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  1. 1,2 6, 7 are exactly the ones that I was not getting. Now I have been getting a lot of them but they are mostly late. Basically I'm getting a flood of all the email notifications that I've missed since this started. One example, my notification for this post came today. So I was notified on a Thursday of a reply posted on a Monday. It's just the email notifications, the notification list seems to be working. Most of the threads I follow are in the gold for sale section. But there are others as well. Here's a couple - I'm following this thread and this user Here's a thread from the gold comics section I may try a different email address and see if that makes a difference
  2. Looking for Startling Comics #52. 3.0 - 5.0 range raw or slabbed.
  3. So I'm getting the occasional email throughout the day but they're all from 2 or 3 days ago. I know this isn't a problem with my email account since the black Friday spam is coming in non stop along with my normal email. @dena
  4. Thanks. Just so you know I did not get an email notice for this and I'm still not getting any others
  5. Thanks for responding you've helped show the problem. I should have gotten an email about your reply but did not. I don't know who the admins are. Is there a list of them somewhere.?
  6. I've noticed the last couple of days I haven't been getting email alerts from followed topics or members. Is there a general setting that might have changed? I haven't changed anything and all the correct boxes seem to be checked
  7. WTB Wow Comics #38

    Bump 'cause I'm still looking
  8. There's one up in the gold for sale section right now
  9. quillandtankard's feedback thread

    Purchased a slab from Steve. Found it from his myslabbedcomics link. Also picked up a raw book from his sale thread here. Great deal and shipped fast. Also, very happy with the packaging. After being shipped from Florida to Chicago and then taking a return trip to Florida for some reason, the box was toast but the books were fine!
  10. I think it was Madelyne Pryor Goblin Queen for me. I remember starting collecting when the Inferno story was happening and I was definitely drawn to those books.