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  1. Don't know if this was posted but this is how Filoni and Faverau envisioned the inner workings of Slave 1
  2. There is a Lego shortage all around. The set was originally announced around the time of Toy Fair 2020 before the world shut down and it immediately went up for preorder. With the pandemic and stay at home orders, Lego has done quite well for itself as there is something substantially appealing about 'building' something rather than playing a video game and things like that. When I ordered the Tree House it was not only backordered but my order was sourced from Europe as it had labels affixed to the European boxes so they could be sold and distributed in America. Even around Christma
  3. I do not have any personal experience but after you tagging me in this I finally decided to check it out. I was going to consider the light kit for the Ford Mustang and decided to check out the installation guide. For the price they are asking and with the company themselves adding the disclaimer that the components are easily damaged I am hesitant. I do know though that there are multiple companies that offer these products:
  4. 9.8 is the 'obtainable perfect' 9.9 is a "possible perfect' 10 is 'perfect'
  5. All done... it's hard to tell in the pic but the plastic is smooth to the touch instead of 'gritty' and 'rough' in patches. The canopy is a bit more clear. The accents on the mold are sharper. The thing must have been dusty and never cleaned or it got wet and then caked on. It 'feels' cleaner. These things are far easier to take apart than put together. I will tell you that.
  6. It’s the 1997 POTF2 A-Wing so aside from the removal of the electronics it’s a direct mold of the original from the 1983-1984 Star Wars droids line. This was... dirty though... it had pieces of hair attached to it and it had a dirty and grimy feel to it. It was more the feel than the look as the ship is painted to be weathered. So I removed the metal screws and took the ship apart letting it soak in a tub of warm water and dish soap. Eventually I will rinse and wipe it down to dry and hopefully remove the grime. Once done I will put it all together again.
  7. For $20 shipped? why not... However... you know when we ask the question, "Does it really mean anything to say, pet free, smoke free, air conditioned home?" Yes... yes it does... This can soak for a good hour or two.
  8. Still cannot believe that this has not been posted... Chris Kemp age 37 in this mugshot... as Beavis... This mugshot is from 2004. I believe from a basic internet search that he is still alive and living in Oregon at the age of 53.
  9. Ehhh... Never gave this much thought... I mean... who cares? At that point I'm dead. I either have a LOT more important things to worry about or nothing at all.
  10. You realize that Blazing Bob's BBQ Sauce is actually a pretty marketable name? I expect to see a pyramid of bottles available at some point next to your booth like that guy that sells hot sauce at Big Apple / NYCBM. In all seriousness... I would try a bottle. I am always looking for a good bbq sauce.
  11. Another book I have been chasing for almost 8 years. I only saw this book on Clink or totally missed it on Heritage when previously offered. I actually bought a raw copy from heritage years ago that turned out to be trimmed and they took it back. I love my train covers... I love my NY covers... I love Golden Age Caps that have even one of those... this one has both. I won a urination contest tonight on the cut. Luckily someone bought a comic on eBay that I was selling to offset some of it. Half of the back cover is missing... but after eight years, I was impatient on always