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  1. I'm hoping someone has both of these books as I would like to purchase them together. High grade raw preferred. #52 2006 #74 2008 Both can be easily found but I haven't found both from one seller. Wouldn't mind a copy of Wonder Woman #185 Hughes cover 2002 as well if you have it along with the other 2
  2. Book is complete and everything is attached nicely. 1/4 in tear front cover top left. Some interior pages wrinkled. Pencil on cover in the moon Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for this. I scrolled through the thread before I posted and missed it
  4. I was going through the ComicLink books I was watching and didn't win (which was all of them). This one seemed odd. Is there anything significant about this book? I love the cover but I wouldn't have expected it to go that high even if it was a 9.8
  5. I would actually consider only the cover for America's Best 26 since my poor copy only has the front cover. But would really rather have the whole thing
  6. I was going through my 94 Fleer Ultra set and found #98 Iceman card has no number (it would be above the fleer logo on the back bottom right). I have 2 so I assume it's not truly an error card. Anyone know if there's one with the number on it?
  7. Anyone out there know how much a pack of Marvel Universe series 1 or 2 cards was originally? I recently scrolled past a pic somewhere that had a wrapper with a price sticker on it but I can't find it now. Just curious
  8. Me neither. I can't even get the scammer to sell me the one book I've been looking for for a long time
  9. I can confirm that "someone quoted one of your posts" notification works too.
  10. Tried to keep it to 5 but I couldn't choose one to remove.