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  1. axiom94

    One more please!

    I like the concept of your collection!
  2. Thanks for that story. A unique book!
  3. axiom94

    Bronze Age!

    Some bronze CGC's. I love HTD.
  4. axiom94


    Nothing wrong with that!
  5. You have your foot in the door on silver and bronze. When you pick up one up here, two up there the spaces start filling in fast. I will say though that sometimes i have sacrificed valuable issues of non-priority titles only to regret it later.
  6. axiom94

    New Rack

    I recently picked up this nice three tier spinner rack on the side of the road! Must have been for magazines because it is perfect for CGC's.
  7. axiom94

    Looking for AF 15 CGC 2.0

    Have plenty of trade material. Look at my page... pre-hero TOS, TTA. Coins too. Let me know if you have an extra lying around! Thanks axiom94
  8. Good work! ASM 25 is a landmark issue. Do you know who Michael Hardy is?
  9. Thanks for sharing this project with the rest of us. I am looking forward to seeing some of the heavy hits!
  10. axiom94

    Newest Addition

    Congrats! Thanks for sharing the assembling of this collection.