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  1. Gosh is excellent for unusual stuff. They also have lots of limited edition bookplate editions and prints of recent mainstream things. Agreed they are not the place to go for back issues.
  2. Hi, If anyone has one of these for sale, I'd be interested - not sure if they are still available at Target itself but if so and a kind soul was prepared to pick one up for me I would be more than happy to pay for your time too. Ebay asking prices are insane - I'm assuming they are aimed at people who can't get to a Target and don't have any other way of getting to one (like me, being in London!). While we are on the subject, I am also potentially interested in the Lego minifigure of the same character (from SDCC 2014). Again, I can't/won't pay the eBay asking prices, but would be prepared to pay something reasonable. It's very galling that one of my favourite comic characters (see the colours in my avatar...) has so many hard to find limited collectibles! Thanks in advance, Adam