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  1. Read an article yesterday confirming he’s on Europa. I thought he was on a moon of Mars; the nearby planet looked more like Mars to me
  2. Thank you. Air Fighters v2 #2 is sole remaining book in the thread, price is now reduced.
  3. Jungle 2, 1st appearance of Fantomah, "first female superhero with superhuman powers" according to many sources $3600 SOLD
  4. Hickory 3 9.2. Last sale I'm aware of is an 8.0 on ComicLink about 18 months ago WITHDRAWN FROM SALE
  5. 5 slabs. All GA. Direct payment methods only for now. No returns; however if there is a serious issue I will endeavor to make things right. Prices include shipping & insurance. I sell a few books a month through various venues. Ebay feedback is 700 / 100% Will be posting front scans only & happy to send/post back cover scans on request. I have grader notes on some of these. Happy to discuss the awesomeness of any of these books by PM and how we might get them into your collection
  6. That's it; thanks to buyers and lookers. Will be discounting some of the unsold books in this thread & closing in a few days. No more new books. Till next time.
  7. I'll PM you to find out where you guys are hanging out since G+ closed
  8. Jann of the Jungle (1955) #16 Atlas 1.8; cvr detached at top staple, 4-inch tear on interior page $15
  9. 4Most Vol 8 (1949) #38 Novelty 4.5 L.B. COLE COVER 1-inch tr btm bc $45
  10. Exotic Romances (1955) #28 Quality 9.0 MATT BAKER ART tiny tear top fc $525
  11. Criminals On the Run (1949) #3 Novelty 4.5 L.B. COLE COVER $55