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  1. I didn’t want to jade anyone’s opinion. My initial thought was that the top half of the book was trimmed.
  2. Was scanning the ten books that I was about to send to Florida for an extended vacation when all of a sudden I got a weird feeling on one of the Crime Suspenstores 15... I am basing it on my perception that the bottom of the book is wider than the top. So... has it been trimmed? What do you think?
  3. Bathroom is going a bit over budget... I am only sending ten. Maybe at the end of the year I will send another ten. It is costing $400 just to CGC to get them graded. 5 Raws and 5 CPRs Some cool things though... 6 Golden and Atomic Age / 4 Early Silvers... Grading contest to follow
  4. This thread has gotten me to submit books... First stop... they are going to Lake Mary for sauna and relaxation.
  5. They don't because they must choose not to keep track of such things in order to remain impartial to everyone and their uncle sending books in that they are pressing. Which reminds me... I have to send an order down to Florida. Finally get off my rear end and do it.
  6. I disagree that Ford is the same as Indiana Jones and no one else is capable of filling the role. When they eventually recast, I will watch it.
  7. Pressed or was it a straight resubmit? Never know. Ohhhhh I know it was pressed. Are you sure Karen? Are you absolutely sure?
  8. You just gave me a terrible idea. There is a facebook group that I am a part of that lives breathes and dies Indiana Jones. I like it, but I am not pestering Harrison Ford outside of Target dressed like Indiana Jones to get him to sign a trinket, you know what I mean? I should ask one of the guys in the Plastic Crack thread that is good at customs to use a Pratt head from the Jurassic Park figures and custom fit it to an Indiana Jones figure and then post it in that group to say I discovered a mock up that Hasbro is shopping around for their Indiana Jones line. I am a terrible person.
  9. I came across an article a little whiles back criticizing fan backlash over the nuke the fridge sequence. They stated it was no less believable than surviving a fall in the Himalayas on a raft, not drowning after tying yourself (as revealed in the comics) on a submarine or any of the hocus pocus religious related sequences such as a grail knight, fixing gunshots with holy water, or the sankara stones. I love the adventure aspects. For me, it does not have to end with Ford. I mean, Nimoy is iconic but Quinto made a damn well pretty good Spock.
  10. Not eBay but laughable situation on Facebook. I advertised a LEGO set for $325 shipped. would you take $275 shipped? no would you take $300 shipped? sure - deal Are you sure you won’t take $275 shipped? not when we already agreed on $300 shipped. item just shipped out and now I’m waiting to get into Costco.