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  1. But, the 30c we know for sure came after the 25c copies ;-)
  2. The pence copies have yellow starbursts ;-) which also suggests the pence copies were printed nearer the end of the run, as the 30c variants have the yellow starbursts also.
  3. Yeah, like someone said, I like it, but not finding it compelling, unlike when I watched The Boys, I was just left wanting more and more after each episode.
  4. The original film was brilliant, most probably my favorite comic film of all time. This series is well made, looks very good, has a good cast, but not sure on the story? To me it feels weird, why has Watchmen become all about racism? Is this what happened in the new comics, never read the new stuff, just got the Dr. Manhattan issues as they were Adam Hughes. Would be great to know what Alan Moore thought about this, wonder if he's had a sneaky look ;-)
  5. Black Panther was soooo gooooddd, lol, who directed it? To be honest, I thought Black Panther was pretty bad, not nowhere near as bad as Captain Marvel though, I also thought it was a bit racist.
  6. I think it's a joke. Firstly, we were forced by ebay to use paypal and they became the thing to use for online. If I sell a pair of trainers, the person don't like them now, or have changed their mind for whatever reason, I could click refund person in paypal, it automatically would add the funds paypal received (minus 20-30p), but now you're saying I would be out of $3-$5 for every time this happens now on a $100 item. This is bad, especially if it's not my fault, but buyers remorse, or someone pulling a fast one. We need to get something that can compete with paypal, they make enough money out of us for doing very little as it is, never mind the horrible conversion fees they have in exchange rates. If you sell a $2000 comic, that's gonna be $50-$100 hit if someone changes their mind. I don't think I can sell expensive items online that go through paypal anymore if this is across all continents, might not affect big sellers as much, but small sellers, this could hurt us a lot.
  7. I thought CGC did sometimes, otherwise how do they charge a fee based on value for higher end books?
  8. Total comes to $795 for all of them. Any interest at $520 for the lot, which includes shipping?
  9. 1 FN $125 right edge slight nic, bent over in pic, but flattened back over correctly
  10. 2 FN $15 slight ripple lower left corner