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  1. I said what I had to on page two. when I have some real time I will respond to some of the replies.
  2. Not going to lie. There is something 'giggle worthy' when I see someone resurrect an old thread for legitimate or sincere reasons, only to watch other people devolve into fighting over a topic that is ten years old, eventually getting the thread locked.
  3. I got a bigger laugh out of the white wraparound paper to protect the magazine. Mad (not) Pornography - I received my copy as well.
  4. I have a custom Lego Stan... you would be surprised how well he fits into things. You could always buy Stan and place him in the middle of a cabinet with both arms raised in the air as to say, "Look at what I've done.". Put Stan beneath a battle scene and have him posed in a pensive position with a hand under his chin and looking up at the battle as if he is thinking it all up. Stick him on the back of Spider-man as the "Amazing One" swings around your cabinet with Stan on his back like a Marvel version of Yoda. BTW... there is this custom Lego Stan that has recently hit the market... I might need this.
  5. Marvel Legends Stan Lee is up for preorder for $24.99 on Target... Direct Link Target has opened up pre-orders for the all-new Marvel Legends Stan Lee 6″ Scale Figure. The figure includes Captain America’s shield with Stan’s autograph on it, and a Chess Board. It’s priced at $24.99 and will arrive in June. Pre-order at the link below, and see photos after the jump.
  6. Precedent has been set. Since you would be reposting it then whatever is done to you had best be done to them.
  7. I look forward to this in a way that I cannot describe.
  8. Latest issue of Mad Magazine arrived.
  9. I saw the Hasbro affiliate at NYCC (Some third party vendor ?) that was given two Unicrons to display. They had one in planet mode and the other in robot mode. As I took some pics, I was approached as to whether or not I was backing it. I shrugged and said I appreciated it but, "No." I went through my spiel and in about three sentences said why I did not see a toy at that price as it was a not a licensed property. She understood that. A rising tide raises all ships. It seems like it was only a few years ago that deluxe figs at the current $19.99 price point were $14.99 and a few years before that were $9.99. If they can get away with that for Unicron then it will not be shocking when a deluxe is up to $24.99 within the next two years. With that said, Cliffjumper and Wheeljack will be mine next year as they are still at a $19.99 price point.
  10. So... @ADAMANTIUM Keeping it light this year... I took plenty of pics of people in costumes and some displays but I think I will hold off on them. Here is what I picked up. Weird Science 22 - Picked up from Highgradecomics / Storms for $160 - Love the cover and slowly putting this run together. Marvel Tales 153 - The cover looked interesting and for $22 I couldn't beat that even in a lower grade. Picked up from Tomorrow's Treasures Action Comics 359 - Girl accuses Superman of killing her father? For $5 let's see what happens. Picked up from Tomorrow's Treasures Hallmark Enterprise - At the Hallmark Enterprise I walked up to see what was going on this year with exclusives. They told me about the Enterprise and how it was a con exclusive. I wasn't paying close attention and took it home for $40. They I realized it was the "Evil Enterprise". Meh... #NotMyEnterprise - Put it up on eBay and sold it for $70. It ship out tomorrow. eBay was handing out $10 Gift Cards and Cell Phone Camera Stands... ummm sure. No brainer on that. I entered both accounts in the raffle for $500. Gift cards will be used - free $20 Funkos - Special thanks to the board member that hooked me up with the NYCC Pinstripe Pigeon. I ordered the others from Funko themselves as they became available. I picked up the other two pigeons, the Mandalorian, and Aloha Freddie all for $15 each. If anyone else is interested you can get the Black and Red costume pigeons still from NYCC but the Mandalorian has sold out and Aloha Freddie is still available. Stumbled on some old toys so I picked up a clean Hammerhead and Gammorean Guard as well as the Grey Beard Obi Wan for $7 each. NY Yankees Mummy Pin... $10 sure... why not? Zap - heh... was walking around with a boardie when I saw the poster for Joes that this guy had. I saw Zap and immediately inquired. This was on a Saturday. Zap is notoriously hard to find with his hands in tact due to the size of the accessories cracking off his palms or his thumbs. Even though I am getting out of Joes, I figured I would hold onto him for a bit and then offer him online. Picked him up for $37. Larry Hama sketches - When I went to pick up my sketches this year I had a great conversation with Hama that had nothing to do with GI Joe or comics and I had not seen him laugh and smile like this in years. A couple of guys behind me were foot tapping but Hama kept telling a great story after great story. These go to my portfolio of Joe art. I picked up a Scarlett and a Beachhead this year. Not shown, I picked up two blind bags for gifts, each containing a plush cat with octopus tentacles on the bottom of them called Tentacle Kitty. $15 each.