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  1. If anyone is in SDCC I'd love to pick up the Marvel Skottie Young pins! There are 32 total, and I'm interested in all of them!
  2. I currently have a CGC SS book but I would like to add another signature. If I go to a convention, do I need to have CGC crack open the book before having them witness the new signature being taken? I'm not familiar with the process so any help answering my question would be very helpful.
  3. NamesJay

    Statue Collections

    Production samples have arrived of Level52 Studios Catgirl!
  4. Production samples revealed!
  5. NamesJay

    Steve Ditko has passed

  6. More accurate would be if you can find completed auctions with those type differences. These are just seller prices that might not ever be met.
  7. NamesJay

    Statue Collections

    Broke down and ordered the Red Sonja statue from Sideshow today. After seeing pictures of her in some collectors hands, I was confident the QC on this has been top notch. I'm excited to receive my copy. I might do my first "unboxing" when she arrives. A few reference photos:
  8. NamesJay

    Statue Collections

    I use these same ones. They are great.
  9. Not sure if any of you fine folks use ebaysdk for posting eBay listings -- if so I have a couple questions.
  10. NamesJay


    LOVING that three book Quinn! You should create a web page with all your books -- it would be fabulous viewing!
  11. NamesJay

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    Visually stunning! You need a Cry For Dawn #5B cover for one of your inserts
  12. NamesJay


    Beautiful books as always! Question for you in messages!
  13. NamesJay

    Legal Size Scanner thread.

    I'd tend to agree with you if it wasn't on every book.
  14. NamesJay

    Legal Size Scanner thread.

    I don't own any GA slabs, I only have modern size and suffer from the glare. Admittedly the glare is just a small sliver and rarely takes away from the book, but it'd be a much more nice presentation if it didn't exist at all.
  15. NamesJay

    Legal Size Scanner thread.

    I don't see any light bleed on top or bottom of the book -- something very impressive that I haven't been able to duplicate. Would you mind exporting your properties file and e-mailing them to me? is my e-mail address Thanks!