. I was asked to watch a comic collecting show in twitch a little while back. The guys on the show were quoting results for high grade marvel keys and then showing a 5.5 from their person collection or a raw copy. The comment section was eating it up. I pointed out what they were doing and they stammered and worked around their words. To use an example of a current result as I forget the specific data on the book I called them out on. Let's say they quote a hammer price of ASM 300 in 9.8 at $5,000. T
  9. I see things like this and I get closer and closer to selling off every vintage figure I have. I have straight arm Snake Eyes, more swivel Scarletts, Snake Eyes v1.5 and more.. perfectly white Storm shadow... these keep going up and up and I am reaching the point where I wonder if it is time to sell. Unlike comics, it is not about selling before the bubble pops but before plastic itself does.
  10. Has anyone introduced you to Pokemon section of the boards? It makes everything in comics general seem like polite society. You should at least lurk. They are focused on some 'interesting' things.