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  1. If the blue pencils were distracting from the final art it MIGHT have an effect on value, but more so just in comparative value vs a page with less distracting blueline work. Like if there were two equally nice (in subject and composition) McFarlane Spidey pages and one had a lot more distracting blue line work than the other, maybe the less bluelined one would do slightly better.
  2. Yeah I dont think I have the strikethru button on my phone when I use it instead of my laptop/tablet.
  3. the original great one... Crisis on Inifite Earths. 12 issues, Wolfman & Perez an amazing amount of heavy lifting to reconfigure the whole DC Universe. Introduction of the Anti-Monitor. Major deaths. Tons of crossovers to other issues out side of the series, but you can just read the series and get a great story. And that Perez art. So much work. Such detail..... just a great artist firing on al cylinders.
  4. as there are plenty of questionable Kane sigs/sketches out there its nice to come into possession of one with a good strong provenance!
  5. a great one. Ive got a collection put together of "greatest one shot stories" and I know this one is in there.... just cant find the box..
  6. Landed a few insectacons over the last week that had great original boxes with them. Got some repro inserts and just finished putting them all together...
  7. Just a note,the second page shown (the black dots) is the vellum overlay page that goes with the OA. This was how David illustrated the snow in all of the Winter issues. David's art is amazing. I love chatting with him and pouring over his art whenever I see him at conventions. His mom used to come into my local shop in Flint to pick up copies of Mouse Guard and she would lovingly yell at them if she didnt think they ordered enough copies.
  8. For Mothers day who are some of your favorite comic book moms? Hats off to Ma Kent for raising Superman to be such a well grounded (hah) person Cheers to Aunt Mae in all her forms for raising her nephew as her own, on her own! And to Sue Storm for balancing life as a super hero with being the mom of a powered kid! Who else should get recoginized as a great Comic book mom today?
  9. And it makes sense. The FF and the X-Men have an easy pitch. The FF are a superpowered family. The Xmen are outcasts. The Avengers? Remember even their original comic conception was just a ripoff of DCs success with JLA: throw a bunch of your solo characters together to make a team. Theres no cohesion to them. It would take WORK to create a thru-story for them, and work means investment, and no one had seen it work yet, so it would be a risk.
  10. wait did CA not also return Thors hammer to (checks chart) BT2?
  11. dont forget the occasional OCD owner trying to "tap" the book to center.
  12. Seeing the christmas thread pop up had me all.. but then I saw the pictures! Glad your family had fun!
  13. fair, we are much harsher on the long time participants! But in reality, do you see where the information was that you needed?
  14. only unpublished stuff I have are some convention sketches (like the $20-50 variety). I've probably got 60 OA pages and about 6 con sketches. The 10:1 ratio would definitely balloon if it was a ratio of dollars spent.