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  1. All American Cards and Comics presents the 8th Annual All AmeriCon Comic book/toy/cosplay and art show. We've moved to a bigger venue and made it a 2 day show after 7 years of steady growth. This year our major guests are Bob Layton, Rags Morales, Michael Golden and Geof Isherwood. Over 130 tables of vendors and artists selling everything from Gold/Silver/Bronze Age comics to Funko Pops to Star Wars toys to Pokemon accessories. The show is July 8th and 9th at the world class venue, the Covelli Centre, in Downtown Youngstown. Admission is only $10/day.
  2. I saw that too. I didnt check GPA but someone either got a good deal on the 9,8 or someone else vastly overpaid for the 9.6
  3. They have this broken down into sections. They usually go until 11PM EST usually or somewhere around there. Prices for the early Actions have been very strong in some cases.
  4. Congrats to whoever got the Action #5. I was the under bidder and thought I was going to get it with my last bid. There is always next time!
  5. I picked up a More Fun 27, All American 61 and a Detective 38. Not necessarily rare, but seldom offered for sale it seems.
  6. I also see that on the interior of the cover that Prince Albert finally got out of that darn can.