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  1. It followed the surge in price/popularity of Matt Baker covers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cole thread here had something to do with it.
  2. That's all folks, I have found a taker for the remaining guides. If you claimed something please PM me your mailing address.
  3. 5 gone, 2 is yours, pick another if you'd like
  4. LOT 1: “1000 Comic Books You Must Read hardcover” by Tony Isabella. Like-new condition. Chazgee LOT 2: “Action! Mystery! Thrills! Comic Book Covers of the Golden Age 1933-1945" softcover. Like-new. comics4all LOT 3: 25 Ultra-Pro polypropylene comic dividers, unopened pack ComCav LOT 4: Amazing Spider-Man coloring book from 1987 (FN) (looks like this) + Batman Animated Series-style jumbo activity book from late 90s I think (like-new) + Attack of the Clones jumbo activity book (like-new) comicparadox LOT 5: Superman Black Ring hardcover Vols 1 & 2, like-new fonebone6166 LOT 6: Superman Birthright softcover TPB, like-new Tony_H LOT 7: Batwoman: Elegy TPB, like-new lobrac LOT 8: Madame Xanadu: Disenchanted TPB, like-new comics4all LOT 9: Starman: A Starry Knight TPB, like new lobrac LOT 10: “Marvel Comics Guide to New York City” softcover book comicparadox LOT 11: “Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist” DVD kazoo LOT 12: “First Round” DVD: this is a fan-made Punisher short. Signed by creators. Guy playing Wolverine actually looks really good. rogue79 LOT 13: “Excelsior!” Stan Lee autobiography softcover, well-used fonebone6166 Price guides – take any 2 as one lot · Overstreet softcover Vols. 23 gunsmokin, 30 gunsmokin, 32, 33 – used condition · Overstreet hardcover Vols 34, 38 gunsmokin, 40, 42, kazoo 43 gdietl , 44 rogue79, 45 gdietl, 46 comicdonna, great condition (lightly used) · "Comics Shop" (softcover) price guide published by Maggie Thompson in 2010, like new rogue79
  5. Everything in this thread is free. I will pay shipping within CONUS. Most of this will be sent media mail. In return, you may make a small donation for an amount & to a cause of your choosing, but it is not required. Pay it forward at the next Girl Scouts bake sale. For now, let's say you can claim two lots at a time. You may select another two lots after two other people have made a selection after your last one. I will not be posting pictures & condition information will be minimal. Anything not claimed will be recycled. Thanks & hope this stuff finds good homes.
  6. Preventive Maintenance 170 Will Eisner cover VG+ 1" tear btm spine. Measures about 8 x 6 inches $15
  7. Popular 60 3.5 1st app Prof. Supermind & Son 1941 $70
  8. Planet 67 0.5. This is just a collection of loose pages but appears complete (I count 32 interior pages). $5
  9. Operation Peril 5 copy 2 2.0 tape on spine, under tape, looks cover might be detached from top staple & partially from bottom, hard to tell $50 If interested in 4 and 5, I'll take best offers by PM
  10. Operation Peril 4 copy 2 2.0 tape on spine, cvr detached at top staple, $60
  11. Another copy of 4 & 5 coming up. "Sonny" pedigree...
  12. Thanks for the info. Here's an interior pic
  13. Operation Peril 5 5.5 $200. Lots of check marks on interior margins. Pay copy? *SOLD via PM*
  14. Operation Peril 4 7.5 $500 *SOLD via PM*
  15. Love Adventures 7 5.0 $45 *SOLD*
  16. That's it for now, will continue tomorrow. Thanks buyers!
  17. House of Secrets 21 4.0 $25 *SOLD*
  18. GI Joe 35 (Q) 1.8 cover detached $75
  19. Famous Funnies 80 Invisible Scarlet O'Neill ad back cover 5.0 $80 1941 *SOLD*
  20. Courage Comics 77 (Q) 4.0 cf loose $30 1945 *SOLD*
  21. Captain Marvel 78 4.0 1st Mr Atom $45 *SOLD* 1" tear in margin of one interior page, 1/2 " tear on another