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  1. Hello. yes. A magazine: FBI INFORMANT NOV ‘93. JIMMY CORRIGAN PREDATES (or 1st Appereance?) added in Fairy Quest. Both for $150.
  2. SET FAIRY QUEST #1 1st Print. HC CONVENTION EDITION. Limited 1000 copies. Humberto Ramos signature + F.B.I. Informant. November 1993 Jimmy Corrigan predates (or 1st appearence?) Both for $150
  3. Congratulations!!!!! It’s look cool!
  4. It’s a rarest 30 days of night preview spiral-bound edition! Authentic in NM condition! Only 50 copies!
  5. These are some comics (And magazine) that I still have: - The Our Love is Real is 1st print (not Image). - FBI informant magazine. Jimmy Corrigan 1st appearance vs pre-dates. - Mouse Guard comixpress edition. Only 3 in universal label. - Ducktales #1 8-bit convention edition.
  6. Hello. Daniel is an Excellent buyer!. He paid promptly. thanks
  7. Thank you very much @Burtis11 Thank you for your trust and for your prompt payment. I'm sure you will enjoy the comic. Take good care of yourself and Best regards.