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  1. That page of yours is top notch! Great panel.
  2. My first post in the Original Art section of the Forum. I'm very happy to share these 2 Nick Pitarra pages from the Manhattan Projects. Many of the main characters are on display. I love Nick's goofy style.
  3. Can someone let me know what "TDKR" is??
  4. I'm with you. I keep bidding with zero results, but that doesn't mean that I'm giving up!
  5. Thanks for your reply. I'd be very happy with that.
  6. cupny

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    I was able to pick up these 4 between the Nickel City con and a VFW show in Rochester this weekend. Very happy with them, especially the Sinbad - the interiors are as nice as the cover!
  7. Wondering if I should get this graded or not. Your opinions would be appreciated, thank you.
  8. As I look at the top of the book, I see green on the fc, the actual comic, and then the bc. I hope I didn't get a touched book It doesn't look like spray, more like a marker
  9. Not sure how well the scans show it, but along the right side there is some staining in the stone. I love this book, just not sure where to put the grade.
  10. cupny

    Share your highest grade GA book !

    Here is one of mine. Not a nose bleed grade, but I really like the presentation and color strike on this Lady.
  11. Super smooth transaction. Very happy with Rube11, thanks again
  12. Thank you. If the book grades a 4.0- 5.0, any guesses on where the grade might land with this type of interior defect?
  13. Thanks for your insight. Has anyone else submitted a book with this type of flaw that can share their experience? The book is mid-grade and I wouldn't bother grading the book if it came back qualified.
  14. I have a Silver Surfer #1 that has a coupon removed - that doesn't affect the story. Would this come back a Blue Label or not? Thanks in advance for any help here.