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  1. Thanks. It’s good to be seen. Hope all is well.
  2. Really nice eye appeal, but the fuzzy blunting to the spine ends and handful of spine creases will keep it in 8.0 range.
  3. Pic is a bit too far away, but based on the spine creases I can see... 7.5/8.0 max.
  4. I've seen numerous listings from this seller. The fingerprints are there and the location is close. I would avoid.
  5. With a piece that large out of the cover, I think you are looking at a 1.5... 1.8 max.
  6. Not sure if that is spine roll as much as "stacking curl." I think 4.5 is in the ballpark.
  7. Yes... the holofoil image of Turok -- or whatever the hell you call it -- is glued to the cover.
  8. Interesting concept, but I don't subscribe to the notion that keys are defined strictly by value. Value is too fluid. Is Action 1 any more of a "key" now than it was 40 years ago when it was within the financial means of an average person? (Sure it was relatively expensive then, but compared to average income, much more affordable.) Because a previously undistinguished book features a character that appears in a movie and suddenly spikes in value, is it really a "key"? I see "key" as being more of a result of consistent demand over time. Not sure how you'd measure that though. That's above my pay grade.
  9. ASM 129 was a "key" before the term was as diluted and as meaningless as it is today. In the 70s and 80s a super popular character. When I was in school in the 80s, ALL comic collectors wanted a copy of ASM 129. It was highly desirable for 35 years when the talking raccoon and the Guardians were an unfunny joke languishing in quarter boxes. Now the first appearance of even the most meaningless characters is referred to as a "key." ASM 129 actually deserves the title.
  10. Agree. As long as the tanning isn't brittle, they may have slightly undergraded it.
  11. Depends on the dealer and the book. But very rarely will I pay graded premium pricing for a raw book.
  12. Tough call because I can see CGC hammering it for the sweaty hand stains along the spine. I'd call it a 5.0.
  13. I think the damage to the upper spine is going to keep it out of Fine territory. 4.5
  14. Before I read the graders notes, I noticed the stain top of the back cover and knew that would ding it. CGC is unduly harsh on light/unobtrusive stains in my opinion.