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  1. Received this notification from DCBS:


    "Going forward, we will not be offering ratio variants 25 and higher on the site until the book releases and we know the fair market value and the exact amount we will be receiving. We kept overselling on many of these issues because we did not know our qualifying amount until the end of the month and we would have to credit customers if we did not qualify to receive enough to fill all orders. We were also estimating fair market value at the time we offered the book, however, many times, once the book was released, the market value was either much lower or higher than what we estimated. We feel this is the fairest way to offer these variants. "

  2. I have started collecting some AFA graded Star Wars figures and I noticed a few of them are slightly loose and jostle around in their case.

    Is this normal or should they be solidly placed with no movement?

    Just curious if I should consider a recasing for the figures I have that show some slight movement.