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  1. Looks production related.... likely dull blades caused this Marvel Chipping like effect. I'd think it probably would not factor at all except for possibly in very high grades.
  2. Try finding a bank with safety deposit boxes these days... May be readily available in some areas, but it is tough in the semi-rural suburbs.
  3. I have to think the Post Office is randomly sampling and if there were any instances of this being spread by mail, we would have heard by now. That said, as an extra precaution I am tossing all mail into a 1 day quarantine (a large paper bag in the corner). If it is something I want to open immediately, I am spraying with Lysol. Anything that has been in transit for 2 or more days is fine on the inside. The virus would not survive the trip.
  4. I am dealing with this on my job. The answer is yes. Spain and Poland have suspended mail. More likely to come soon.
  5. Did you even read it? It was the opposite of "we are all going to die sensationalism." The article that was pulled is entitled "Evidence over hysteria" It was pulled because a blue check biologist disagreed with a number of the points and argued the original poster didn't have the "proper credentials" to interpret the data. For those who wish to read it:
  6. Bear in mind the 24 hours on cardboard (or any porous surface) is under optimal conditions and a max case scenario. Unless the mailman is infected and coughs all over your parcel just before delivering it, the odds of virus being on it are very low. If you do want to quarantine the mail for a day, just drop it in a bag and set it aside. No need to leave it outdoors... it's not going to multiply on the mail and crawl out to invade your home.
  7. According to DuPont's logic per his previous post, NYS has zero recovered and 76 deaths, so it is a 100% mortality rate.
  8. This has been my point all along. NO ONE is arguing it isn't serious or dangerous. Yet he persists in posting distorted statistics with doomsday numbers. The last thing we need now is panic and unnecessary anxiety on top of an already stressful situation.
  9. onavirus/ 10% mortality globally, 61% within the US There are three types of lies -- lies, damn lies, and statistics. Using the site you referenced, there are 133,239 open cases, which are considered "mild." When you factor those in, the mortality rate is 4.5%. It's even lower if any of the people in the "serious or critical" category survive. Posting a "61% mortality rate" in the US is absurd and adds nothing to the discussion. I cannot understand why you persist in posting distorted information.
  10. The thumbing creases on the right open edge will keep it out of 8.5 IMO. 7.5/8.0 max
  11. 5.5 before the press and 5.5 after the press. It may "look nicer," but pressing is not going to magically make the two long diagonal creases go away and it won't grade higher because of them.
  12. Yeah... I'm kinda noticing that... in the grading threads especially. I used to be here a lot in the early days and tapered off for the past 5 years or so. Coming back and becoming more active again... I noticed almost EVERY grading thread has a Pavlovian "It'll be grade X if pressed" response. Apparently SOP for every book now.