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  1. And of course the Target 6" deluxe exclusive version is all about bye bye
  2. How do you say no to this? Amazon - "The Child" $9.99 Retro Figure
  3. Amazon Preorder for Mandalorian Retro Style figure I was into it for $9.99 - All of the orders are available as well.
  4. Ay yo... Walmart just reactivated a preorder at 8PM and it does not seem many people are aware of it... I just picked up two and it qualified for free shipping. Each was $17.68
  5. So economy tier still at received since 8/15... do I bother them with a phone call ?
  6. Hopefully this is the last HOS for a good long while... There have been two in one year with the last one before those two taking place three years ago.
  7. "Every thing dies and baby, that's a fact. But, maybe every thing that dies, one day comes back."
  8. Every Indiana Jones Movie that almost happened... that didn't happen...
  9. Perhaps it is being delayed to further develop the de-aging technology... Buzzetta's insight... if they wait any longer they might have to develop 'Raise the Dead' technology.
  10. Should Indiana Jones just go to Disney+
  11. I like updating this thread... because it's been five years... and they just cannot seem to get their act together... It's almost amusing at this point.
  12. Anyone want a copy of Gamora 2? 5 copies of #2 in NM $1 each or take all 5 copies for $3