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  1. Wonder Woman covers still available. Never a good sign when they stick around over 2 days.
  2. I think it's always been Saturday mornings since they started the lottery.
  3. All of the Mary Jane covers are still available as well and they have been up on the site even longer.
  4. Time is ticking. If you are interested please PM me so we can share last name/Member IDs.
  5. Hmm, OK, I guess not many people are interested. Well, if I win, I'll come here and ask for ID/Last Names for anyone interested.
  6. So, the lottery for SDCC tickets is this Saturday. Since "winners" are allowed to purchase tickets for three other people, I thought it might be nice if we tried to help each other out in case one of us gets selected. If anyone is interested please send me a message and I'll start a group message chat.
  7. For someone who knows more about the subject than I do (probably the majority of you), what is the yellow rectangular object on the bottom of the art?
  8. Had a typo in the title, thanks for catching it. I know there is a thread for November Heritage auctions, however I can not add a poll (unless I missed something).
  9. Article says estimate is $250,000 -- I'm thinking this will go closer to $500,000. What say you?
  10. Congratulations to the winner with the fabulous Lucio Parillo cover! I will be reaching out shortly for mailing address so I can send out a prize! For those who mentioned they also wanted to contribute gifts, I will speak with the winner and get that coordinated.
  11. Less than 24 hours now before we crown the winner!
  12. Just a few more days to get your votes in! We have a tight contest going on!
  13. I have started collecting some AFA graded Star Wars figures and I noticed a few of them are slightly loose and jostle around in their case. Is this normal or should they be solidly placed with no movement? Just curious if I should consider a recasing for the figures I have that show some slight movement.