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    Mollie, you need this in your life!
  2. And in my opinion the Adam West version of Batman was done to perfection as well. I wouldn't want a creator coming in who doesn't have respect for that interpretation.
  3. Still the prize of my collection :-) -- really want to get a matching Tri Klops as these were my two favorites growing up.
  4. I liked the trailer but please, for the love of God, give Thanos his head gear. He looks silly without it (hopefully just a CGI feature missing at this point).
  5. Statue Collections

    This Thanos statue is going to be epic! I can not WAIT to get this thing. Still upset I didn't get the exclusive, but I'm sure that disappointment will turn to joy when I unbox the statue :-)
  6. Doomsday Clock - Let's Discuss

    Well, only took 7 posts to get the thread off track, lol. Hope as the thread progresses we can concentrate on the actual story.
  7. Doomsday Clock - Let's Discuss

    Know of any links that review the actual story? Regarding Moore, I think it's safe to say he wasn't necessarily treated fairly in regards to creative rights, but Moore is also a self-admitted individual_without_enough_empathy who is difficult to work with.
  8. Ill have to give it a second read to go back and pick up on some of the nuances I missed, but I think the initial issue is a good one. The "alternate Rorschach" -- I think "strange" is a good word for him. Very interested in how they tie in the superheroes into this storyline.
  9. They are from a company called Loyal Subjects. The figures I got graded are mostly website or convention exclusives. I think they might have some still available here: Aside from the website product, they distribute them in "blind box" packages at various stores like Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and Hot Topic. There are some extremely rare figures in the mixes as well.
  10. Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    Yes, doors and cabinets are all IKEA. Lighting is
  11. These guys came back from AFA this weekend:
  12. Finished the series this weekend. Thought it was in the top tier of Netflix Marvel adaptations, up there with S1 of Daredevil. I loved that they have Micro in the series :-) Great action and Russo was a fabulous character.