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  1. cupny

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    namisgr, thanks for your input. I know nothing of pressing so I will leave well enough alone.
  2. cupny

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    I didn't have them pressed. Perhaps I should have?? I've never had any of my books pressed am I missing out?
  3. cupny

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    These FF's came back from CGC this week. I bought these books many years ago. I am slowly getting my key's graded - very happy with the grades.
  4. cupny

    This Week Back From CGC

    These are the last of my 10 books - all FF's. FF 32 - This book was purchased already graded by the "P" company as a 8.5 and came back from CGC 7.0 FF 52 - Purchased this book from Ted at Superworld Comics in the early 2000's. Very pleased with the grade and purchase price! FF 55 - Purchased this one from a local show as a 9.0. Again, very pleased with the grade.
  5. cupny

    This Week Back From CGC

    2 more from my group that I got back from CGC this Week. All Star Western 10 This is another change over from the other "P" company. Went into CGC as a 7.0 LT - OW and came back with the same grade, but OW-W pages Vampirella v4 #11 I'm not much of a modern CGC'er, but I really like Adam Hughes and bought the regular and the Virgin covers. My 1st 9.8 sub. Small central pools of rings on these 2 - hard to see straight on, but can be seen at an angle.
  6. cupny

    This Week Back From CGC

    Hello again. Her are 2 more books. I have included some photo's of the rings below. Planet Comics 56 One of my favorites, brings me back to the wonders of the Sears or JCP catalogue days... Anyway, you can only see rings if the book is at a extreme angle and in bright light. Straight on, the book appears not to have them. Submitted both of these Planets in the other "P" holder - they were graded both 7.0. Once again, very happy with the Universal Blue holders. The reason that I keep mentioning the other guy is that I once bought a universal ASM #5 from them graded 6.0. I sent it to CGC - still in its holder, and it came back 5.0 Green Label "Missing 12th Page". That really hurt. Planet Comics 59 Another book that was graded by the others at 7.0 OW-W. As you can see the pg quality must have gotten worse. Very nice orange and green on this one. I have included 2 photo's of the Rings. First shows a straight on view - no issues. Second shows the book at an extreme angle and under the light. You can see the rings
  7. cupny

    This Week Back From CGC

    Yesterday I received my package from CGC - they were submitted back on May 30 in Buffalo, so nearly 3 months! I am very happy with what was delivered. Most of these books were purchased years ago (moderns not withstanding), and some were graded by the other team. Here are the first 2, I'll get the rest up later. FF 13. This book was purchased from in infamous robojo33 years ago, prior to me lurking and learning from these boards. I bought it raw as a 8.5 in eBay. I decided to submit it so I could finally determine if it was restored or not - when I opened the package yesterday and only saw Blue it was a huge relief. Iron Man 55. Purchased at the LCS graded at F-VF for a Pre-Hype price. I did not have any of my books pressed. Perhaps I should? Opinions? Anyway, very pleased with the 8.5 grade. The new holders are very nice and clean. Visually, the books look nicer than ever. No Newton Rings on these two books.
  8. cupny

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    I have been searching for this one for many years. Very happy to have her in the fold even though it is Conserved. I'm a sucker for Hollingsworth. Are the stories good inside?
  9. That page of yours is top notch! Great panel.
  10. My first post in the Original Art section of the Forum. I'm very happy to share these 2 Nick Pitarra pages from the Manhattan Projects. Many of the main characters are on display. I love Nick's goofy style.
  11. Can someone let me know what "TDKR" is??
  12. I'm with you. I keep bidding with zero results, but that doesn't mean that I'm giving up!
  13. Thanks for your reply. I'd be very happy with that.
  14. cupny

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    I was able to pick up these 4 between the Nickel City con and a VFW show in Rochester this weekend. Very happy with them, especially the Sinbad - the interiors are as nice as the cover!