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  1. More Great Frazetta Pieces From Level 52 Studios

    Another couple of beauty!
  2. They continue to put out great pieces!
  3. Legal Size Scanner thread.

    Can we see a scan without the bag?
  4. One day left! Some of the auctions are still at $.99 !!
  5. I think Hot Toys is the clear leader in reproducing accurate profiles. They have a few misses here and there, but for the most part they are spot on! I have a movie version Harley Quinn and I think the likeness is impeccable.
  6. I've got some great feedback so far! Thanks to everyone who has participated. I could still use some more people to participate (if you are willing) :-) Thanks again!
  7. Thanks to those of you who have expressed interest in assisting me with my research. Questionnaire's have been sent out.
  8. I'm going to be embarking on the endeavor of creating an online e-commerce comic web site shortly and could use some help. If anyone would be interested in responding to a short questionnaire please respond here or PM me and I'll direct you to the link where you can respond. I appreciate all the assistance!
  10. Any desire to sell the Anacleto Myserio sketch cover?
  11. Signature Series & Sketch Covers For Sale!!

    Mysterio sketch cover :-)
  12. Signature Series & Sketch Covers For Sale!!

    Is the Anacleto for sale? :-)
  13. DCBS changing Flat Rate Shipping Charge???

    I know there were a lot of problems at first when they switched to a new warehouse location, but they got better.

    @ivdyer how many sketch cover comics are in your collection?
  15. I posted this in the WTB thread, but was hoping (praying) it might get some traction here as well. I really could use a few Wonder Woman 9.8 candidate sketch cover comics. Wonder Woman or Wonder Woman/Conan or anything related would work well. I'm in a bit of a time crunch so could really use these quickly.