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  1. BriD.

    Quickidation XI

    I'll take these 2
  2. Have you checked these guys out? I have a few of their frames. They fit the new cases
  3. Looking for Sensation Comics #4. Graded preferred but would consider raw as well in 4.0 - 5.0 range
  4. Can you do that? I've always be hesitant to try a best offer during a coupon deal because I thought I would be stuck if the offer was accepted after deal expired.
  5. BriD.

    Archie 1-10 +50 CLUB

    Hi! I stumbled upon this group yesterday and thought i would join the party. My first purchase here on the boards was this Archie 50 . The hunt for it is what actually brought me here. I picked up the #8 a couple months ago raw.
  6. BriD.

    The Stan Lee SS thread

    Here's mine. Thankfully he didn't sign it in the webbing area in silver pen.
  7. BriD.

    WTB Wow Comics #38

    Mom says she really wants this one
  8. BriD.

    Paperheart's Pathetic Stroke My Ego Thread

    Hey, this Infinity Gauntlet TPB that I got to replace the one that I dropped in the toilet is great! Thanks for shipping it fast!
  9. BriD.

    Loboagain's Kudos

    I had a group of Spawn books that Francisco was looking for in WTB. He decided to buy them and everything went great!
  10. BriD.


  11. I see this all over the site as their email address which seems strange
  12. I was thinking the same thing. It occurred to me that since CGC has them listed separately on the census that someone there might know. But then based on the GCD info I figured that anyone submitting this book for grading could probably pick either publisher on the submission form and be correct. Which also means that if someone wanted to, they could crack and resubmit a higher than 5.0 graded Dell copy and call it a K.K.copy and bam! instant highest graded copy (assuming it gets the same grade) Honestly I feel that if I were to sell the 5.0 copy here on the boards and tried to call it a highest graded copy without knowing the difference, it would get called out as BS. I'm not saying Comiclink did anything wrong by listing it that way and again I don't care. But people here are smart and would certainly question it.
  13. So after a few beers I decided to bid on (and win) this Camp Comics #2 - 5.0 from Comiclink . I had not even noticed that it was listed as the highest graded copy until later, and It's not really important to me anyway. Today I was looking at my Email from Heritage showing me my watch list and I saw this 9.4 on my list. My first reaction was "how can this be?" But after checking the census and looking a little closer I realized that one is published by Dell and one by K.K.publications both on 3/42. Both are listed separately in the census so I guess technically the 5.0 being the highest graded is true. I found another raw copy previously sold on Heritage as a K.K. copy and see that both the Dell and K.K. published books have the same back cover and it seems they both have the same content according to the listing descriptions. Can anyone tell me the difference? I did find some info here about K.K. Publishing and Dell It's still not clear though and I figured one of the very knowledgeable boardies might have an answer for me . Hopefully I'll learn something today. Thanks -Brian