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  1. I have bid on many books (and lost) that I thought I had bid heavy enough to win. Pre Code and GA are not soft in my opinion.
  2. I like the registration on your so much more that mine. it looks great. I'm very happy with mine, but having yours to compare, its a no brainer - super nice book!
  3. So I sometimes save images of books that I like just as a reference or a trigger to what I might want to search to purchase in the future. I purchased this 8.5 earlier this year. I was looking thru my image file and found what looks to be the same book that was formerly residing in a 9.0 old label case. What happened? Was this book once owned by a boardie? Check out "Nancy" on the "N" and the "D" in the title. I hope I saved some $$ buying it at the 8.5 grade vs. the 9.0. Either way, I really like this Phantom. If you do know anything about what happened here, I'd be very interested in hearing it's story.
  4. There is a 1/2" split on the bottom and a 3/4" split on the top. Between the H and C is a smudge and below that what I would describe as a tape pull, not a hole.
  5. Not sure what is happening with CGC as late. I saw a 4.5 blue this weekend with a hole in the cover about the size of a quarter. How it was a 4.5 is amazing. I thought I knew basic grading, but books like this "Conserved" Avengers book and many, many others have me scratching my head. Someone please explain.
  6. I'll try to make you feel a bit better. 2 years ago, I drove 45 minutes to a John Haines show in Batavia only to find that the show had been canceled. No email, no facebook, no communication of cancellation. To top it off, I received one of his mailers about a week prior announcing the CosmicCon.
  7. This one found a new home this weekend...….My home!
  8. Hi gang - I found this gently loved Witchcraft No. 2 this weekend a local VFW comic show. Was hoping to get your opinion on the grade. Thanks for any and all your help. Andrew
  9. I haven't bought much silver lately, but couldn't pass this one up.
  10. This beauty arrived yesterday. Really nice looking book - I wish the registration was sharper thou..
  11. No. No pressing on any of the FF's......ever
  12. namisgr, thanks for your input. I know nothing of pressing so I will leave well enough alone.