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I'm recently(ish) returned from three years living in Belgium, where I managed to never learn either French or Dutch. Now living just outside of DC in Maryland, yes DC is as bad as you hear.  I first got a name here with my Lady in White Gothic horror collecting focus (search the journals), but have since moved on to the lure of GA. Mostly collect Sci-fi (but not Ec), but have branched out into anything I think looks cool. I used to have a big library of collected editions, but sold it when we moved to Europe. Now that I'm back, I'm slowly collecting a new library... Die hard fan of the Florida Gators and the New York Mets, so have pity on me!


Here's the splash page from the first Green Lantern comic I ever read (#159) It was amazing. I bought the Title splash recently and have 6 pages from the issue so far (I know where 3 other are, and will someday convince the owners to sell them to me!)

GL158 p 18.jpg