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  1. Bought a nice McFarlane SS slab. It was shipped fast and packed securely. Great book!
  2. I don't own this, it's from my comicconnect watch list. One that got away
  3. Scored another Sensation Comics from Sharon. Packed great and shipped fast! Always a pleasure to deal with
  4. Just layin' around with the flu. Someone make my day
  5. From the same seller, this one makes even less sense to me. A buy it now listing, and an auction listing with a buy it now option for $1200 less that the other listing. I'm curious to see what happens to this guys listings once the auctions are over. The one I linked has no bids so I may never know on that one.
  6. Golden age too. I was also told by CGC it won't harm books.
  7. Just a book that's been at the top of my want list for a while. I really can't speak for baby yoda though.
  8. Got a couple of sweet horror mags from the spooky sales thread. Can't wait for the next one!