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  1. Heronext

    Pictures of Highest Graded Comics?

    Some things that seem so inextricably tied to comic collecting these days - third party grading, eBay, the Internet - are relatively recent phenomena. Some people just don’t care about them. Some are just as happy enjoying their hobby in private, and staying anonymous.
  2. Better to judge on inspection if you wanted to post photos here rather than base it on a grading year IMHO.
  3. Saw it today. The movie was excellent. It takes you to not just one fantastical world but ten. I can see why Marvel is going to outer space because with this film DC owns the earth.
  4. What is it about so-called "movie hype" that seems to irritate so many people, so often? Can anyone explain (a) what "movie hype" is and (b) why it is such a bad thing? Comics have always risen in value, sometimes a large percentage over a short period of time. "Movie hype" is not driving the values of pre-code horror. It isn't driving the value of good-girl covers. Before comic book movies were so common, what was driving these rises in value if not some other type of "hype"? Do you not want comic books to rise in value at all? Is that the issue?
  5. By golly there is an Ace Comics 11 in the current ComicLink auction
  6. Heronext


    It would be interesting to know if they have a deadbeat buyer rate on the same order as eBay
  7. Action "caught up" with Detective with issue 445 in March '75. Action passed Detective in Feb '77 with issue 468, a month Detective was not published.
  8. Could be OtherEric’s reason. By the earliest issue I found labeled “Weekly” (601) Action had already passed Detective.
  9. Maybe because Action was weekly in the 80s
  10. Heronext

    eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    Actually it was $450. So for one thing, I'm not out that amount by letting him keep it, but the amount I paid for the book a couple years ago. And there's no guarantee I could sell it again for $450. You're right, the return shipping cost would be maybe $10-$15. It's principle. My description was thorough and had all the information an experienced comic buyer needs to make a decision on whether to bid or not, including the terms "sold as-is". If he mis-read the description, he should admit his mistake and keep the book. I've done it many times before. He bought the book. I don't want it back. And I will likely not sell a book like this again on eBay or anywhere else. I don't think I even have any others like this.
  11. Heronext

    eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    I sold him the 400 book to him and he wants to send it back... I'd have to pay for HIS return shipping. It's automatic. apparently - if I accept the return through eBay's site, it says I'll pay for the return shipping.
  12. Heronext

    eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    It's not generosity, it's principle. He owns the book. I've offered partial refunds twice. I'd apparently have to pay for return shipping. If he wants to ship it back he can do so at his own expense.
  13. Heronext

    eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    I agreed with people here that a return is the best course of action because of the headaches otherwise involved, but I have not yet agreed to it on eBay. I will see how it plays out for a couple days. Then, I will probably refund the $450 and let him keep the book.
  14. Heronext

    eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    That's what I wish the seller would do; if I had wanted to I would have done it. By the way, someone alerted him to the fact he was brought up in this thread (or he came across it); he has tried to bring this here thread up within the eBay return case thread. He may well prevail but I don't see how that will help.
  15. Heronext

    eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    I believe you just have to Cancel the sale. This is what I generally do now 4-5 days after an auction ends without pay/communication, rather than wait for eBay's interminable process to play out. Poster above is right, an unpaying bidder is a waste of 2 weeks of seller's time and cheats seller out of money you are expecting, and money offered by the under-bidder. Relatively small sample size but this year I'd say I have 5-10% non-paying winners.