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  1. I have several Bone #1 Strangers In Paradise #1 Miracleman #1 gold I had a WD 1 which I sold a couple years ago for bout 1k..... not bad considering I bought it at cover No regrets
  2. i dont think the boxes that came from the Con's had the sticker....at least the one i got from Dre didnt.
  3. i am on the fence about getting another....i got one from Dre and while they were in amazing condition, no BW or Golden Ticket
  4. Ok guys....15 hours left and im closing it up!
  5. Thanks for the shipping correction! Updated shipping price!!
  6. No interest or am I going about this in the wrong way?
  7. This is a BIG box of trades, graphic novels and HC stuff that is just some great reading. Opening bid is $1, so please make every bid in increments of at least $1 I will let this run until 10pm CST on 28 July 2015 Highest bidder is the winner! I am putting no returns just because shipping is going to suck on a box this heavy, but if someone is REALLY unhappy (unlikely) i will make it work I will take Paypal for the winning bid, plus shipping which will probably be about $25 $15 for this box as it weighs at least 25 pounds if i go the media mail route Here is a complete listing of the contents of said box: Cerebus Phonebooks Cerebus High Society Jaka's Story Melmoth Battlepug (HC) Madman: The Odditty Oddysey Ultimate Iron Man II (HC) Ultimate Fantastic Foud Vol 6: Frightful Ultimate Comics Spider-Man: Chameleons (HC) Iron Man: Legacy of Doom (HC) New Avengers: Illuminati Outsiders: Looking for Trouble Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe House of M Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 3: N-Zone Secret Invasion: Captain Marvel Harbinger: The Beginning (HC) Fantastic Four Vol 2: Unthinkable Women of Marvel 30 Days of Night Darkseid vs Galactus: The Hunger The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (HC) Unity Saga Volumes 1-4 In complete disclosure, the slipcase on the Unity saga has seen better days and is seperated on the end. The books are slightly worn, but otherwise fine 20150725_201301 by netranger78, on Flickr
  8. Regular set for me. Still thinking about getting an entire set slab bed for the collection though as they are some purty books!
  9. i finally got one of these after wanting one for years. it is a SOLID 9.0 and maybe higher. 75 bucks out the door sc0000 (2) by netranger78, on Flickr
  10. Picked this up for $6 Not bad if i do say so myself sc0000 by netranger78, on Flickr
  11. Picked these two beauties up today and got what i consider to be a hell of deal on them. got them below what the grading cost was. They actually present so well i am considering resubbing them to see if i can get a higher grade I also picked up the Magnus for the same price and it is absolutely flawless looking 20150715_210345 by netranger78, on Flickr 20150715_210409 by netranger78, on Flickr 20150715_210426 by netranger78, on Flickr
  12. I have been watching this and am not sure how i feel about this. One one hand it has potential to be a decent, not great, price on alot of key books and silver age backstock On the other hand I have to question how someone could drop that much coin on books i couldnt see personally. Plus, it kind of skews the value of the market a little since the prices would be drastically different if bought separately.