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  1. cupny

    Best modern covers ever

    Hughes is a fan of Stevens
  2. cupny

    Comiclink 2018 auction - soft prices?

    I have bid on many books (and lost) that I thought I had bid heavy enough to win. Pre Code and GA are not soft in my opinion.
  3. I like the registration on your so much more that mine. it looks great. I'm very happy with mine, but having yours to compare, its a no brainer - super nice book!
  4. So I sometimes save images of books that I like just as a reference or a trigger to what I might want to search to purchase in the future. I purchased this 8.5 earlier this year. I was looking thru my image file and found what looks to be the same book that was formerly residing in a 9.0 old label case. What happened? Was this book once owned by a boardie? Check out "Nancy" on the "N" and the "D" in the title. I hope I saved some $$ buying it at the 8.5 grade vs. the 9.0. Either way, I really like this Phantom. If you do know anything about what happened here, I'd be very interested in hearing it's story.
  5. cupny

    PGM Witchcraft No. 2

    There is a 1/2" split on the bottom and a 3/4" split on the top. Between the H and C is a smudge and below that what I would describe as a tape pull, not a hole.
  6. cupny

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    In love with that Shadow!
  7. cupny

    I'm confused by this Conserved grade...

    Not sure what is happening with CGC as late. I saw a 4.5 blue this weekend with a hole in the cover about the size of a quarter. How it was a 4.5 is amazing. I thought I knew basic grading, but books like this "Conserved" Avengers book and many, many others have me scratching my head. Someone please explain.
  8. cupny

    Batavia Comic Thing 2018 - Report

    I'll try to make you feel a bit better. 2 years ago, I drove 45 minutes to a John Haines show in Batavia only to find that the show had been canceled. No email, no facebook, no communication of cancellation. To top it off, I received one of his mailers about a week prior announcing the CosmicCon.
  9. cupny

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    This one found a new home this weekend...….My home!
  10. Hi gang - I found this gently loved Witchcraft No. 2 this weekend a local VFW comic show. Was hoping to get your opinion on the grade. Thanks for any and all your help. Andrew
  11. I haven't bought much silver lately, but couldn't pass this one up.
  12. cupny

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    This beauty arrived yesterday. Really nice looking book - I wish the registration was sharper thou..
  13. cupny

    This Week Back From CGC

    No. No pressing on any of the FF's......ever
  14. cupny

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    namisgr, thanks for your input. I know nothing of pressing so I will leave well enough alone.