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  1. As I said a while back, a comic collector's collection is never finished - our mindset won't allow for that sort of satisfaction. You get one grail, you want another one, and I've bought a fair few grails over the years. These days I'm with Andy (October) and Paul - the crazy market has diminished my ardor regarding the acquisition of big books, and the ones I would've been interested in are now out of reach anyway, like an unrestored VG+ copy of Batman 1 or Suspense 3...
  2. A bump for some mesmerisingly cool books.
  3. I'll take the Amazing Adventures 1.
  4. There are quite a few Farrell’s with “racial slurs” I believe. This was the mood of the country at the time and quite acceptable. Not unlike the anti German and Japanese covers during WWII. As an avid war comic reader, you don't have to tell me! What is more unusual however is that this book (and a few others) has the slur on its cover.
  5. Like the annual, I was one of the underbidders. Luckily I have one, just not that nice. I got your undercopy, which sufficed (I knew the book would more or less match the FM annual). I assume the winning bidder will reveal himself in due course.
  6. We all knew (or recently learned) about Battle Report 6's notoriety due to its cover featuring a racial slur. Link So my question is, like the Fighting Man annual (which went for roughly the same amount) - which boardie won it??
  7. Wonderful books being casually passed around - can't beat that.
  8. Jeff bought an ASM 129 and a Strange Tales 110 and paid in double - quick time - both seamless transactions. Sell with confidence!
  9. Lightning payment, seamless transaction. Can't ask for more - cheers Dan!
  10. Thanks sir! Great doing business.
  11. Yes, indeed. Just finished the 96 page feast for the eyes. Congrats. I bid $778, which was too low as it wasn't an increment higher than the high bid (yours). Glad it went to a fan and fellow boardie though. Awesome book.
  12. It's quite a nice copy, don't you know (I'm not very good at the hard sell, I admit).
  13. The Strange Tales 110 is still available.
  14. Not quite what I had in mind but I accept!!!
  15. One book left - the Strange Tales 169. Will listen to offers...