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  1. Your statement that the "comic is now worth more" is not correct. It's worth more than it was valued at when you bought it. The problem is that you bought it for WAY more than it was worth at the time, so even Stan's death doesnt increase it's value enough to get you to break even. You made a bad purchase; a 9.0 copper key widely available in the market in higher grade at lower prices. Sure it's signed, but so is a lot of other stuff, so its not unique, or rare. And the other stuff signed is more desired by the market (ie people would rather buy Stan Lee a signed Spiderman book a Stan Lee signed ___(fill in the blank with a modern character Stan didnt work on ever)___ The only way this book increases in value is if 1) they make a Cable movie (not have Cable in a movie, but make a CABLE movie). AND 2) You buy up all of the available higher grade copies of the book signed by stan as well as all of the other books signed by stan and then set them all on fire, creating scarcity. That will give you the two things you dont currently have 1)desire in the market and 2) market scarcity otherwise, just give up on getting even money on this book. Throw it up on ebay with a $400 BIN and maybe you get super lucky with some insufficiently_thoughtful_person, I mean if lightning can strike once, why not twice?
  2. they're hanging their hat on some statement (supposedly by CGC) that Stan only signed 10-15 items that day...
  3. "CGC reps say it could take months to have all of the info on the last signings, down on paper." Seriously is CGC really doing this? Documenting the last signings by Stan? Didn't we squeeze all of the life out of him we could? Is there some other way we can monetize him? If they're really doing all this I'll be disappointed.
  4. Is this seriously what we're gonna be dealing with? How does he know this "fact"? I assume that it can be corroborated that he didnt do any other witnessed signings after this, and I guess if the SS census only went up by 1 after he got his book back he could reasonably assume it was his, and his was the last.. but geeze...
  5. Well you are trying to set your price at a pretty volatile time in the market when it comes to signed Stan Lee comics. 1. With Stan's passing on Nov 12 of last year the market has been flooded by a) sellers looking to get the most for their signed Stan Lee comics and b) buyers who are looking for something signed by Stan. These buyers aren't always the most market knowledgeable (either about comics or CGC Sig Series) so you see some odd fluctuations (like a CGC SS Stan sig 9.0 selling for more than a 9.4 just cause someone hit a BIN). 2. The market has seemed to set a floor for CGCed Stan Lee Signed books, so that will help to inform us.. but Am I working under the right assumption that your book is not CGCed or signed through the Sig Series process? That really affects the assessment. Here's the data IF the book is CGCed and SSeries. A CGC SS 8.0 Signed by Stan sold for $350, while a regular CGC 8.0 has been selling for around $100, so Stan's sig series signature is valued at $250. A CGC SS 9.4 signed by Stan and Liefeld sold for $325, while an unsigned CGC 9.4 is selling on average for $175, so thos two signatures only added $150 in value to the book. (see what I mean by wildly fluctuating market? The CGC SS 8.0 was likely a BIN that someone who doesnt collect comics purchased, but it's a data point none the less) Now this is all data that helps decide value, especially if the book you are selling is CGCed. BUT if it's not, then we need to look at raw sales (non-CGCed) 1. There have been no sales of New Mutants 87 with an unverified stan lee signature on them in the last 90 days. The closest we get is a PGX slab sale (which actually might sell for less than a raw copy) signed by Lee, Liefled and Todd Mc, and it sold for $100 (due to their ability to certify signatures being dubious at best). 2. There are NO listings of a raw New Mutants 87 with Stan's signature on them, so either you are gonna corner the market, or no one is interested (more likely the latter) 3. In general there are over 1700 listings for "Stan Lee signed" items (I removed all CGC books), of those 53 have bids (or 3 % of listings). The highest bids on raw comics are: Black Panther #1 ($200) ASM 365 $100 ASM (v2) #11 $54 4. In general Spiderman sells far better than any other comic book signed by stan, and then comics Stan worked on sell better than comics he didn't. So your NM87 has an uphill battle. Looking at sold copper, non Spider-man books that have sold in last 90 days you're best comps are: X-men (v2) #1 signed by Stan ($200 BIN purchase, again BINs arent as reliable for market setting) Infinity Gauntlet #1 signed by stan ($200) Punisher #1 signed by stan $189 BIN X-men (v2) #1 signed by Stan ($169) 5. A raw copy of NM87 (not signed by anyone) in your grade seems to be selling for around $150. Your problem is that you have to solve a few problems 1. If you are selling a raw NM87 signed by Stan, you have to price it well under what a CGC SS NM87 is selling for. Also the market listings are inflated (like someone has a Lee/Liefeld CGC SS 5.0 listed with a BIN for $900, and it'll never sell). 2. Your real competition is not with other NM87s, but with other raw Stan Lee signatures, and as I showed below, the market there is around $200. in the end the three data points that set your price are: A raw NM87 is selling for $150 A Raw Stan Lee signature is selling for $150-200 A Sig Series CGCed NM87 in higher grade sold for $325-50 I think (again assuming the book is raw) that your price point is $299 and you take advantage that there are no auctions on the market for the book at the moment. Maybe you get lucky and you have a cable fan wanting a stan signature, but who doesnt want to shell out $900 for one of the CGC SS BINs and who doesnt want to wait for one to pop up in an auction. But be prepared to relist at $249. (the other problem you are running into is that there are probably buyers out there for a raw NM87, but who are turned off by it being signed, since in some eyes that hurts the books condition rather than enhance it)
  6. miraclemet

