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  1. I talked to customer service about this today. She said they credit your cgc account but will refund the money if you request it. I didn't really get a good idea of how long it takes to get it.
  2. BriD.

    Teen Humor--Anything but Archie

    Just picked this up. I hadn't seen this book before. White pages had me sold
  3. BriD.

    Newton Rings

    This X-men 58 just got back from grading. I'd say problem not solved
  4. I posted my results in this other thread if anyone is interested. There are other boardie results there as well.
  5. BriD.

    CGC Crossover Results are in!

    Here's my results - The number at the end of each line in parentheses is what the graders predicted in the pre-screen X-Men #58 PGX 9.0 OW/W - CGC 8.5 OW/W (suggested a press for a possible 9.2 - declined press) JoJo #8 PGX 6.5 OW/W - CGC 6.0 OW/W (I was worried this might have resto so I'm happy about that.) (5.0 - 5.5) Vault Of Horror #35 PGX 7.0 Cr/OW - CGC 6.0 Cr/OW (6.0) Exciting Comics #35 PGX 7.0 OW/W - CGC 5.0 Cr/OW (ouch!) (5.5) Zoot #14 PGX 7.0 Lt. Tan/Crm - CGC 6.5 Lt.Tan/OW (6.0 - 6.5) Zoot #12 PGX 7.5 Cr/OW - CGC 6.5 Cr/OW (6.0) Rulah #19 PGX 9.0 W - CGC 8.5 W (8.0 - 8.5) Everyone of these books has varying degrees of newton rings as well. Most are not too bad, I had to try to find some of them. The X-men has them pretty bad right in the middle of Havok's face. Group Shot!
  6. They both are in Illinois. I knew Clink was already but was surprised by a recent comicconect purchase.
  7. BriD.

    My updated GA WTB list

    2 books found so list updated.
  8. I asked about this after I got the email with the grade predictions. I was told the graders don't have any of the old slab info, similar to the way they get pressed books from ccs but aren't made aware that they were pressed. I guess they compare the grades after they're done.
  9. BriD.

    Aaarrghh....I knew it was coming

    Has anyone seen an announcement from Metropolis or Comicconnect about starting to charge sales tax? I know Heritage and Comiclink both sent out emails but I never saw anything from those guys. Maybe I missed it. I don't see it stated anywhere on either website. I was just charged tax for a Comicconnect purchase (I'm in Illinois). My initial invoice did not show the tax but when my card got charged it was added. I assumed it was coming but did not expect it with this purchase.
  10. I received an email today that the 7 books I submitted have gone through the initial screening process. It was suggested that one book could get a slight bump with a press but I declined that. The others did not fare so well at this point in the process . I'm really hoping for no PLODs (or newton rings) I asked if the graders would have any of the old information when the books get to grading. I was told that the graders will not have any of the old slab information when they get the books, similar to how they are supposedly unaware when pressed books come from CCS. I guess I'll take their word on that. I assume they will compare the grades at the end and charge accordingly. On the plus side, my order might be only $10 per book! Now the waiting
  11. BriD.


    I recently picked up a great book from elite_comic_source on instagram. You'll see that some who sell also share their personal books together with the ones they're selling. So you might see a book you're looking for and find it's not for sale. I love seeing other peoples books but it's nice to have them in separate sections like they are here.
  12. Has anyone noticed if this service is on the online submission form yet? I checked but I don't have a paid membership and can't view the form.
  13. BriD.

    My updated GA WTB list

    Startling Terror Tales 11 Found!! Now who's got that Wow 38?