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  1. If you look up the cert. number it says graded 8/28/2018. It's definitely not an "old" new slab. Seems like such a recently graded book should be fixed by CGC. If you were able to return it to the seller I would hope the seller would be able to get them to do something about it ,provided that that person submitted the book.
  2. BriD.

    Beware of EBAY - EASY PRICING

    I was wondering if it might be the category since I do have another item in a different category with the same return policy. It's not listed in the message they sent. I don't know how they expect someone to revise the listing if they don't say exactly what the problem is. Thanks for the info, I will be ignoring these now as well.
  3. BriD.

    Beware of EBAY - EASY PRICING

    I went to start a listing just to see what options were available and the 14 day option is still there along with 30 and 60 day. So I'm still not sure what the problem is with the return policy in my listings.
  4. BriD.

    Beware of EBAY - EASY PRICING

    I know this is off topic but since it's Ebay related I figured I would ask here. Has anyone else received this message from Ebay? I got it today. It's not very specific and I don't know what return policy they're referring to. I'm assuming they changed something that I'm not aware of. It must have been very recent though since the 2 listings were put up last week. I'm guessing you can't ask buyers to pay for return shipping anymore but I really don't know.
  5. Auctions this week were a bust so I thought I would consolidate the books from my WTB threads that I have not already found - raw or slabbed for any of these. Tip Topper #2 in any grade. No copies on the census so raw is fine Wow Comics #38 4.0 - 6.0 range Shadow Comics v3 #11 6.0 - 8.0 range America's Best #26 3.0 - 5.0 range Red Dragon #7 3.0 - 5.0 range Startling Terror Tales #11 - Any nice presenting low grade copy Any of these with minor restoration might be OK. I would prefer no detached covers or centerfolds but would also consider those. There isn't a lot of sales data on some of these but I would start around GPA values and go from there. If you have any copy outside of the range I've requested feel free to contact me about those. I don't want to waste anyone's time but would love to see whatever you have Thanks in advance! -Brian
  6. BriD.

    Aaarrghh....I knew it was coming

    "Finally, there is some thought that sellers may not have to charge sales tax if they offer an in-store pickup option." That part was also related to shipping. Apparently if you're given the option to pick up but you have it shipped instead, you dont get taxed for shipping. If they don't have a pick up option, shipping is taxed. Only in Illinois
  7. BriD.

    Aaarrghh....I knew it was coming

    10.25% here in Illinois . Can anyone beat that? I was reviewing my last invoice and noticed I was taxed on the shipping as well. I thought shipping was tax exempt but after some research I found out it's pretty complicated in Illinois. The text below is from 2015 so it may be a little different now. If so, it's probably worse. Illinois The taxability of shipping in Illinois depends heavily on factors that you, as a consumer, are unlikely to be privy to. For example, if a retailer charges a flat $7.99 shipping fee, but their actual shipping costs for your order are less than that, say $5.50, then the shipping fee is taxable. Which, let's face it is a pretty raw deal for us as consumers since not only are you being charged more than the actual cost of shipping, you're getting hit with a tax on that overcharge on top of it. What's more, just because shipping is a separate line item on your invoice doesn't mean it's not an inseparable part of the item's cost. If shipping it to you is the only way for you to get it, then Illinois figures the shipping cost is part of the selling price, no matter how the invoice breaks it down. Finally, there is some thought that sellers may not have to charge sales tax if they offer an in-store pickup option.
  8. How about this? Sometimes the best toys were home made. We didn't call these tennis ball cannons though. The ones I remember were made with the old tin beer cans. The one in the pic is Pringles cans but it's the only decent pic I could find.
  9. Yeah, kids definitely shouldn't have been playing with these. When I was around 6 or 7 i got one Jart from a rummage sale. Me and a friend just went out to the school playground and started throwing it straight up as high as we could. Luckily we didn't get hurt but I can imagine this type of behavior went on a lot with these. And with much worse results.
  10. I don't know if these are illegal everywhere but they are where I live. They sure were fun and I almost bought a set a while back. Couldn't help but wonder what would happen if I got caught playing with them in my own yard.
  11. The football and hockey games reminded me of this. I was unaware until now that there was a White Shadow version.