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  1. You may be right, I’ve only used these for 10 years or so. The residue I was referring to is the sticky gum left on the bag when you remove some types of tape, even when new.
  2. After years of trial & error, I use these. They don’t tear, don’t deform, don’t leave residue, stick well and are easy to lift & remove.
  3. The answer is Marvel’s Cameo Man. To this day, never had a first full appearance
  4. I would keep the books and call the guy out on the shilling.
  5. With collectinsure, you can insure your collection for whatever value you estimate it to be worth. Books $5000 and above need to be itemized.
  6. If you plot grade vs value, you'll see between 2.0 and 6.0 it's a straight line, so any unlisted grades in between them can be assumed to have equal intervals. Above 6.0, it's a curve. Pick one book and plot it in Excel if you know how, then fill in the missing grades to make your curve smooth. Then you can work out multipliers that make sense to you. I think it's worth the effort, since making wrong assumptions can sometimes cost you money. 3.0 is halfway between 2.0 and 4.0 but 7.0 is more like (6.0 value + .32(8.0 value minus 6.0 value)) Even then, it’s just theoretical and
  7. It's s 5.5. This was on my speculation list for many years, but I never did buy a copy.
  8. How to find the most affordable key comic book: 1. Make a list of all the keys 2. Order them from most to least valuable. The one at the bottom is the most affordable
  9. I listened to an interview with Todd Phillips on Michael Moore's new podcast. To me he (Phillips) comes across as a self-important tool. He describes coming up with the idea to put a comic book character in a serious movie, as if nobody had ever had the idea before. No mention of "Watchmen" or any of the many giants that came before.
  10. How does "Multiverse of Madness" make sense as a title? To use a qualifier ("of Madness") implies there is another of that thing (Multiverse) that is "of" something else. Planet of Peril, Planet of Vampires, Planet of the Apes. But there is only one Multiverse. It is either mad, or it isn't.
  11. My take on BW: Not a fan of SJ in this role. IIRC Natasha was written into Iron Man 2 only because she asked Jon Favreau to be in it. I don't buy that Feige planned this solo movie. I think her agent said to Marvel if Brie Larson gets a solo film Scarlett should get one too. To say 'no' Feige opens himself to be accused of not supporting women. At 5'3 she's too short, and of course she can't have a taller co-star so we get a short Yelena too (5'4). Cobie would have been better. She commanded scenes and seemed equal among the other Avengers. Scarlett comes across in every scene as the k
  12. Sorry folks, something came up. Will have to get back to this project later
  13. Shipping In general, I try to keep shipping to a reasonable cost depending on number and value of books. Shipping will be $5-$15 depending on weight, number of books and destination. For packages valued around $250-$2500 I need to add sig confirmation, above that and we are talking USPS Priority Express or similar service which runs around $40. Payment PayPal OK for up to $500; above that I may require fee-less payment methods. Expecting payment in short order; if you need special arrangements please PM first. Returns At my discretion. Let me know if there is an