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  2. Sounds like a good thing if PayPal fee is going to be waived.
  3. I like the Bishoujo horror figures.
  4. The furniture has held up great. I haven't noticed any deterioration at all. If I had it to do over again, I'd see if they had a 5 x 2 option, but that's just because it would cover up more of my wall and give me more space on top for larger statues that won't fit in my dedicate status cabinets I actually inquired about another piece but they had a very long backlog so I passed. I might try again in a couple months.
  5. Anyone know how Overstreet handles this issue? I would think they would be the #1 reference for this type of thing.
  6. I’m sure there is some good stuff out there that is drawn digitally. But I strongly prefer the old fashioned colored pencils to photoshop.
  7. I’m not a fan of art produced on computer. Especially digital coloring. And of course that would only apply to moderns.
  8. Those shoulders don’t look proportionate. I’m no artist but it seems way off to me. Other than that it’s beautiful but I would always be drawn to the weird way his shoulders are drawn.
  9. I think first appearance of Black Cat is undervalued and due for an adjustment. Right after 200 more Scott Campbell covers are published.
  10. Now we just need somebody who has the comic book to read it and see what the back story is :-) (a friend of mine just texted me that it was issue #6, so one of these has the answer to the mystery)
  11. Has anybody been able to identify the issue yet?
  12. Kidding of course, but... This has been going around the Internet. Anyone know any more about the context of this scene? Hope it isn’t just lazy artistry...
  13. I wish it were Michael Turner but that’s out of my price range right now. The piece is by Randy Green.