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    Hm. The ironly is ADHD and Dyslexia is far easier to diagnose in school-aged kids than in adults, so if they couldnt nail it down when you were younger Im not sure how they would as an adult. What were the symptoms the doctor recognized?
  7. miraclemet

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    Gabe, I think you have mentioned some learning disabilities in the past? (Am I remembering that right?) And these issues affect your ability to find/hold appropriate employment? Did you ever have a diagnosis (maybe when you were in public school)? I ask because in the US (so hopefully also in Canada) there are organizations/programs for placing young adults with disabilities into the workforce. But it would mean you would have needed to be clinically diagnosed. Do you know if you have a clinical diagnosis?
  8. miraclemet

    Hunting down a page...

    He was super. I literally yelped out loud when I read his note about being up for a page swap. Luckily the page I was interested in of his he had no real ties to other than him liking it as an example of the artist and the period. And I had other pages from the same artist, same period, same title. So to him he came away even (I actually think the page I sent him was intrinsically a "better" page (based on composition) than the one I got back, but to me any page from GL 159 is worth more than another page) and I came away with another page from my quest. I of course paid everyone's shipping every which way I'm a big believer in comic book karma, so it seems this time I was a recipient!
  9. miraclemet

    Hunting down a page...

    Just wanted to thank you guys. Zhamlau reached out to me and offered to check with the guy he sold the page to to see if he still had it, That guy (also an off and on again boardie) DID still have it and was willing to sell/trade it to me and we worked out a nice easy swap for another Green Lantern Keith Pollard page I had from issue 158, and in the end I'm one page closer to my goal of all the OA from Green Lantern 159! now if youll excuse me I have to get back to internet hunting!
  10. Im thinking of adding some 80s era figure based toys to my comic collection for nostalgia sake (original not repros). Are there good forums for 80s toys (like this forum is good for comic books) where there are also sales, or do all the sales happen on ebay? Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformer, and He-Man, but also lesser known stuff like Starriors, MUSCLE, and so on. Going to try for MIB/MOC, but not Im not gunning for museum quality. What are some good places to start reading and learning and eventually buying?
  11. miraclemet

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    The above is what Gabe sees as profit, and he's right in the simplest sense.
  12. miraclemet

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    I assume it meant the money he got from government assistance did not go into comic books, video games or bitcoin. I assume it meant that them money he put into comic books, video games and bitcoin came from "profits" made on flipping comic books and video games I dont know where the credit card debt fits in (were comic book, video game or bitcoin purchases made using credit card?)
  13. miraclemet

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    Gabe I think the issue you are running into and are missing (based on the "I can do as I like with it" comment) is this: (Im gonna use random generic round numbers for simplicity, I dont think these numbers are actual) First let's say you need $500 a month to get by (rent, food, medicine). If you are getting $500 from the government in assistance to help you survive (food, rent) that $500 comes from taxes collected by the Gov't from people who are paying taxes on their income. If you make $100 (profit) then that money should go back into paying for your basic needs (meaning you take $400 in assistance + the $100 profit to still reach the $500 needed to get by each month. If you dont, you are essentially using the tax payers (who fund government assistance) to fund your attempts at making money, which is not the point of social assistance.