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  1. Thank you so much for this book! Just amazing!!! I'm going to frame it (back cover showing). Thank you!!!!!!!!
  2. Betty gets a blood transfusion from Sandman and turns to glass. Cool.
  3. Hulk dead? You'd think this would be a more famous issue.
  4. I can't image a better Reed and Sue than John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. Just perfect. It needs to happen.
  5. I put it at the first 15 cent issue (118) to December 1979 (242). But anything close to that works.
  6. Not 4, but 44. Lee and Kirby giving Medusa the inhuman origin story was inspired. I'm sure that was not in their original plans for her.
  7. First time Hulk and Banner are split apart
  8. Hulk vs. Sub-Mariner There are three people on this cover. Look again.