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  1. Got a couple of Archie's from Gene. Packed great and shipped super fast! Would not hesitate to buy from again
  2. I'm not a fan of brittle pages but I really wanted a copy of this. It looks great and I got it for a good price. I'm interested in upgrading to a non brittle copy. There have been a couple up for sale in slightly higher grade, but they just didn't look nearly as good even considering the writing on this cover. If the right copy comes along I'll try to get it but I'm fine with this copy for now. Sorry for the bad pic
  3. My on-site subs. Pretty happy with all the grades. Newton rings on the X-force though.
  4. My new comic pile. And a hand made taco plushie for my niece.
  5. Post your pics! Dealers walls, costumes, photo ops, stuff you got! ! Here's an Archie meets Batman piece I got from Dan Parent.
  6. I had a pretty good experience this year but I arrived pretty early. I only had 6 books. I waited in the initial check in line for maybe 15-20 minutes. I thought the virtual line idea was pretty good, It was nice not to have to stand in line the whole time. I think I got my text about 45 minutes after check in. The biggest issue I noticed though was when I went back to the booth, no one seemed to know where to go. And I could tell it was starting to get pretty crazy. I imagine this was probably much worse later on.
  7. Yeah, this was just info for the out of town guests. Also it could be way worse or way better by Friday